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Friday, August 27, 2010

WBM Features: Ariel Goode of Leira PR

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
-Thomas Edison

As with many of the outstanding features that have graced the pages of Why Blue Matters, there's something common to all the reasons that allow this platform to be and continue to become what it is. And while preparing you for our current feature is when the observation began to materialize and make the most sense. WBM is without a doubt the "color of choice." Why the "color of choice"? Well that's simple.

Each and everyone whom WBM featured has despite any difficulty or setback has taken steps toward their individual personal goals, dreams, and aspirations to make some type of impact on the world and the world around them. This demands at times an insurmountable amount of courage which isn't always the easiest to exhibit. Wielding courage requires one at times to be creative and transcend traditionalism. However to even begin taking that step, as many of our features have, it all begins with choice.

Ariel Goode of Leira PR and our next WBM Feature is another great model for choice. She despite traveling paths laid down by family members stepped into the blue and decided to be at the forefront of her life's journey while forging a path that has allowed her to create and develop one of the hottest online PR Firms in the country.

So with some time to discuss choice, her role in PR and how her efforts contribute to impacting the lives of others, Ariel Goode share with us a little more about her.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Ariel Goode?

Arie: I am one of the most eclectic people you will ever meet. I love everything, lust nothing and can easily hate it in the next breath. [Laughing] I'm a firm believer life is what you make it and every opportunity no matter how perceived has the potential to be of great benefit.

Where from?

Arie: I'm from Boston, Massachusetts. Roxbury to be exact. I currently reside in viva Las Vegas.


Arie: I love anything that can keep my attention. That even goes for people, once I'm bored, you've lost me. Like I mentioned I have eclectic taste so I enjoy everything from museums, ski diving, concerts (best seats are back stage) [laughing] sleeping, traveling, painting, mentoring at risk youth and everything in between.

Explain for those who may not know what you do for clients:

Arie: I make and keep amazing talent relevant (In a nutshell). PR isn't marketing. You can't pay for the exposure a great publicist will get you. I personally help my clients build a solid foundation when it comes to how they are perceived in the media and by the public. Even if it's their "down time", it's important to stay relevant to the people who support them and new fans who discover them everyday. Remember, what's "old" to one is "new" to the other.

Why PR as opposed to anything else?

Arie: Great, question. I've always been told I would make a great lawyer and should follow in my mother's foot steps. Who knows (Kanye shrug). You can live a million life times in one. But for now I'm the CEO of one of the hottest online PR firms.

What do you like most about being involved in PR?

Arie: Knowing that I'm helping someone achieve their dreams. And it's not to bad when I see my words all over the world [laughing]

How long have you been involved?

Arie: Seems like a life time, even though I'm only 26. My company Leira PR has been around for 5yrs.

How did you get involved in the industry?

Arie: It tripped me and I fell in. [Laughing] and it hasn't let me go yet.

How important are relationships and credibility in what you do?

Arie: The entertainment industry, no matter what position you hold is not for the weak in confidence, strength, most important mental stability and relationships. Especially for those of us behind the scenes; everything isn't always glitz and glamour. I spend 98% of my time behind a computer. You have to strive very hard to earn the respect of your peers and MAINTAINE it. But one bit a great advice I received from my mentor "never screw your friends, everyone else just has to keep up."

What inspires and motivates you?

Arie: The infinite possibilities of what's to come next.

Biggest accomplishment?

Arie: It's hard to say because, everyday I accomplish something great. So today I may feel like WOW I just ran a 2,ooo person event. But the next day that natural high is gone and I'm on to the next. [Laughing]

What would you do if you weren't involved with what you're doing currently?

Arie: I don't know, I think that what proves to me I'm doing what I'm suppose to be doing. Cause I don't see a plan B. WAIT! I lied.... My long term goal is to start a non-profit for at risk teen girls. But that's when I'm like 40something [laughing]

Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?

Arie: Laying by a pool watching my pool boy clean! [Laughing] J/K. Not sure, but where ever I am hopefully it's happy and healthy. Oh yeah and wealthy cause pool boys need to be paid! Or (small pause) maybe married w/ kids... Which ever comes first!

What's next Arie?

Arie: I would like to venture into on air correspondence. I'm very opinionated and quite a character. I'll just have to work on my lack-of-a -verbal- filter. And learn to control my "blank stares" when someone says stupid crap! [Laughing]

What type of impact would you like to leave with your involvement in PR?

Arie: Personally.... I'm a 26 year old, black or "African American" (for u politically emotional people) woman from the "inner city" with no kids or man drama whom heads an amazing self sustaining company. I want young women to know no matter what career path chosen, every thing u want and more is possible. Exceed the expectations set for you by those around you.

And when it comes to my mark in PR, I'm not sure. I mean, I don't think there's a PR Hall of Fame [laughing] I'm going to keep doing what I do and I'll leave it to my peers current and future to vote me as their queen! Joking.

For anyone looking to break into PR what kind of advice can you offer up:

Arie: Check your emotions and ego at the door. Stay true to your beliefs cause they will be tested. And most important, find out what you're great at. PR is a vast field, find out what niche you work best in and the sky's the limit.

