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Sunday, October 31, 2010

WBM Features: Sam Rubik

Our whole life is solving puzzles.
-Erno Rubik

From the time we're born up until we pass into what our ideals lead us to understand of the afterlife, we spend our lives making sense of our existence here on Earth. Going from this interest to that interest, overcoming adversity and setback, learning, growing, experiencing and emoting; all pieces of the puzzle that make us who we are.

Now while we may not understand how and why we're here or for what reasons, purpose is best determined for the mind that realizes, purpose is what we give ourselves and energy we put into a worthwhile interest.

So imagine if you will all the things that could be accomplished given we did them on purpose? The possibilities would be endless, fulfilling and rewarding.

Take for example our next WBM Feature, Sam Rubik Piecing together the things that matter most to him, Sam is developing a picture of life and positive picture at that, through Hip Hop. Fresh off his Life Without Commercials Project, Rubik takes a few to allow WBM get to know him a little better.

We believe you should too.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Sam RUBIK?

A 21 year-old Hispanic rapper.

How you come up with the stage name?

SR: The name is actually a reference to two puzzle makers: Sam Lloyd, and Erno Rubik. I used them because I like to style my verses, songs, and ideas like puzzles; putting everything out there but still leaving something for the listener to piece together.

Where are you from?

SR: San Antonio, Texas, but as of a few months ago I am now living in NYC.


SR: I like sports, I'm a big Spurs fan but you'll definitely catch me at a Knicks game or two this season with blue and orange on. Unless of course, they're playing the Spurs.

What does music mean to you?

SR: Sometimes I feel as if music is my life support. Being able to witness and contribute to all aspects of it's creation is truly a blessing because we get so much in return from music. We get energy, a sense of understanding, a sense of being, we relax, and we can vent, all by listening to a song. Something more beautiful I have yet to come across.

How long have you been involved?

SR: I've been writing and recording music consistently for five years.

When did you know that music was something that you wanted to pursue?

SR: When I caught myself writing music, poetry, and listening to new music more than I did anything else. I've always loved to write, and always planned to pursue a career as a writer, so when I started writing songs, everything clicked.

What inspires and motivates you?

SR: My greatest motivation is my desire to get better. Nothing is ever garaunteed, and the music industry is no exception to the rule. Plus, there's so many people releasing music, one cannot capture attention without being truely exceptional. So, when I go into the studio I keep the bar high so the product is always good quality.

Any musical influences?

SR: I would say my biggest influence to date is Soul music. I've always held soul In the highest esteem because the delivery is always so seamless. I also listen to a lot of indie rock, classical, pop, and of course; hip-hop.

You have a very unique delivery, what goes into the creation of your songs?

SR: Emotion. I try to leave a bit of myself on every track and feeling it is the first step. I also always keep originality in the back of my mind. Paying homage is always cool, but biting is never a good look so keeping the material original is very vital to me.

Tell us about your latest project, "Life Without Commercials." What went in to the creation of that release?

SR: A lot of hard work. I would go into the studio for three days at time, get little to no sleep, and recorded way more tracks than the 15 that made it on. There was a lot of tough things I was going through and LWC is the first time I really voiced how I felt on record; so it really opened my perspective as a songwriter, and my versatility as a rapper.

Biggest Accomplishment?

SR: I'd say so far is getting an article in Jenesis Mag. They've been really supportive of everything I do and I don't know if they know but the article really meant a lot to me. Some of the other articles featured people who have been doing their thing for a lot longer than I have, and it felt good to have my name synonymous with theirs.

What type of impact would you like to make with your music?

SR: I would like to keep all the effects of my music to be positive. Some subjects I address have a dark feel, as well as the music behind me, but I like to keep a sense of optimism, and a purpose. If that sense can trickle down and cause an effect, I would like people to imply optimism in their life, if ever they feel there is no purpose.

Who have you worked with so far?

SR: Nobody major yet.

Any anyone you like to work with in the future?

SR: There's plenty of people I'd like to work with, but as for the near future I'd really like to do something with Skotch Davis. I met him a while back and he has a good energy about him. Pac Div is also really dope, I think some real good music could come out of a studio session with them. Same thing with Kid Cudi, who has a big imagination as it seems, and I think I could learn a lot from the guy.

