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Monday, August 31, 2009

Beyond Giving

Service is the rent we pay for living.
-Marian Wright Edelman

In life, we're generally only doing one of two things; either we're making deposits or we're making withdrawals. And as we experience more, I strongly recommend recognizing which one of the two you potentially do the most of. However, what happens when personal withdrawals get used to make deposits into the lives of others?

Now that's food for thought, and serving it up is no other than Georgia's own Christin Alexis. She time and time again, gives and gives tirelessly with no expectation of something in return. It's her contribution to the world. It's also something she's very passionate about. Christin gives like she breathes. Who she is, is because of what she gives.

Here, kindly with some of her time to give, Christin Alexis shares a little bit about her and some of the positive things she has going on.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

So tell me a little bit about yourself: Interest(s)?

CA: I was born and raised in Atlanta, my mother worked in the travel industry. So from the ages of 8 to 16 I lived in North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. I felt like an army brat, we traveled so much but I’m grateful and I appreciate those experiences that I had, because it enables me to embrace diversity. I love diversity & I like a challenge; as long as I’m being challenged and I’m learning something new I’m interested. But to name a few of my general interest, I like to travel, read, shop & spend time with my family and friends. And Volunteering, I love it.

What do you like most about being involved in PR?

CA: The interaction, I wake up everyday not knowing whom I’m going to meet, which happens to people in everyday life anyway. I get such gratification in helping and networking with other and being involved in PR enables me to do that. My quote that I live by or at least one of them I have two that I read and say everyday but the one that best describes me would be “Service is the rent we pay for living”. Being a PR requires a lot of service. You’re serving, meeting and helping people everyday and most of all I’m learning.

Please give some insight into BUJI Girl PR

CA: BUJI Girl PR is a Public Relations Firm based out of Atlanta. We also have partners in New York and Los Angeles as well. We specialize in Fashion, Entertainment & Luxury Brands.

What inspires you?

CA: So many different people inspire me. I know that things have to change in this world, & I can help change them, that in itself is an inspiration. The Future of our world, our youth they inspire me on so many levels. I feel like if I’ve helped someone else then I’ve helped myself. I feel like if I can just make this place down here called earth a little better then I’m happy.

What from your experience have you learned?

CA: I’ve learned that it’s not the number of years you live in your life; It’s the life you put into those years. People often say live each day as if it were your last, well I can’t do that. I just have to make a commitment to make a lifestyle & behavioral change and be a little better today than I was yesterday. That’s all I can do and realize that I too am learning and growing more each day.

Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?

CA: In Atlanta, having a few offices for Xtin Alexis Enterprises throughout the country, possibly 1 overseas. Definitely having a family of my own, CURE worldwide, as well as my fashion firm. Continuing to change lives and help people one day at a time.

I understand you have a foundation called CURE, can you tell some info?

CA: CURE Foundation is my non-profit based out of Atlanta. We don’t just support one cause, were not a charity, we are an actual foundation. People ask me the difference between the two, when you create and make a foundation that’s just the base, you build it strong & firm so that it’s able to hold & support any and everything that you desire to put into it. It’s like when you are building a house, they don’t just lay cement and lay wooden planks around and say okay, here’s your house. The builder builds up & out. It’s not just one room in the house, you have several and each room serves a different purpose. It’s the same thing with CURE Foundation; our foundation supports many different charities/causes.

Any future projects?

CA: I have many, into addition to BUJI Girl PR, CURE Foundation, Crawford & Rowe (my fashion firm), I’m in works now to open up a chain of luxury resorts, hotels & restaurants throughout the country and overseas (ChrisChandler Properties). I want to open a few homeless shelters, schools, which all of these will give a certain percentage to CURE and enable CURE to help others. These are just a few goals I have for Xtin Alexis Enterprises.

Any advice for those pursuing their PR or Philanthropic endeavors?

CA: I’m a PR & a philanthropist because it’s my passion. When you do what you love it doesn’t seem like work. So my advice is search and find the thing(s) that you’re passionate about and start working on them. You can know what you want without knowing who you are, while in the process of achieving what you want find out who you are; some of your wants will change. Just know that there is no goal beyond your reach. When you enjoy what you do, the desires of your heart will be granted, whether its’ fame, fortune or even money. In do time they will come!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Labor Day Weekend/NFL Blowout

For all those in the Washington D.C. area Labor Day Weekend: Major, Major Event taking place this September 6th @ Spot Premium Lounge. NFL Blowout!!!