For More On Ariel Goode:

Thursday, August 26, 2010



WBM TOP 20 Songs Of the Week


1. Eminem f/ Rihanna - Love the way you lie (SAME)
2. Waka Flocka Flame - Hard in da paint (UP1)
3. Kanye West - Power (DOWN1)
4. Nicki Minaj - Your love (UP1)
5. Soulja Boy - Pretty boy swag (UP3)
6. Shontelle - Impossible (UP3)
7. T.I f/ Keri Hilson - Got your back (DOWN1)
8. Drake f/ Lil Wayne - Miss me (UP2)
9. Cali Swagg District - Teach me how to dougie (DOWN5)
10. J.Cole - Who dat (UP1)
11. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding you down (UP1)
12. Rick Ross f/ Styles P - B.M.F (UP2)
13. Shareefa f/ Rick Ross - By your side (UP3)
14. Monica - Love all over me (UP1)
15. Neyo f/ Rick Ross - Champagne Life (DEBUT)
16. Dondria f/ Johnta Austin & Diamond - Shawty whats up (UP2)
17. Bruno Mars - Just the way you are (UP2)
18. Taio Cruz f/ Jennifer Lopez - Dynamite (UP2)
19. Trey Songz f/ Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up (DEBUT)
20. Nelly - Just a dream (DEBUT)



TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Aug 29TH

1. Eminem - Recovery (SAME)
2. Rick Ross - Teflon Don (SAME)
3. Drake - Thank Me Later (SAME)
4. Usher - Raymond vs. Raymond (UP1)
5. B.o.B - Adventures .....(UP1)
6. Bun B - Trill og (DOWN2)
7. Dondria - Dondria vs Phatfffat (DEBUT)
8. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot (DOWN1)
9. Alicia Keys - Element of freedom (DOWN1)

WBM Inspiration: The Art Of Choosing

In the July 2010 TED Conference, Sheena Iyengar speaks on the effects of culture and our ability to choose. Very thought provoking. It's amazing how choice and inhibit and can prohibit us.

WBM Inspiration.

Life According To Tomas

WBM presents Tommy Buhama...
An artist on the rise, someone to look out for.

Life According to Tomas Ovidio Geronimo

My birth name is Tomas Ovidio Geronimo, there isn't a clear difference between my stage persona, Tommy Buhama and my personal visage. In conversation I can win you over instantly and on stage to get that same effect I have to be me amplified.

My first mixtape took ALOT of work, and went under alot of scrutiny, then I put together a team of people all dedicated to my cause which is almost impossible in New York. My PR Nicole Perrino brought out a dozen writers to come interview an artist nobody's heard of from a city every ones forgotten, there were management scouts present, notable dj's, all there for me. my team did most of the work but I'm proud to be the captain to give incentive. I'm a true hippie, not referencing marijuana usage but their ideals.

I'm the ultimate free spirit. Fun and adventurous. Rules, mundane, conventional ideas...these are things Tommy Buhama constantly attacks in his music. I just like to have fun, My interests are as vague as they are acute. My ultimate goal in life is to provide my children with my ideal childhood, for as long as they wish to sustain it. I'm still an artist branding himself. I'm an enigmatic individual, my thought process, my mother warns me, could very well drive me mentally insane in the near future, and the mere thought of that is inspirational I've never come across any negative response to my craft-- because I know how to present it. I don't consider my self a "rapper" or a musician for that matter. Music is not my passion. Interaction. Conversation. Those are what keep me going.

Where one sees a crowd I see an audience. I WANT to entertain you, because I like your reaction. It's a win win. It's just a matter of getting your attention, coincidentally people like the way I rap. But if I could entertain doing cartwheels I would.I'm currently working on a more street oriented body of work. Being from the Bronx and growing up 2 blocks away from Yankee stadium I'm calling this project "The Bronx Bomber."

Dreams are not for everyone. Seriously think about it. It's not so much a question of what you want to do, it's can you do it? Politicians will make you feel like you can take over the world then you realize the world is alot bigger than your neighborhood. You know?

I want to be remembered as the guy who if not succeeded, genuinely
tried to make a difference.

Finally, I'm lightskinned. which is a complexion...not to be confused
with caramel, which is a color.

For More On Tommy Buhama:

Monday, August 23, 2010

WBM Features: SAL of Disturbing Tha Peace (A&R)

Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all.
-Sam Ewing

We live in a day and age, where not only do people have specific wants, but want and want right now. We have fast food, microwaves, cell phones, Internet and social networks to name a few that process how we receive these wants and a rapid pace. What's even more interesting, that the acquisiton of wants has some how transfered over to the accomplishment of things we may aspire to do. Some how impatience has replaced the timeliness of hard work and effort to get where we need to go.

However understanding of what it takes to make it in the music industry and well aware that the effort put forth was going to determine where is overall placement would land him, Sal A&R of Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace continues to keep pushing to take himself beyond where his two feet stand. He's taking things higher and as our latest WBM feature provides insight into how he got started, what he's up to currently and what's next.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Sal?

SAL: Sal is just a guy working hard trying to make his mark in this music industry and in life and help as many of his people as he can along the way.

Where are you from?