What's next for Sam RUBIK?

SR: I have 3 mixtapes dropping from now until December. The third mixtape will be paid the most attention to though because I'm looking for it to solidify myself in the music industry. Life Without Commercials turned heads, well I want Permanent Vacation to break necks. No exceptions.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their aspirations in music?

SR: Other than the most important thing which is being yourself, the best advice I can give is to focus. I think some are under the impression that making it in music is a lot easier than it is and become discouraged very quickly. I believe if the talent is there, and so is the hard work and determination, then you have a formula for success.

For More On Sam Rubik:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

WBM Certified: Deceptive

As if it isn't hard enough to take the things we envision in our mind and turn it into a tangible something via the form of some artistic medium, taking that artistic medium and placing it on the world's stage for display is another matter in itself.

Creators have to go through quite the trial to even begin to take his or her next step. There's a myriad of blocks and barriers; their self-criticism, criticism of their peers and close ones, and dealings with whatever else may get in the way to prevent the achievement of what was initially intended. However, for what it's worth, the effort and the focus when placed on what one set out to accomplish renders some interesting results.

One gets to step back, assess. and wonder two things: (1) did I do enough? and (2) could I do more? And for the cast and crew of the independent film, Deceptive the proof was in the "Put In" (Pudding).

On the evening, of October 29th the "put in" was sweet, as it was the movie premiere of Deceptive (AM Releasings and Greta Joanne Entertainment) at Big Cinemas on Midtown East side of Manhattan. Many were in attendance; media, family and supporters alike as the theater was jam-packed and eager with anticipation for the showing of this film.

Now after watching Deceptive the collective "Put In" by everyone involved produced quite a film. Full of twist and turns, Deceptive is one of those films that upon its first moments holds your attention until the end credits begin roll. The storyline coupled with the depth and relatability of each character (Angelique Monét, Jas Andersen, Meah Pace, Shiek Mahmud-Bey) make for a universal feel as the movie unfolds.

Yet to see this movie, is to see it for yourself. It will move you in ways that you cannot help but recommend others to go check it out and immediately.

WBM Certified.

Friday, October 29, 2010



TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Oct 31

1. Lil Wayne - Im not a human being (SAME)
2. Eminem - Recovery (SAME)
3. Bruno Mars - Doo-Wops & Hooligans (SAME)
4. Trey Songz - Passion Pain Pleasure (SAME)
5. Waka Flocka Flame - Flockaveli (SAME)
6. John Legend & The Roots - Wake up (UP2)
7. Drake - Thank me later (UP2)
8. Fantasia - Back To Me (UP2)
9. Gucci Mane - The appeal (DOWN2)
10. Rick Ross - Teflon don (REENTRY)


WBM TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK for the week of 10/31

1. Bruno Mars - Just the way you are (UP2)
2. Rihanna - Only girl in the world (DOWN1)
3. Nelly - Just a dream (UP1)
4. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding you down (DOWN2)
5. Lil Wayne f/ Drake - Right above it (UP1)
6. Usher f/ Jay-z - Hot Tottie (UP1)
7. Waka Flocka f/ Roscoe Dash & Wale - No Hands (UP1)
8. Lloyd - Lay it down (UP1)
9. J.Cole - Who dat (DOWN4)
10. Miguel f/ J.Cole - All I want (UP1)
11. Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow (UP2)
12. Nicki Minaj f/ - Check it out (UP2)
13. Drake f/ Swizz Beats, Mary J. Blige - Fancy remix (UP2)
14. Diddy F/ Dirty Money, Drake - Loving you no more (UP2)
15. Kanye West f/ Pusha T - Runaway (UP2)
16. Taio Cruz f/ Jennifer Lopez - Dynamite (DOWN4)
17. Trey Songz - Can't be friends (UP1)
18. Drake f/ Lil Wayne - Miss me (DOWN8)
19. Fantasia - Im doin' me (DEBUT)
20. Rihanna f/ Drake - What's my name (DEBUT)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

WBM Presents a Q&A with Actor CARLTON BYRD

WBM Presents a Q&A session with actor Carlton Byrd

Take a minute and get to know Carlton.