Bubblelistic, Mindbolic Ent. & Why Blue Matters will be in the bldg.

Stay tuned for more from this event.

Tech Report

Has anyone seen this device???

If not, you should very soon in restrooms across the nation. New at least to me, is the Dyson Air Blade. This is the latest in efficency and environmental awareness. It dries your hands in less than 12 seconds and has EPA approved HEPA filters that remove micro-organisms in the process.

In a word, Official!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.
-Abraham Lincoln

At times, it seems the work put toward obtaining goals and dreams are fruitless. We work and work and work some more, not realizing the seeds we sow move us closer to where we need to be. The easy thing would be to give up. You can't, especially if that's not what what your intentions are. However, where hard work meets a focus mind, the combination results in bountiful harvest of success.

Take Texas native, Deziree Ramirez for example. She since an early age knew that in order to get what others don't she had to do what others won't to acquire success. With just as much experience as she has had success, Deziree is just getting started. The hustle never stops, neither will Ms. Ramirez.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

So Tell Me A Little About Yourself:

Well, I'm 26 years of age and I am Persian, British and Mexican. I live here in Dallas, Texas, but was born in Amarillo, Texas.


When I'm not modeling, I love to read. : ) I love playing all sports, shooting hoops, and just anything that contains the outdoors since I'm from West Texas. I grew up a wild child, meaning I was always outside doing adventurous things.

What do you like most about being a model?

I love meeting new people. I have come across many people in different industries that I have worked with, including artists like Kurupt, Slim Thugg, Gemini, Chingo Bling and the list goes on. As far as Modeling & Fashion Industry there is no where to start. I have worked with so many people. I also love to travel. I have been to many nice places, although when I get lonely from being on the road, I write to all my fans that take the time out to keep me busy with fan mail.

What Inspires You?

All my fans. Sometime, I tend to forget that I am a model when I am just having some personal time-- and if a fan sees me they begin to start a conversation and wanting to know more about me and of course if I can give them my autograph. So yeah, that sometimes makes me feel like Woah. I am so grateful to everyone who has stuck with me through this journey.

How long have you been involved in modeling?

I started off Modeling when I was 14. At the time I was living in Amarillo, TX and I was then signed on with a Modeling Agency in Dallas by the name of Kick 277. At the age of 18, I began modeling professionally in New York with Internationally known Ford Models, and soon left for an internship for my Grandfather's clothing line.

I understand you're a fashion designer, please do tell...

Yes, I began working for my Grandfather's fashion line entitled, "Cache" and "Lillie Rubin." My Grandfather was the founder of the line and soon sold the line to a managment company. After my Grandfather's passing, I began working on my own line, something that was indescribable.

How have you been able to balance what you do?

Now that is where the name Undezcovered came in. Being in two successful industries is hard to give both the 100% that you have to. Fashion is a year round process and my modeling career is based on how much I wanna do. This year I have released 2 workout DVD's and been on promotional tour twice, launched my home line that is being featured at Bed Bath And Beyond Locations and will be featured in Playboy for the 6th time in October, then a following issue in February. So I stay very very busy!

Biggest Accomplishment?

Being where I am today. It took me many years to be able to acheive all these goals that I set my mind to conquer.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I am the type of person that lives day by day. You never know what tomorrow will bring. We'll just have to see.

Any future projects?

Yes, I would love to start acting. I have already been on the small screen and been on MTV's Room Raiders, MTV's NEXT, Elimidate, Prison Break and Without A Case. I also started shooting my reality TV show with the Oxygen Channel but that was pulled off the air due to personal matters.

What type of impact would you like to leave?

I would just like to let everyone know no matter what race, sex, or whatever life you choose, you can be the best at everything as long as you have faith and never take anything for granted.

Any advice for those who would like to pursue their modeling aspirations?

Enjoy life each day as a new adventure awaits you and conquer the Journey you were set to do. If there are times where it gets hard, find a different route to cross the path but make sure it's the path to Victory.