SAL: Born and raised in Winston-Salem NC, aka Trey Fo.


SAL: Music, Women, Family, Success.

How long have you been in the game?

SAL: I guess I really started my journey in the music business around June of 2004, so I will say 6 years.

Where did you get your start?

SAL: I started off interning at 102 Jamz wjmh in Greensboro NC, that internship eventually led to a Paid position doing research at the Label, I was also a assistant to the Music Director at the station.

What do you like most about being an A&R?

SAL: So Far the greatest satisfaction for me has been seeing people enjoy a song that I played some part in creating. Thats a great feeling. But overall I like working with creative artist and coming up with ideas that eventually turn into great music.

What does it mean to be an A&R in 2010?

SAL: I dont think there is a certain answer to that question, because other people might feel totally different than I feel. But I would say it means people have a certain level of trust in your opinion and ear torwards music. You are basically the liason between the artist and the label.

How do you find producers, songwriters, etc.?

SAL: A few different ways, you can go to different artist showcase or beat battles and discover talent that way. Or you can just scan through all the demos and beat submissions you recieve until you find something you deem worthy. Other people search youtube, or myspace for new acts. There is a variety of ways.

How important is innovation to an A&R?

SAL: To me its extremely important because innovation is what keeps the genre growing and expanding without innovation the music will continue to repeat itself. Innovating artist inspire me to do what I do. It reminds me of the reason why I wanted to pursue this career and that is strictly the love of Music

In your opinion, what makes a great song?

SAL: A few things, 1st off good production. The Music should be a huge focus, but definitely a great lyric and melody. I look for songs with innovative concepts but still relatable to the listener. A great song is something that you can hear once, but later on while driving in your car you find yourself humming the melody or singing the hook because it was so impressionable. A great song evokes emotion, it can make you smile, cry. It can inspire you or bring back a good memory. Those things make great songs

What does success mean to Sal?

SAL: Right now success to me would mean being involved with a artist or project that ended up having a great impact on a number of people. The 1st time i saw my name in a Cd Booklets album Credits, I felt like that was a Success, the 1st time Luda told me he liked one of the Beats I sent him was a Success to me or Giving him a beat that ended up on his album was a Success. They're different levels and its all up to that person to decide. Success to another person might be graduating from High School or Moving out of the Projects. Different Strokes for Different Folks.

What/Who inspires you?

SAL: I'm inspired by many different things. Life in General inspires me, to go back home to my city and still have childhood friends running the streets inspires me to do better and work 10x harder. My Family inspires me, definitely my Nephews, but also my DTP family, Chaka, Jeff and Luda all inspire me. Anyone chasing a dream is inspiration for me to accomplish my goals.

What keeps you motivated?

SAL: The exact same things that inspire me also keep me motivated to never give up and push harder. I always like to say that whenever you quit, thats 5 new people who jumped in your spot. So im always motivated

What's in your iPod?

SAL: I honestly dont have a Ipod, but in my cd changer right now...random Rick Ross Albert Anastasia EP, Tk n Cash Twerk Tape, Witch Doctor a SWATS Healing Ritual, Cormega the True Meaning, Teedra Moses 1st Album, BG Its All On You Vol2., A couple of Random mixtapes because I like to keep up with whats happening on the Underground Scene

Favorite Artist(s)?

SAL: Outkast, Devin, Pacific Division, My DTP Fam (Luda, Tk n Cash, Playaz Circle), Jeezy, Nas, I think Rick Ross is Dope, Drake makes Good music...Thats all I can think of off top of my Head

Current projects?

SAL: Lil Scrappy the Grustle Album Coming Soon, We just Signed a R&B Group out of Toronto named Untitled, Rudy Currence is one of the Dopest new Artist coming out real soon. Of Course Tk n Cash follow them @tkncash1 Cant forget my Partnas Playaz Circle working on a New Album and Tity Boi is in a Zone right now, so I'm at Duffle Bag Studios everyday bringing them Music and helping break their new artist.

What's next?

SAL: Just Created a Website which is currently under construction but will be up and running very soon. Its a website for independant artist who want to get feedback on there music from the label or someone working in the industry. And it's basically set up to answer any questions you may have about starting a career as a artist or what it takes to get the attention of the labels. So if your interested in setting up a session to get your music reviewed hit me at or on Twitter @king_saladean and ill get back to you as soon as possible. Basically here to help because the average indie artist has no clue on what it takes to succeed in this game.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

SAL: Whoever has a good attitude and wants to work, you need some type of budget as well. I'll work with you lol

What is your biggest accomplishment?

SAL: Honestly just surviving this far in the game. I moved to ATL in 2005 with a few dollars and a Plan. I didnt know anyone, so being able to grind and eventually work at one of the most Successful Labels in the Game and Having someone Like Ludacris, who i looked up to, Call my phone about a Beat, is a Huge Accomplishment. I have a Loooooooooong way to go because I want to do so much.

What type of impact would you like to leave with your contribution to music?

SAL: I just want to be able to help someone, be it thru music or thru my music consulting. I want to be remembered as a Good Dude who created Great music and did Good business. As Long as I can have a positive affect on people, I have no complaints

Any advice for those looking to pursue their goals and dreams?