WBM: How long have you been in the game?

Carlton: My first “professional” show was in 1995. So, 15 years.

WBM: What's your greatest accomplishment so far in life?

Carlton: My greatest accomplishment is a work in progress.

WBM: So tell us what are some of your Interest(s)?

Carlton: All things having to do with performance art. Writing. Physical fitness. Florida beaches. That’s right, I said it.

WBM: What's your ultimate goal in life?

Carlton: To be in my hundreds and on my deathbed looking around at all my children (and children’s children…), and have them look back on me proud to be apart of the legacy my wife and I created for them. And left behind…

WBM: What do you like most about being in the business?

Carlton: Story telling. People have been telling stories since the beginning of time. Having God designate me as another storyteller in a long line of Story Tellers is something special.

WBM: What inspires and motivates you?

Carlton: Impossible-s. Doubts. Disbelief. Above all my family. My mother is my greatest inspiration.

WBM: How has life changed for you since you started?

Carlton: I was given a means to channel my own troubles and triumphs and (those of others) in a creative and ultimately rewarding way. Honing that ability and welcoming the never-ending pursuit towards “perfecting” that ability has made me into an infinitely better person. More open. Receptive.

WBM: What has been your favorite job you've done so far?

Carlton: I was apart of a banging production of The Baachae when I was at NYU. The summer after I graduated our cast was invited to perform the show as apart of an International Theater Festival in Warsaw. Greek tragedy over seas? Awesomeness.

WBM: What are you currently working on?

Carlton: I have a lead role in Tracy Letts’ comedy Superior Donuts performing Nov. 11, 2010 at The Studio Theater in Washington D.C. If you’re not up on Superior Donuts or Tracy Letts’ work--get into it.

WBM: Does any negativity from the media ever affect you in anyway?

Carlton: (Deep Siiiiiiiigh) Of course. Positively and negatively. The Positive: Seeing a bi-racial president on television everyday will forever bring light into my life. Even if it never happens again no one can ever strip that moment away. It will be one of the many stories I will share with my children, especially if one of them pipes up and says, “Daddy. I want to be president when I grow up.” Then, I can honestly smile and respond, “You DAMN right!”
The Negative: Three years ago I had a gun literally thrust in between my eyes in NY because I “fit description” of someone “breaking and entering” an apartment. An apartment I had keys to. And just last week (here in D.C.) a Caucasian male on his way to work “apologized” to me after my gym wear of sweat pants and matching hoody, drove him to believe that the “black man” beneath them was going to rob him. He had reason to believe the blackberry I was carrying to be a gun. Why is it that at first glance of an African-American male in “baggy clothes” holding an “unidentified object” do we as Americans automatically assume a threat to our personal safety? Could it have to do with the fact that every time we turn on his local news or CNN that we see more stories about African-Americans sticking up a liquor store, or fighting dogs, or collecting illegal guns, than we see about African-Americans turning ‘F’ Schools into ‘A’ Schools, or graduating Big Named Universities, or becoming Presidents? I say yes. It does.

Professionally, the images presented by the media directly effects the type of roles that I will be called in to audition for because the content that producers and writers see and read about in the media directly influences the stories and characters they wish to create. Why do you think there have been so many movies done about the war in Iraq? Or that there are so many popular television shows (for instance Brother’s and Sister’s and Grey’s Anatomy) that feature pivotal characters that have recently returned from combat over seas? The same reason why if you’ve ever watched Law & Order and thought the story unfolding sounded familiar. It’s because most of the stories being written for television and film are influenced by the world around us. The “hot button” topics. Images we as Americans see everyday. And yes. It is at the discretion of the writer to create new characters that challenge the ideas and stereotypes of the viewer, but more often than not they fail. That is why, I am called in for more “gangbangers” than I am “successful professionals” or “doctors” or “chemists”.

BUT, as Obama would say, “we are making progress.” I’m just hoping that one day the positive images for African-Americans in the media will out weigh the negative. But, I guess that’s a job for more than just the media isn’t it.