For More On Deziree Ramirez:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Model On The Rise (5)

My son definitely inspires me more than anything. I'm looked up to, so I hold myself at the highest of standards. I refuse to let him down.
-Kipani Denise

thewho: Kipani Denise
thewhat: Model
thewhere: Sacramento, CA
interests: Modeling, Dance, Cooking
inspiration: her son
thefuture: Sacremento Fashion Show for Fashion Week 2009
quote: Stay positive. There's nothing worst than getting rejected in the industry, but it will happen! You just have to keep kicking, not knocking at the door. Eventually someone's going to take notice! If you have the confidence in yourself then that's all that matters. Success will come. Patience is a virtue.

Making Music Feel Good Again

Music and rhythm find themselves into the secret places of the soul.

If talks of music losing its substance and the ever famous, "where are all the good artist at ?" are frequent topics of discussion, here's someone whose music is worth having a conversation or several about.

Representing The Lone Star State, is the lovely, talented and beautful (singer/songwriter/model) Yhai Portier. What she brings to music is something, in my opinion that only a handful of artist, male and female alike can. Not only does Yhai make music but she makes it feel good again.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Tell me a lil bit about yourself?

Yhai Portier is a POP artist that writes and composes her own music. I am a model at times and an actress at other times. I am a woman of Character and a woman of Faith working in the field of my dreams.


My interests are very different from one to another. I love spiritual things, reading spiritual books, and anything dealing with the realm of the prophetic. I love to cook Soul Food and Italian dishes. My specialty is PEACH COBBLER. Hmm! I love to SING and WRITE (of course ) and meet new people!

What can you most attribute your songstress ability to?

My songstress ability is a talent from God. He gave it to my parents and gave it to me. It's a blessing. Both my parents sung. My father had a singing group and my mother wrote songs!

What do you like most about being a singer/songwriter?

With singing, it has to be, being able to transfer the emotion of what I put into singing a song unto the listeners, so they feel me. With songwriting, I love the creativity and the imagination that is put into writing every song!

What's the thought process behind your works?

First part my surrounding. I'm a good listener, that's part of being a good friend, so definitely personal experiences from myself and others play a big part. My 1st single "Bad Girl" is about me transforming into a vampire after being bit then hunting for the 1st time; that was mere imagination and wanting to be different!

What inspires and motivates you?

My inspiration is and always will be Michael Jackson. My motivation is making Great Music all the time!

How long have you been involved in music?

At 3 or 4, before I even started school, I was performing in the front yard. When I began school, I became involved in whatever involved music-- from Dance to Theater!

What type of impact would you like to leave with your music?

I want people to be able to listen to my music for times to come and enjoy and know I gave my all every time!

What would you do if you weren't involved in music?

I'm in music and music is in me. It opens the hearts of the listener. I want to be an example of giving and love, my example Christ, to help as many people less fortunate as I can.

Future Projects ?

Look for my upcoming POP/Soul Album title "Anonymous." My 1st single "Bad Girl" is in rotation on ( and 104.5 in Hudson Valley,NY with Blast DJ Kris style and 88.1 Maryland with DJ Nominal, The EL LOCO Show and K.I.F. 97.8 FM Brussels, in Belgium with DJ Emiliot,Vinz and DJ Oneted. The Coast 2 Coast Remix featuring a list of Hip-Hop artists, Kal J of Indianapolis, IN Jae Swizz and Speez of Houston,TX, Mista Encore of New Jersey, ClifSoulo of Oakland,CA, Snake of Las Vegas, Nevada and Affiliated Soldierz of Houston, TX. Look 4 my upcoming feature in PowerPlayersMagazine as well as Collabs with JUMZ of New York, Jae Swizz of Houston and I'm featured on "The Last Gentleman" Mix tape with Blast DJKrisstyles and there's an upcoming Hip-Hop Remix of "Bad Girl" by DJ GoodGrief of Houston, TX!

Advice for Vocalists/Lyricists ?

Vocalists: Need to perfect their craft with practice. Learn the best way to keep your voice strong, different techniques work for different vocalists.

Lyricists: Never be afraid to speak the Truth, there is but one, like a seed planted, your truth will blossom in its due season!