SAL: Never give up, no matter how bad it seems, it can always be worse. Study and research what you want to do and create a Plan. Im still learning everyday. Be willing to Sacrafice to get what you want because sometimes thats what it takes. Remember your Dream and Claim it. I'm living Proof that Dreams Do Come True.

For More On Sal:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

WBM First Listen: Photon "Red Gnosis"

When intent meets innovation and skill, you have the makings of music on a very high level. Here with new joint to take your mental to another galaxy, we have WBM First Listen of Red Gnosis from July Feature, Photon.

Another reason Why Blue Matters.

For More On Photon:

Friday, August 20, 2010

WBM Inspiration: Building A Game Layer On Top Of The World

In this recent TED Lecture, Seth Priebatsch discussing how influence can determine the progression of society through game dynamic.

WBM Inspiration.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

WBM Music Video: Drake f Lil Wayne - Miss Me

Check out DRAKE's Third single off his debut album called 'Miss Me' featuring Lil Wayne. Let us know what you think about it?

WBM Music Video: John Legend f/ the Roots, Melanie Fiona, Common "wake up everybody"

Check out this super star colloboration between John Legend, THe Roots, Melanie Fiona, Common "Wake Up Everybody" Let us know what you think?





TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Aug 22ND

1. Eminem - Recovery (SAME)
2. Rick Ross - Teflon Don (UP1)
3. Drake - Thank Me Later (UP1)
4. Bun B - Trill og (DOWN2)
5. Usher - Raymond vs. Raymond (SAME)
6. B.o.B - Adventures .....(SAME)
7. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot (SAME)
8. Alicia Keys - Element of freedom (SAME)
10. The Roots - How I got over (DOWN1)


1. Eminem f/ Rihanna - Love the way you lie (UP1)
2. Kanye West - Power (DOWN1)
3. Waka Flocka Flame - Hard in da paint (UP1)
4. Cali Swagg District - Teach me how to dougie (DOWN1)
5. Nicki Minaj - Your love (UP1)
6. T.I f/ Keri Hilson - Got your back (DOWN2)
7. Neyo - Beautiful monster (UP1)
8. Soulja Boy - Pretty boy swag (UP1)
9. Shontelle - Impossible (UP2)
10. Drake f/ Lil Wayne - Miss me (UP1)
11. J.Cole - Who dat (UP2)
12. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding you down (UP2)
13. Usher - There goes my baby (DOWN7)
14. Rick Ross f/ Styles P - B.M.F (UP1)
15. Monica - Love all over me (UP1)
16. Shareefa f/ Rick Ross - By your side (UP1)
17. Fantasia - Bittersweet (DOWN7)
18. Dondria f/ Johnta Austin & Diamond - Shawty whats up (UP1)
19. Bruno Mars - Just the way you are (UP1)
20. Taoi Crus f/ Jennifer Lopez - Dynamite (DEBUT)

WBM events: Curren$y, Primo .....LIVE

AUGUST 28th Come check out CURREN$Y, PRIMO among others perform LIVE at the RED LION INN in Sacramento, CA. Go to for tickets.

WBM Features: Stevie Boi

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
-Johnathan Swift

When dealing with matters that interest us most, up to and including those things that become the objects of long term goals and dreams, life becomes of a matter of showing and proving. Not showing and proving in a conventional sense which oftentimes has us living up to the expectations others place on us, but showing and proving to someone to who we've seemed to lose sight of time and time again, upon our beginnings; ourselves.

To best understand when setting forth to do anything, regardless of who says what good bad or otherwise, the key thing to remember is that only person you owe anyaccountability to is yourself. You know what you set out to accomplish and how you would ideally like to accomplish it. Yet to even begin to go about thisshow and prove process, it all starts with a vision.

Vision as so eloquently defined by Johnathan Swift,vision is the ability to see what others aren't able to--and if even if it's by happenstance the results can be truly amazing. Take our next WBM Feature and custom eyewear designer from Georgia for example. He brilliantly was able see beyond the frame work of glasses and had a vision that allowed him to turn the things he saw into a business.

With something as simple as fooling around with material to designing and styling for some of the most notable people in arts & entertainment, the vision of Stevie Boi is just beginning to materialize.

So with that mind, take a moment to get to know the vision behind one of the most innovative custom eyewear designers the industry.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Stevie Boi?

SB: A Crazy Mutha (shut yo mouth).

Where are you from?

SB: Augusta Georgia, And grew up overseas etc.

What can you most attribute your high sense of fashion to?

SB: Life. My life is an editorial spread. Thats why I mostly dress the way
I do, got to be prepared!

What does fashion mean to you?

SB: Fashion means alot to me. But I dont take it as serious as most people think I do.

How long have you been involved in fashion?

SB: Since elementry school. I was inspired by the addams family and designed a mortica dress for my mom.

How did you develop Stevie Boi Designer Eyewear?
SB: A couple years ago I just started fooling around with diffrent materials on shades ect. then a year later turned it into a business.

What inspires and motivates you?

SB: Paying these bills! I got a lambo im trying to get :)

What goes into the design of one of your eyewear pieces?