WBM: So do you have any advice for those looking to pursue their dreams?

Carlton: The same advice that was given to me: Set a goal. Now make sure everyday you are doing something in order to achieve that goal. Everyday. If a day goes by and you have not done something towards that goal, you have wasted a day.

WBM: What do you want to be remembered by?

Carlton: Being the best that I could be.

WBM: Anything else you would like the world to know about you?

Carlton: I sometimes push others as hard as I push myself. Most times to positive results. But, its all because as much as I believe in myself I believe in others more. No one should ever doubt his or her ability to breed life out of a dream. We all have wings to fly.

To check out more on Carlton Byrd

Coming soon...
The Studio Theater in D.C.

In this delicious new comedy from the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of August: Osage County, an offbeat friendship grows between a cantankerous white shop owner and an ambitious black teenager with something to hide. As the two men bond over literature and entrepreneurship, they discover that family runs deeper than blood. Amidst the changing face of an old Chicago neighborhood, a local donut shop becomes the setting for old secrets and new beginnings.

For tickets and info...

WBM Presents: Pledge Michael Baby

Take a minute and get to know this up and coming artist.

In his own words:

I'm repping my city like a big town, Long Branch, NJ. I'm 20 and music is my life. I wouild say i'm good at it.

Currently working on my third installment of my Poster Boy Pledge mixtape series. My goals for 2010 are simple, to grow as an artist and to expand my brand and my name.
I've been making music my entire life. I come from a musically inclined and talented family. I started playin the drums at 6 and the piano at like 7, and really got into writing at about 13 yrs old.

My greatest accomplishment so far would be headlining shows at prominent colleges in NJ.

I am very interested in fashion, love designing new and innovative ideas, neo-soul music is something else that i'm interested in. My ultimate goal in life is to be successful, and be able to help give my family the world.

About the entertainment industry I like the learning process, I like the opportunities for advancement and I like how its becoming more independent.
My work is a book of my life and thoughts, the process behind it is simple its all about recalling what I've experienced and portraying it in a creative way.
What inspires me is success, the success of other artists, the success of friends and knowing that there is more out there for me is my inspiration and motivation.

My favorite job i've done so far is some production on Proph's "Flight Delayed" mixtape and the recording of this new work PBPpt3.

Right now, I'm finishing up my mixtape, getting this college tour with R.A.T Pack under way.

In order for you to pursue your dreams you need to be strong, because alot of people are going to come and try to break you. You need to be confident in yourself. Look out for me I'm reppin that Kick Nation, Island Def Jam Digital, A.C.R.C, and Team Aztro .... its Pledge Michael Baby ...

WBM Presents: Pledge Michael Baby

WBM Inspiration

Hard work not only pays off,
it pays dividends.

-AL(ways) R(esonating)

WBM New Music Video: Nicki Minaj "Right Thru Me"

Check out THE LATEST video from NICKI MINAJ "Right Thru Me" PINK FRIDAY the album out in November

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WBM New Music Video: Diddy Dirty Money f/ Drake "Loving You No More"

Check out the latest Dirty Money video "Loving You No More" the album "Last Train To Paris" out in December

WBM Presents Artists to Watch:Meek Mill

My good friend Samson, is from Philadelphia and showed me a great video by a local rapper by the name of Meek Mill. Meek is signed with T.I's Grand Hustle records. His single "Rose Red" is a upbeat song that should get tons of play time at clubs. I posted the video above. This weekend I will be traveling to Philly to meet and interview him. After the meet and greet Meek will understand Why Blue Matters. Check out "Rose Red" above.

WBM First Look: Nicki Minaj & Will.I.AM - Check It Out

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WBM First Look: Rudy Currence of DTP

Reppin'R&B/Soul Disturbing Tha Peace Presents: Rudy Currence. This is definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

WBM Certified.

