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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life According To Tomas

WBM presents Tommy Buhama...
An artist on the rise, someone to look out for.

Life According to Tomas Ovidio Geronimo

My birth name is Tomas Ovidio Geronimo, there isn't a clear difference between my stage persona, Tommy Buhama and my personal visage. In conversation I can win you over instantly and on stage to get that same effect I have to be me amplified.

My first mixtape took ALOT of work, and went under alot of scrutiny, then I put together a team of people all dedicated to my cause which is almost impossible in New York. My PR Nicole Perrino brought out a dozen writers to come interview an artist nobody's heard of from a city every ones forgotten, there were management scouts present, notable dj's, all there for me. my team did most of the work but I'm proud to be the captain to give incentive. I'm a true hippie, not referencing marijuana usage but their ideals.

I'm the ultimate free spirit. Fun and adventurous. Rules, mundane, conventional ideas...these are things Tommy Buhama constantly attacks in his music. I just like to have fun, My interests are as vague as they are acute. My ultimate goal in life is to provide my children with my ideal childhood, for as long as they wish to sustain it. I'm still an artist branding himself. I'm an enigmatic individual, my thought process, my mother warns me, could very well drive me mentally insane in the near future, and the mere thought of that is inspirational I've never come across any negative response to my craft-- because I know how to present it. I don't consider my self a "rapper" or a musician for that matter. Music is not my passion. Interaction. Conversation. Those are what keep me going.

Where one sees a crowd I see an audience. I WANT to entertain you, because I like your reaction. It's a win win. It's just a matter of getting your attention, coincidentally people like the way I rap. But if I could entertain doing cartwheels I would.I'm currently working on a more street oriented body of work. Being from the Bronx and growing up 2 blocks away from Yankee stadium I'm calling this project "The Bronx Bomber."

Dreams are not for everyone. Seriously think about it. It's not so much a question of what you want to do, it's can you do it? Politicians will make you feel like you can take over the world then you realize the world is alot bigger than your neighborhood. You know?

I want to be remembered as the guy who if not succeeded, genuinely
tried to make a difference.

Finally, I'm lightskinned. which is a complexion...not to be confused
with caramel, which is a color.

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