SB: Alot, I usually accidently cut my self or scrap my hands against metal
designing just one pair for a customer its a very tedious product to make especially when it's a one of a kind etc.

What makes your work stand out from some other eyewear designers?

SB: Great Question, I feel as the many other designers before me it would
be rude for me to not acknolegde them. But now it has become a trend
to make eyewear, I dont have to much respect for the new eyewear
designers period. Alot of designs look exactly like mine and some of
my competitions its very sad. Plus SB Eyewear is everywhere lolz.

Biggest Accomplishment?

SB: Everything I do is honestly a big accomplishment. Relavency is
everything to me and my company.

What type of impact would you like to make with your work?

SB: I would love to change the normal eye to the artsy eye with my work.

Who have you worked with so far?

Lots of people. They can be seen over at Trina, Lil Kim, Lola Monroe, Joe Joe, plus more.

Any anyone you like to work with in the future?

SB: Grace Jones

What do you do outside of fashion design?

SB: Make inspirational videos such as this one.

What's next for Stevie Boi?

SB: Alot. I want to get into making videos for diffrent artist ect.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their fashion aspirations?

SB: Please be financially set. This inudstry isn't free.(I learned the hard way.)

For More On Stevie Boi:

Prote-J @ Leaders Of The New Cool Orlando

For More On Prote-J:

WBM Recognizes...

There's no real time exactly to let us know that the dreams we chase and the goals we're after provided we give our best, are ever fruitless or in vain. However, when it comes, recognition it seems is always right on time.

So on this day, Thursday, the 19th of August we would like to recognize the efforts and exceptional talents of recent WBM Feature, Cory Malcolm (Photographer/Model) who shot the cover and Ugo Mozie (Fashion Stylist) for their upcoming placement in the September/October issue of American Dreaming Magazine which hits Barnes And Nobel Bookstores Nationwide August 21st, 2010.

Continue stepping in the blue and being exemplary reasons Why Blue Matters. We appreciate your efforts and we recognize your accomplishments.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Knights Of The Movement Trailer

Friday, 13 August 2010 - Independence Hall; Philadelphia, PA.

Coming Soon.


Check out Mr.Make Moves "C.E.O. Edition" produced by "T.K." Follow them on twitter @mrmakemoves @LexLuthor_Beats
Let us know what you think?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Through The Photographers Lens

MindSoulVision Insights

On Courage:

If asked what courage means to you many will come up with all sorts of answers. Often time confused with bravery, courage is a quality of bravery but beyond that, it stands on it own as a human principal. Courage is a bed-fellow of determination. Once you have determined within yourself a course of action or goal, one cannot stop there. Lao-Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step,” and though I as part Native American hate to quote him, Christopher Columbus said “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Courage is stepping outside of yourself and what makes you comfortable or popular in order to pursue your chosen course of action and thereby achieve your goals. It is a principal that comes with self-esteem and self confidence. Courage can also be seen in even the smallest or most regular sounding of actions and circumstances.

It takes courage to stand up and raise your children or to go to work every day even when you don’t feel like it. It takes courage to peacefully confront someone that would consider you his/her enemy in an effort to find resolution and balance with that person. It takes courage to make an unpopular decision. It takes courage to take a stand on the facts even when no one believes them to be truth. But where does Courage come from?

Courage comes from understanding. Understanding of one’s self and trust in ones understanding of the most basic facts. Understanding comes from within first. Understanding can only come from balance and balance from hearing and learning.

When you learn to quiet yourself understanding and answers come to the questions in your mind and spirit. Then you have to learn to apply and live by those answers. Develop powerful relationships with the new understandings no matter how uncomfortable they may be. Once you do, you will build the strength to stand up for them and the courage to live by and stand by them. No matter what obstacles land in your path, you will have the courage to continue to walk it and face each one with the understanding that you have a goal to reach and this obstacle is a lesson to be learned and a part of your strengthening and growth process.

Be of good Courage!

Rahim Baskett
MindSoulVision Photography

Through The Photographers Lens

MindSoulVision Insights

On Leadership:

Leadership has always been an interesting concept to me. I have always asked the question “what is in the heart of a man that would lead?” I once turned down a very good job because the interviewer couldn’t answer the question “do you know the difference between a leader and a manager?” In talking to a great many people I have noticed that a lot of people don’t know the difference or have never thought about the differences so I thought I would point out some of the glaring ones.

The difference between a leader and a manager is very simple and most basic principals are. A manager is someone who is put in charge of several resources and charged with making sure that those resources work toward the goal they have been charged with achieving. The manager then sits back and waits for results and applies correction when those resources fail to comply.

The leader has a similar charge but with subtle differences. The leader is charged with resources that need to meet a goal but charges themselves with making sure those resources have all the materials needed and are in good working condition in order to better reach those goals. More over the leader then takes a position with those resources to ensure that those resources can see by their example the path to achievement and thereby encourage them to achieve. The leader fosters growth and strength in its resources thereby making them stronger and more united.

Take a good hard look at those who would call themselves leaders and ask your self based on this information are they leaders or managers. You will be surprised at what you will see.

Be careful who or what you are lead by, they might just be managers.

P.S. Don’t read this and go and challenge your manager at work. You need that job!