For More On Rudy Currence:

Deceptive Hits Screens Oct. 29th

Contact:Ra-Fael Blanco
2R's Entertainment & Media PR
VP Media Relations & Communications



(New York, NY - October 20,2010) - AM Releasings and Greta Joanne Entertainment presents the release of the film “DECEPTIVE”, available for a limited theatre engagement at Big Cinemas on Thursday, October 28th (Press, Media, and Industry invite), and open to the public on Friday, October 29th to November 4th. To view the trailer click here and to find out what times the film will be playing check the theatre's website

"Deceptive, is an award-winning International Independent film about a risky love triangle fueled by fame, fortune and money that will keep audiences guessing what will happen next," says Angelique Monét , the film's Executive Producer, writer and lead actress. "Though it was originally labeled as a DVD film, I kept on fighting the fight to ensure that a broader audience got a chance to experience this message. I am extremely proud of how far we have come," she adds.

"DECEPTIVE" will begin showing in New York at Big Cinema 239 E. 59th Street, and expand to a wider showing in 2011. A few of the confirmed markets include but not limited are; Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Accra, Ghana.


A risky love triangle fueled by fame, fortune, and money...


Shiek Mahmud-Bey (Nightfalls on Manhattan, Buffalo Soldiers, Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood), Angelique Monét (East New York), Jas Anderson (Brooklyn's Finest), and Meah Pace (CBS/UPN's R U The Girl?...With T-Boz and Chilli), star in this sexy story of lust, greed, and fame. After building JRuby Records, music mogul James Walker (Mahmud-Bey) thinks he has it all. When his right hand man Bennie (Anderson), grooms Vanessa Walker , James wife (Monét) to be the new queen of the label. James secretly signs Trina (Pace) to take the spotlight. As their passion begins, a deadly love triangle unfolds and threatens everyone involved. "DECEPTIVE" is set in Brooklyn, New York and is a film noir dealing with the record industry. The film is directed by two-time award winner, Roderick Giles and is Executive Produced and written by Angelique Monét. As a recording artist herself Monét wanted to describe a story of lust, greed, and fame, set within the recording industry. “ So many times we as recording artist and women go through so much, so I wanted to make a popcorn film for the ladies and fellows. There is something for everyone.” Making it's premiere at Marche du Film during the prestigious Festival de Cannes 2010, and following up at the Hamptons Black International Film Festival “Audience Choice Award Winner.”


"DECEPTIVE" is solely financed by Angelique Monét and award winning playwright Edgar Chisholm. Ms. Monét is a multi-media talent and former Ms. Black South Carolina. She is also the world’s only stage/film actress ventriloquist. She is the owner of one of the only female owned theatrical distribution companies (AM Releasings), and is the first company in the United States to take a film to Accra, Ghana for a theatrical exhibition 2011. Ms. Monét prides herself on being multi-tasked as a business woman and artist: “Music, films, writing is how we can make a change while entertaining the masses. It may sound like a lot; but I enjoy studying Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra, Josephine Baker, and Lena Horne. I believe today with social networking, and digital media we can accomplish our goals independently without Hollywood. We can create a brand and have Hollywood come to us.”


Greta Joanne Entertainment is a New York based multi-media company pioneered by multi-media talent and former Ms. Black South Carolina USA, Angelique Monét. The companies mission is to produce entertaining media content for the general public while hosting and branding multi-cultural events including the Hamptons Black International Film Festival. For more information please visit


AM Releasings is a boutique label for theatrical and DVD distribution. The companies primary goal is to distribute films that have box office potential and bring them to the mass audience. For more information on DECEPTIVE and or to schedule an interview with any of the cast members, please feel free to contact Ra-Fael Blanco via email at Also make sure to visit for any additional information.

# # #

WBM Features: Titus Tucker

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
-Aldous Huxley

A focused mind is a determined one. Just ask Titus Tucker. And for him, the end result couldn't be any more clear, for the desire to impact the world via the gift of music is what he would like to share most.

Titus since a very young age has had his foundation grounded in music. As his interest grew more so did he. Now quite the accomplished musician, vocalist and producer Titus is making strides to release a new EP showcasing some of his new material, continue branding and marketing himself on the internet and long-term plans to begin touring.

Now the time has come for Titus to show the world that with great passion comes an undeniable effort to obtain success. For Titus, success is just a song composition away.