For more on Yhai Portier:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Artist On The Rise

D.Malone is Why Blue Matters next Artist On The Rise. Here she is with a few words, thoughts and some vocals. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lady Love To Hit Hearts Everywhere (Album Review)

LeToya Luckett is back with her sophmore album "LADY LOVE."

When in an age where every singer gets compared to Beyonce, LeToya is one of the few that can hit the same notes and hold her own. On this album LeToya shows off her confidence as a solo artist, and is more mature in material she's presented to us.

"LADY LOVE" starts off with a midtempo gem "Lady Love" and quickly moves into the second track and this summer's ladies anthem smash "She Aint Got". LeToya has a song for every mood you can possibly sense from break-up songs "Lazy," and "Regret" to a women empowerment joint "Not Anymore" to making love songs "I Need You."

On this album LeToya took chances showing her vulnerability and showcased her ever maturing vocals. This album was definitely worth the wait. She traded in her hip-hop beats from her debut album and traded in for more of an adult r&b mixed hip-hop influenced sound. LeToya also executed produced this album, with some help by Tank and Ryan Leslie, just to name a few.

LADY LOVE clearly solidifies LeToya as a hit song maker here to stay.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Just added to Why Blue Matters- SCOOPVISION. Here's the latest broadcast from one of Jersey's finest keeping music alive. Stay tuned for more.

Next Stop...Success!

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.
-Richard Leider

What if from the very moment you begin your day down to the last few minutes before ending it , every step you took correlated to everywhere you wanted to go? (ie: toward the things/goals/dreams/aspirations you want to attain) If you can imagine this or even begin to identify with having days like this you have an idea of how our next featurette, Noree Victoria perceives and experiences the world.

Originally from Baltimore, MD, this young yet seasoned actress keeps success well with in reach while at the same, cognizant that to continue along the path of success constantly looks to improve herself. Interestingly enough what makes this all possible is the fact that Noree does what she loves and doesn't have any plans on letting go of her dreams.

[As told to Why Blue Matters...]


Acting of course...And ourside of my craft, I enjoy a good book, writing children's stories, fashion, traveling, dancing, people watching, cooking, the company of good friends and anything that involves speed or the stimulation of adrenaline.

What do you like most about acting?

I'm IN LOVE with the process of constant evolution, growth, learning and transformation that acting encourages. And if I don't have it, like when water stands still, I feel stagant. Acting allows me to fulfill my most fundamental personal desires, without having to actually commit myself to being a real life "gypsy." From week to week , day to day, or sometimes even hour to hour, I can be someone new, live a different life...experience everything from being a crack addict to a scientist to a queen. I'm never bored. Boredom and montony are torturous to me. What I do is the ultimate fantasy ride, all of my own creation once I breathe life into a new character.

What inspires and motivates you?

More than anything, I'm inspired by people who wander off the beaten path to accomplish great things...And I'm motivated from within-knowing how blessed I am to be able to what I love. Never wanted to let go of this dream, is more motivation than I'll ever need.

How long have you been involved in Performing Arts?

I come from an entertainment family, and grew up around a sister who went to Juilliard and made a very successful career for herself in the Performing Arts (Penny J Jerald), but I've only been acting full time for about 3 years now. I went to college first, earned my undergrad degrees in Biology and Writing, and a Masters degree in Information Technology - none of which I found particularly fulfilling, except for creative writing which I still do. Now, I am doing what I truly love.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I don't proclaim to be the best, but I am good at what I do, and I'm constantly getting better - because I work hard and I train hard, and I remain open to learning. I'm in LOVE with my craft. I'm married to it, and I take care of it. I respect it. That being said, as long as I don't give up, I see my progress each year growing exponentially from the year before. In this business, that doesn't necessarily mean more roles, or more notoriety or even more money, but it means that you're growing, and eventually, you'll be recognized for the awesome things you bring to the table. In 5 years, what I have now by way of talent and deserved blessings, will simply be magnified.

Tell me a little about how your travels lead you to link with Jay Goldenberg?

I won Best Actress in my category in a national Actors' competition (AMTC) in Orlando at the beginning of this year. A representative from the New York Conservatory of the Dramatic Arts was there scouting, and she observed my performances. I was then invited to audition for her personally, and after performing my monologue, she was impressed enough to award a partial scholarship for me to come and study during this summer. Jay Goldenberg - Associate Artistic Director of the Conservatory, and Salma Hayek's personal acting coach, is one of my instructors for the duration of my studies.

