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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WBM Presents: A one on one with MEEK MILL (Phillies own)

"I like my Rose Red and my Diamonds Blue"
Meek Mill

When you think about Philly and Hip hop, you think Freeway, Eve, Cassidy etc... Though all have had respectable careers, Philly is still not seen as a city known for it's talent in music.

After a friend showed me "Rose Red" by Meek Mills and his remix with T.I and Rick Ross, I had to meet him. I traveled to Philly last week to interview Meek in very cold weather. Meek pulled up and walked towards me in his blue bomber jacket and dark denim jeans. He cut his hair since the "Rose Red" video which made him a bit unrecognizable. Meek is tall, dark, and handsome. He is a bit intimidating because of his laid back demeanor; however he is very respectable, intelligent, and humble. My tape recorder died and he immediately ordered his assistant to go buy a new pack.

Check out my Q and A with this promising young man on South Bank street in the heart of Philadelphia...

WBM: How has your life changed since "Rose Red"?

MM:I am moving around more everyday, more work, more fun, you know what I am saying?
More Money...its changing in every way possible. I am starting to see how the game works gotta wake up early every have all night to make money and chase your dreams.

WBM: What can you contribute to hip hop?

MM: Sometimes you have to hear some real music to come you down and hype you up.I'm from Philly so I can bring charisma,flow,real lyrics, real music.

WBM:What is one thing you want your fans to know about your personality?

MM: I'm really laid-back..My fans may feel some type of way because I am so laid back but that's how I am all the time..

WBM; Whats your favorite song right now?

MM: Drake and LIL Wayne "Above it."

WBM: Whose your biggest supporter?

MM:The whole tri-state area that's where I do most of my shows.

WBM: Who or what inspires you?

MM: The streets inspire me. I come from North Philly in poverty. I want to live a better life for my family.. I want to take it to the next level and see things around the world. Be able to buy things for my nephew and my family...

WBM: Whats your nickname in your family?

MM: Rameek no one calls me Meek Mill..

WBM: What do you love most about Philly?

MM: I love that they support me 100 percent...I love the girls here.. its soulful. it gives you drive and inspires you.Philly made me and you gotta love what made you.

WBM: What was your first meeting with T.I like?

MM: I went out to see him and played a couple of joints for him and he asked me to come back and kick it with him

WBM: What do you like to do on your down time?

MM: I love bikes that's what I like to do...

WBM: Are you single?

MM: Yes

WBM: How old are you?

MM: 23

WBM: What would you be doing if you weren't an artist?

MM:Whatever I do I want to be the best.. I could have been a lawyer,business owner anything life would have presented to me at the time..

WBM:Are you officially signed with Grand Hustle?

MM: No, but T.I will be a big supporter with any deal I get.

WBM: What else would you like your fans to know?

MM: That I am coming to a city near you and look out for me!


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