Rahim Baskett
MindSoulVision Photography

Monday, August 16, 2010

Street Fighter Legacy

Here's a short film paying homage to one of greatest video game series ever created. Definitely enjoy. (S/O's to Pho' for this one.)

WBM Certified.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

WBM First Look: TK-N-Cash "Here Now"

Fresh off their upcoming mixtape, G Shock Music, we have a WBM First Look at the official music video of "Here Now" by recently signed TK-N-Cash of Disturbing Tha Peace. Definitely check this out. It's a great with an even greater vibe.

Support great artists making great music.

For More On TK-N-Cash:

Step Into The Blue

Log in and step into the blue.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fillip Filipi ft Shane Sparks "Boom"

Boom (Feat. Shane Sparks)
iTunes | Mediafire | Youtube

The Emmy Award nominated hip-hop choreographer Shane Sparks teams up with producer Filip Filipi for his debut rap song 'Boom.' Best known for his work on So You Think You Can Dance, Shane finally performs on the track he choreographed the routine for on the finale of Season 4. The song is off Filip Filipi's mixtape 'Design & Origin of Stars' which is currently available on iTunes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010



TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Aug 15th

1. Eminem - Recovery (SAME)
2. Bun B - Trill og (DEBUT)
3. Rick Ross - Teflon Don (DOWN1)
4. Drake - Thank Me Later (DOWN1)
5. Usher - Raymond vs. Raymond (DOWN1)
6. B.o.B - Adventures .....(DOWN1)
7. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot (DOWN1)
8. Alicia Keys - Element of freedom (UP1)
9. The Roots - How I got over (REENTRY)
10. The Dream - Love king (SAME)

WBM Top 20 Songs Of the Week

TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK ending Aug 8th

1. Kanye West - Power (SAME)
2. Eminem f/ Rihanna - Love the way you lie (UP1)
3. Cali Swagg District - Teach me how to dougie (UP1)
4. Waka Flocka Flame - Hard in da paint (UP1)
5. T.I f/ Keri Hilson - Got your back (DOWN3)
6. Nicki Minaj - Your love (UP1)
7. Usher - There goes my baby (DOWN3)
8. Neyo - Beautiful monster (UP1)
9. Soulja Boy - Pretty boy swag (UP2)
10. Fantasia - Bittersweet (SAME)
11. Shontelle - Impossible (UP1)
12. Drake f/ Lil Wayne - Miss me (UP1)
13. J.Cole - Who dat (UP2)
14. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding you down (UP4)
15. Rick Ross f/ Styles P - B.M.F (UP1)
16. Monica - Love all over me (UP1)
17. Shareefa f/ Rick Ross - By your side (UP3)
18. Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg - California Gurls (DOWN10)
19. Dondria f/ Johnta Austin & Diamond - Shawty whats up (DEBUT)
20. Bruno Mars - Just the way you are (DEBUT)

WBM Inspiration: Collective Consciousness

In an effort to champion inspiration and creativity in others, here's a vid from the 2010 TED Global Conference. With a contribution from Matt Ridley, we have phenomenal insight on how innovation has developed over time.

WBM Inspiration.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WBM First Look: Mike Star "Turn It Up"

Directed and edited by Cameron Films (, we have WBM First Look of the Official Music Video for DMV artist, Mike Star, "Turn It Up." Catchy to say the least, you're sure to nod your head and hum along this joint.

Another reason Why Blue Matters. "Turn It Up."

For More On Mike Star:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tremendous Trips

The fantasy of traveling began at the age of 9 while living in Dominican Republic...

The Caribbean has a rich and complex culture, but also a long, horrid history of corruption and misrule. Moving back to New York City, made me realized there was more to life that I could possibly conquer, and so I have!

While modeling, came the introduction of what I like to call "Tremendous Trips". "Tremendous" meaning: The cultures, food, experience, people, breath of fresh air, nude beaches, cathedrals, bridges, music and arts! I will always remember my first time in Paris, one of the most beautiful places in the world! The only city you'll have 'bags of fun' shopping! And stroll along the famous... the elite... Eiffel Tower!

(Paris, Sept 2009)

(Belize, June 2008)

or Make Believe Belize (see photo) we can all agree, needs no introduction? It's very appealing, oh and my "word" it's just as magical below the water as it is above!

(Aruba, May 2010)

Famed for it's lavish lighthouse, powdery white sand beaches and sounds of the annual soul beach festival Aruba is the only place I felt like life was unreal. Taking it further across the pond, my second home: LONDON! Over a short period of time, this city has become increasingly important in my life. It reminds me of a smaller New York City; diverse and vibrant. I'm certain you all have that place you call "home away from home". Well, I've found "home away from home" in England. I'll confess the English accent turns me on; it plays in my head like a hot record on repeat!

Ritzy, chic, an all year-round idyllic retreat of 365 beaches! Goes to Antigua! Here you'll spend a tremendous amount of R&R surfing and swimming! Fun! Some asked, if I ever return to DR. Yes, of course. I make frequent trips to Domincan Republic. A visit there isn't complete without atleast jet-setting off to Haiti and or Puerto Rico, once! Enjoyed the DR sizzle, local cuisine's, refreshing coconut water in Haiti, and speaking Spanish in San Juan!