Any future projects?

Since studying at the Conservatory, I was on somewhat of partial hiatus from auditioning. My schedule consisted of 9 hours of training everyday, followed by 4-5 of assignments. However, I'm slated for a role as a young mother/drug addict in a docudrama called Saving Children's Lives, filming in Atlanta. And right before coming to the Conservatory, I worked on a short film, "The Battle from Within" as the lead, and on "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their Performing Arts dreams?

I once attend a phenomenal workshop with two casting directors - one of whom opened with this statement:

"Actors are some the laziest people in this work. They routinely just don't do their homework...Except for the good ones."

And from that moment on, he had my undivided attention. He went on to ask how many of us had ever ridden the subways of New York, and if we have, we'd know that a train comes approximately every 30 seconds, unlike smaller cities where train arrivals are spaced at longer intervals. So if you happen to be talking or dawdling, no worries, the next one is coming right up. However, he said, there are people that will run you OVER to get inside that train before the door closes, knowing full well that another is arriving in the next 30 seconds.

"Anything less than that level of drive and commitment to your career is unacceptable," he said. And I have always been inclined to agree.

What we do is difficult. It's competitive. "No" is the answer to 99% of our questions. Rejection is the norm. So given that the path is already strewn with obstacles before we even begin, we do ourselves a great disservice when we create our own. Embracing laziness. Accepting defeat. Pursuing your craft without passion. Letting the opinions of others eat away at who you are...And adding insult to injury, are those that mull along at their own pace on subway platforms, gawking at the person running as if they were a madman.

I say, let them gawk. Not everyone wants to take the journey with you, or even understands it. You can't please everyone, nor should you want to. There will be those who don't understand your drive or passion, and it's not your job to make them. That being said - just be awesome at what you do.

Do your homework. Study. TRAIN. Pursue opportunities, and leap through open doors. Be prepared to sacrifice greatly, but for the greatest rewards. And do not believe for one second that anything will be handed to you.

And when those doors just happen to keep closing, or worst yet, when there are those that intentionally step into your path...Remain upright and limber on your feet...and never stop running for that next 30-second train.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Digital Girl- Jamie Foxx ft. Drake, Dream & Kanye West

Here's a fantastic arrangement of color, light, and shadow in a video. Check out the latest from Jamie Foxx feat. Drake, The Dream and Kanye West. Enjoy. Artistically, here's another reason Why Blue Matters.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dancing & More With M.Rockstar

Here's footage from this past Wednesday (August 12, 2009) of the Dance Audition and gathering of M.Rockstar in Baltimore, MD (Eden's Lounge). The forward thinking vision of Bubblelistic, Mindbolic Ent. & Why Blue Matters present to you a recap of the evening. Check It Out...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Role Model

Here's Ebony from America's Next Top Model With A Few Words
Expect A Lot More From Her...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sound Breaking

No sound is dissonant which tells of life.
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Is Music In a state of emergency? Just ask the self proclaimed West Coast Ambassador of the State Of Emergency project? State Of Emergency is all things related to ground breaking ideas that shake things up relative to this monotonous music business.

Jahi Sundance is taking part in creating a new sound and pushing barriers that take music to a new place. He is in the company of some of the most talented producers in the game right now including Donnie Scantz. When asked how it feels to be around so much talent, "its humbling and an honor" he says.

Jahi has been playing instruments since he could sit up. Fact: He had his first professional gig at the age of 13 where he got paid for an appearance at a local art museum with a jazz quintet.

Presently, Jahi has been in the dj game now for nearly fifteen years. He can take any type of crowd on an unforgettable musical journey and has performed at places like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Jahi has also produced songs for pop icons, Chris Brown, and Danity Kane just to name a few. Interestingly enough, Jahi is also a professor at Scratch DJ academy, started by Jam Master Jay, located in NYC.

Jahi is very interested in all types of arts. He loves having a chance to create. The thought process behind his works is dependent on whats happening on the exterior. When Jahi writes music he creates music that would make you want to move, when he writes lyrics he gets personal and makes you think. If Jahi wasn't doing music he would be a professor or some type of entrepreneur. He listens to a wide range of music everything from Shakira, Conway Twitty, Jay-Z, Mos Def a wide variety of different artists and genres. One of his favorite jobs he's done so far in his career is watching Ethero and Brandy work on a State of Emergency track together.

Jahi never lets anything negative from the media effect him in anyway. Advice he gives others who are looking to pursue their dreams is "Make sure you fairly asses your talent. Look to others who you respect for criticism. You need it." He wants to be remembered solely by his music and his ultimate goal in life is to pass true wealth down through the generations to come.

Upcoming projects are more STATE OF EMERGENCY tracks and a project called "Black Gold" with Chris Dave.

For more on Jahi Sundance:

Model On The Rise (4)

I want to leave a positive impact, showing that you can make it without compromising your values and morals. Never lose sight of where you came from and who you are.
-Glenaliz B.

the who: Glenaliz B.
the what: Student (Communi Disorder/Speech Therapy Major), Dancer, Model, Actress
where: The Sunshine State (Florida)
interests: Modeling, Acting, Dancing, Sports,
First(s): Started modeling @14, Professional dance 4 years ago
inspiration: Mother
the present: finishing up studies in college
the future: Aspires to pursue acting in California
quote: "Be yourself and always stay humble. Especially for young girls, don't ever feel you have to be half naked to be sexy and beautiful. all you have in life are your morals and values, and at the end you will be respected more for it. It might take you longer but at the end it will be worth it. Also always have fun with what you do and smile. And definitely be patient, it might feel like forever until you get your break, but if its for you, it will happen."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

If you only do what you know you can do--you never do very much
-Tom Krause

ACTION, is a common word associated with DAE's everyday life. Who you might ask is DAE? Dae is a video director/actor coming out of Atlanta. He is the co-ceo of GUERRILLA FILM JUNKIES. A company that directs and producers innovative music videos all over the country.

Dae was raised in ATL and traveled a lot. He started acting in theater and then moved into film and television soon after. He didn't start directing videos until film school.

Guerrilla Film junkies came about in 2004, and so far has produced over 50 music videos. Dae writes treatments, edits, always on the phone or on the set directing. When he isn't directing, he's acting. He's had guest appearances on The Shield, According To Jim, Lincoln Heights, Without A Trace and ER just to name a few.

His hobbies and interests includes a lot of traveling. He's been pretty much everywhere form the Philippines to Rome. Next up for him is Africa.

Ultimate goal in life is just simply to be happy. From the business aspect his ultimate goal is to have the power to green light films. It's hard to explain the feeling one gets when you sit back and watch your final product and watching peoples reactions to it.

Dae strives to produce quality work. As a director he daydreams a lot, imagines things that don't exist. He brings imagination to life in his films. He is inspired by other peoples accomplishments "if they can do it, why cant i?" is his motto.

His favorite job so far was directing a music video for rapper Oj Da Juice man. Dae states if he wasn't in the business he'd probably be a lawyer somewhere.

When asked about if any negative press from the media ever gets to him he states "i recognize the difference between entertainment and reality. I understand how the media skews things for rating" I' m not controlled by the media"

Advice he gives those who want to pursue there dreams "life is short, why not break some rules, go big or go home. Nobody is going to give you anything even if you earn it, you have to take it"

And that's exactly what Dae has done. He has taken his God given talents of directing and acting and used him to the best of his ability to get him where he is today.

Check out more of his work at

How Far Would You Go To Hustle For Your Dreams...?

Model On The Rise (3)

I always considered myself a role-model for other young kids. I want to be that girl they want to become. I want to leave a positive view on other girls as well as boys.
-Alexandra G.

the who: Alexandra G.
the what: 18 year college student and up and coming model
the where: The Lone Star State
interests:Modeling, Pageantry, Cheerleading, Dancing, & Basketball
inspiration: Mother
the future: Aspires to work with big professionals in modeling industry and/or FBI
quote: "Never give up your dream. If modeling is what you really want to do, then just got for it. Go out and get it, don't let it find you."