The Atlantis... is the most spectacular resort in Nassau, Bahamas! Over-looking the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, lots of sunshine, such a spectacular setting. Before anything else, it's important to remember that if traveling isn't possible (for whatever reason) a tremendous trip can be a stroll to the local market and back. You're able to produce your own experience - how ever you wish. Fortunately enough we'll have one each day, on our way to work. or school. or photoshoot session (me). What have you noticed? Look around. Explore. Take Photos. Where you live is beautiful! It might not be heavenly, only Amsterdam can be that. (laughs)

Nobody knows your world better than you do, I only wish to share mine.

with Love Light &. Balance

! Hello &. Welcome !

As I reflect back I cannot help but measure my life and my growth, as I share some the lessons I learned... thus far! Each of us withold an inner voice that guides us into truth. Some of us may call it "intuition" while other's will say it's their "first mind". I have learned through serious trial and error to pay more attention to that voice, while I strive to not let ego, fear or desire keep me from heeding it's wisdom. If it doesn't feel right, I don't get near it. This includes people, places, or things! Neither should you, dear friends of mine!

Leaving the past behind... Whatever happens today that I consider less than memorable, I let it go right after it occurred or maybe by mid-night. For me each day represents a beginning of an opportunity for all that you desire. I greet each day with anticipation for all positive awaiting to happen and much gratitude. I believe firmly that we're all covered by Jehovah, Allah, God's (whomever ever you believe the higher force is) protection and I relax comfortably in that thought.

You never know whom you may need, or whose pardon you may have to beg. I've learned to close the door on those relationships that either one way or another didn't work, but never have I slammed it. The person you cuss at, or wish horrid things upon might be the nurse you might need later that week.

Most importantly I'm enjoying and still learning that life is a journey! It's important to discover the lesson in the bruises and scrapes that often are designed to help us grow and become the person we are all intended to be.

May this, my first official blog end with a tid bit of inspiration to lighten up your day and may the connection between you and I begin!

Love Light & Balance

The Future Of Online Communities

Coming August 9th. The future of Online Communities.

Are You The Reason...?

WBM First Listen: Hillz Feat. Freeway "Best In The City"

One of WBM's own is at again and in a major way. In preparation for taking the rest of 2010 by storm, here's a new joint fresh out the studio featuring Philly rapper, Freeway. They definitely held it down on this track.

Get a WBM First Listen here: Hillz ft. Freeway - Best In The City

Find out who's the best in the city.

Tyson Gay Upsets Usain Bolt in 100m

USA reclaims bragging rights back on top. Check out the recap from yesterday's performance by Sprinter Tyson Gay versus Usain Bolt of Jamaica.

(via Sporttv300 on Youtube. Credits: Universal Sports)

Friday, August 6, 2010

WBM Music Video: Eminem f/ Rihanna "love the way you lie"

Check out the video for the #1 single in the country Eminem featuring Rihanna "love the way you lie" Let us know what you think?



1. Eminem - Recovery (SAME)
2. Rick Ross - Teflon Don (SAME)
3. Drake - Thank Me Later (SAME)
4. Usher - Raymond vs. Raymond (SAME)
5. B.o.B - Adventures .....(UP1)
6. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot (DOWN1)
7. Fat Joe - The Dark Side (DEBUT)
8. Dru Hill - Indrupendence Day (DEBUT)
9. Alicia Keys - Element of freedom (SAME)
10. The Dream - Love king (DOWN3)

WBM Top 20 Songs Of the Week

TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK ending Aug 8th

1. Kanye West - Power (UP1)
2. T.I f/ Keri Hilson - Got your back (DOWN1)
3. Eminem f/ Rihanna - Love the way you lie (UP1)
4. Usher - There goes my baby (DOWN1)
5. Cali Swagg District - Teach me how to dougie (UP1)
6. Waka Flocka Flame - Hard in da paint (UP1)
7. Nicki Minaj - Your love (UP1)
8. Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg - California Gurls (DOWN3)
9. Neyo - Beautiful monster (SAME)
10. Fantasia - Bittersweet (UP1)
11. Soulja Boy - Pretty boy swag (UP1)
12. Shontelle - Impossible (UP1)
13. Drake f/ Lil Wayne - Miss me (UP1)
14. B.O.B, Hayley Williams - Airplanes (DOWN4)
15. J.Cole - Who dat (UP1)
16. Rick Ross f/ Styles P - B.M.F (UP1)
17. Monica - Love all over me (UP1)
18. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding you down (UP2)
19. Drake - Find your love (DOWN4)
20. Shareefa f/ Rick Ross - By your side (DEBUT)

WBM Features: The Common Wealth Family

When you love people and have the desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then you will have accomplished the meaning to live.
-Sasha Azevedo

When pursuing anything in life, one must keep in mind to very important things. And in understanding the importance of what to keep in mind, the questions then become to ask oneself, (1)"What do I want?" and (2)"What do I expect to happen to once I obtain it?"