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I'd want to be known as an artist who stays true to themselves, who always was for the people and created music that heals and brings people together just like they did in the 60's, 70's and 80's.
-Shelly Renee

To have some, if any kind of idea of what to do, where to go and how to go about accomplishing something, it takes vision. Whether that's in the dreams we have, the goals we write, and the lives we lead down to the very things we attempt, we had at some point or another an idea of what that potentially may be like. Interestingly enough for singer/songwriter, Shelly Renee the vision is quite clear.

Representing the west coast, R&B/Pop sensation, Shelly Renee is a young woman of many facets and interests. The combination of music, fashion, cosmetics, politics, dance, poetry, sports, and humanitarian work to name a few make her one of the most well rounded people; artistic or otherwise you will ever come across.

When asked what she likes most about being a singer/songwriter, "I love to help people period--so when I hear that my lyrics or songs in general have helped someone get through a hard time, a breakup or just life it brightens up my day. It's the most amazing experience to me. The greatest gift God gave is for our ability to give in a positive way, so I just love that," Shelly explains.

Inspired by many things, but primarily by her family, fans and experiences; both personal and from those close to her, Shelly uses all of these elements to her advantage. "My family is a big motivation. They believe in me and help me carry on when things get tough," she says. In addition to that, Shelly's fans motivate her to "continue to put out great music that touches the soul, that people can relate to and help them get through life and create memories."

For others looking to explore their own musical endeavours Shelly relays this:

I would say study your craft. You need to stay in school take business classes marketing classes and keep your head in the books. Many people tend to forget that the music business is a business so I always like to emphasize that! Also study the greatest artists of all times go way back study the roots of jazz musicians study the history of music period. To be the best you have to learn from the best and study the best. The same for lyricists I would say just stick to who you are and feel the music dont just write something. You have to get into the music become the music.

Currently working on a yet to be titled LP, Shelly Renee sees with clarity how she would like her future to look. She's well on the right path and will inspire many in the process.

For More On Shelly Renee:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ninja Assassin (Trailer)

Ninja Assassin (Theatrical Release: Nov. 25,2009)

So yeah...I'm such a big fan of movies. While getting my daily fix on what's set to release I came across this beast of an action flix. For you hardcore martial arts heads, get ya spacesuits and bed pans. This is on some other. Leave comments. Definitely would love to read your initial thoughts on this one.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Model On The Rise (2)

the who: JAE STAR
the where: Sacramento, CA
the what: 22 year old aspiring model
interests: dancing, swimming, modeling, acting, music
inspirations: her mother
famous siblings : brother plays for the Florida Gators
the future: more modeling shoots and music production full time
"nothing can hold me back from achieving my goals."

Model On The Rise

the who: Deelicia Nguyen
the what: 20 year college student and up and coming model
the where: Sacramento, CA currently in Los Angeles, CA
the first(s): First fashion show in Nov. '08, first photo shoot Jan. '09
interests: travel, family, modeling & photoshoots
: "I'm my own inspiration, I'm the only one that got me this far, I'm going to be the only one that gets me further"
the future: Master's Degree in Business Marketing and Modeling
quote: "anything worth while is worth trying"

Monday, August 3, 2009

This Summer Is A Summer For Classic(s) (Mixtape Review)

(Download The Summer Classic Mixtape Here)

Although it's August 3 and we're well into the summer timewise, the summer officially kicked off as of August 1st, 2009 with the latest release from (singer/songwriter/emcee) Chris Classic of New York.

The Summer Classic Mixtape not only personifies, but it also exemplies everything that is Summer. Consisting of 12 tracks + 1 bonus Chris Classic presents to the listener from the moment you press play a variety of tracks that seamlessly transition from one to the next for a "classic" mixtape project.

Whether for the first time or for those who may be familiar with him, The Summer Classic Mixtape, in a fashion similar to an Ice Cream Truck, delivers. It contains original and remixed songs with Albe Back, Fabolous, Ryan Leslie, Nipsey Hustle, Cassie and Maxwell. Standout joints include: "Cmon With Me" produced by GI Joe, "True S*&!" produced by Truth 7 Soul and "Mira, Mira" with Albe Back and Fabolous.

On the Summer Classic, the tracks are hot while the delivery is cool; creating quite a refreshing balance sonically. If summer had a sound, The Summer Classic is what it would sound like.

Make sure you get your serving.