Let's take for example, the forming of a collective conscious group whose primary objective is to make great music, be themselves, be creative and have fun while doing it crew The Common Wealth Family. They already have in mind the goal of making the presence and music wide felt, while at the same time, understand that is best maintained as exposed to more people in need of great music.

Reppin Pirate City, you can't help but get a good vibe from them. Consisting of members, Mose Butch, R.I., Double Roscoe, Wiki & G.R. Zombie is making an impact and is the next reason Why Blue Matters.

Welcome to the family-- The Common Wealth Family, that is.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is The Common Wealth Family?

CWF: We are Mose Butch R.I. Double Roscoe Wiki & G.R. Zombie

Where are you from?

CWF: We are from "Pirate City" aka. Pittsburgh, PA.

How long have you been involved with music?

CWF:We have been making music as a group for almost 3yrs.

What's your style of music?

CWF: Our style is some wht experimental. We dable with Funk, electro, hip- hop, r&b, & pop. Some say its "party music."

What do you like most about being performance artists?

CWF: It's the ultimate test of whether people are feeling you or not. In all aspects, not just the music.

What type of impact would you like to leave with your music?

CWF: "Damn, that was fun."

What does it mean to be an artist in 2010?

CWF: In 2010, being an artist means being like everyone else who has a myspace, facebook, and/or twitter while maintaining what makes YOU, you.

How important is creativity to you?

CWF: Creativity is nothing to us. We got so much of it.

What matters most, style or substance?

CWF: It's a little bit of both. People pay way more attention to what you wear and how you wear it these days. You turn on any entertainment show or read a magazine & they're praising someone on what they wear ya know? Style really has more pull in the industry BUT feel some substance is needed in your act. Which pretty much means you gotta bring the best of both worlds together in your own unique way. Keeping it 100 with yourself and being original is always the best answer though.

What does success mean to you?

CWF: We know we achieved success when the rest of the world can throw on a CWF track and no matter what kind of mood they were in before they become uplifted through the vibes.

Has that answer changed over the years?

CWF: When you're younger you think success is a Bentley.... shiny jewelry...a pool filled with Ciroc and know the extravagant stuff!! But with time comes age and knowledge which ultimately changes the way you think so yea my idea of success is totally different.

What inspires and motivates you?

CWF: Inspired by the rebels (in art, music, and life) HORROR and sounds. We thrive off of alot of things but motivation mainly comes from 1. the people that believe in what we do. 2. adrenaline rush from being on stage in front of all those faces. 3. All of the Legends we look up to and the fact that we have the potential to be that some day 4. all the hard times in life. 5. The thought of CWF having the power to change the face of music in our own way.

How important has the internet been with your success?

CWF: We started to buzz online just when Myspace was starting to become "the place to be." The internet adds a whole new world as far as promo, networking, and getting your music heard all together. It has definitely been a huge help over the years. Especially with the release of the album and how many people outside of Pittsburgh were intrigued by what our Myspace page displayed on it. Being an indie group without the internet presence sucks big time...with that being said it plays a pretty important role in our success.

What can the world expect from you this year?

CWF: We're all growing as artists...we're becoming alot more comfortable in doing whatever we feel when it comes to music. That stems from us not boxing ourselves in and priding ourselves on versatility. We would like to pat ourselves on the back for that one!!! You can all expect CWF to get crazier with the quality you learned to love.

Biggest accomplishment?

CWF: To us....being a threat in this business is an accomplishment no matter how you put it. We put out an album that will change the way people approach making real music. We've done 200+ shows and we're still relevant. Just to be here and to continue being ourselves in the studio with LEGIT fans....huge accomplishment.

Any advice for those looking to pursue and create movements of their own?

CWF: Our #1 rule is to BE ORIGINAL! Dare to be different, be that sore thumb! Stay ahead of the until your mouth falls off...and have a realistic attitude about the whole thing. No one becomes famous over night. Most get discouraged but the phrase that pays is "hard work pays off."

For More On The Common Wealth Family:

WBM First Look: Kanye West "Portrait of Power"

"...Yeezy we always knew you'd be back on top again."
-Kanye West excerpt Live Fast and Die Young

Visually stunning, we have a WBM First Look at a Portrait of Power, the new work of art showcasing the lead single of the upcoming LP slated for a September release Good Ass Job from Kanye West. Can't tell me this isn't official. Grab your notebooks for this one. Super serious.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WBM Features: No Introductions

No Introductions is the next reason Why Blue Matters. In this sit down interview get a closer look at business from a photographer's/graphic artist/event planner's point of view.

Are you the reason...?

New Blackberry Torch 9800 Revealed

First hand footage from the NYC launch event. S/O's to for the update. Torch 9800 is looking really good.

The Making of the Music Video Power By Kanye West

Forget a grammy, I think Ye is going for a film award for this epic of a music video he's putting together.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scotty Gives Hope To The Youth Through Music

Sometimes to move an inch in any one direction, we need a little motivation. In this hip hop rendention of the song Hope ft. Faith Evans, Scotty of Atlanta gives hope to the youth through his music offering them a chance to think about the choices they make in life. This song was written for the Creative Spark's Youth Conference "Penn or Pencil" to encourage the youth to stay out of the Penitentiary and stay in school.

WBM Inspiration.

Are You The Reason...?