Allow his music to play into your lives and heart.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Titus Tucker?

Titus Tucker is a true artist who's very passionate about his craft. He is also active in his school, church, and community as well.

Is this also your stage name?

Titus T: Yes, I was blessed to have a rare name so it's easy to market. I actually like my name and would never be comfortable being called something else. I believe my parents named me with purpose so I stick to it.

Where are you from?

Titus T: I was born overseas in Germany because my father was in the military at the time. When I turned six, we moved to Florida, where he retired and where I reside today.


Titus T: I'm in the south so I really like watching college football. I'm also into photography and videography. As a matter of fact, I'm working on my certification as a Motion graphics expert. Of course I major in music and recording arts but visual art has always interested me.

What does music mean to you?

Titus T: Music can mean different things for me at different times. Sometimes I use it as my explanation for things that I can't put into words. Other times I use it as my great escape from the world for a second. Overall, music to me is an audio art that should be respected and loved by all.

How long have you been involved?

Titus T: I've been surrounded by music since the day I was born. My father was a singer and so was my older sister. I took what I could from them and built upon it to come up with what I do today. I was involved with it at a young age but I didn't start public performances 'till I was ten.

When did you know that music was something that you wanted to pursue?

Titus T: I knew for a fact music was what I wanted to do in my tenth grade year of high school. I was getting a little older and I had to start making more decisions on who I was going to be for the rest of my life. There was absolutely nothing I could see myself succeeding in. I wasn't an A scholar at my school and there weren't any labels in my area or a big music scene for me to get into. Even though my choices seemed slim, I knew I wouldn't be successful in life unless I did something I loved. So during that summer, I bought a couple programs for my computer and I asked for recording equipment for my birthday. Every single day that summer I stayed in my "studio" for hours at a time becoming perfect at everything I did whether it was producing, singing, or writing a song. From then on I decided to be an artist no matter what it takes.

Do you play any instruments?

Titus T: Yes, I'm definitely a musician at heart. I've started playing the drums when I was 4, I moved on to the bass guitar when I was 15, and at 16 started playing the piano. Outside of my family, no one really had any idea that I could sing. It was funny for me because most people who had watched my success from birth, didn't have a clue.

What inspires and motivates you?

Titus T: Inspiration and motivation are two important parts of my creative process and career in general. I draw my inspiration from real life, and my own teenage experiences. I go through a lot emotionally just like any other teenager. I just thank God I have music as an outlet for those emotions. Some of my best songs derive from real issues that I've dealt with.

I can say for the most part, I'm self motivated as far as my career is concerned. I've never been at a place where somebody had to push me out of bed or make me go to the studio and record. My skills and talents, have never outweighed my hunger and drive. My parents have to constantly remind me to do normal things like eating because I can easily lose track of time and get caught up in the art. So overall, I can say I'm life inspired and self motivated.

What goes into the creation of your songs?

Titus T: If anything, I would say my heart and genuine feeling goes into every record. I don't I'll ever be the type of artist that makes songs just because a certain style sales.

Working on any new projects?

Titus T: As of now, I have a lot of new projects in the work. I'm now working on finishing my solo EP. I'm also going to be working with some Mixture of KTP on a project coming soon. I don't have any concrete release dates yet but I'm definitely working on getting them done as soon as possible.

How important is the internet to promoting yourself as an artist?

Titus T: The internet is imperative for the success of an artist in todays music industry. I wouldn't have of the fan base I have now without the internet. I was looking at a video I made and statistics showed me more people in Grenada like my video than people in the United States. Without the internet, all of my exposure wouldn't be possible and I'm very thankful for it.

Biggest Accomplishment?

Titus T: I've done many things before the age of 17, than many musicians don't get to do in their lifetime. My biggest accomplishment had to be playing bass guitar for grammy winner Pj Morton when I was 15. He has really helped influence so many aspects of my art so playing with him meant the world.

What type of impact would you like to make with your music?

Titus T: I think I bring creativity at it's highest point. I producer my own music, I write my own songs, and I can play everything live. There aren't that many musicians like that today in the R&B world. I also would like to bring a positive message to music in general. Most artist get signed and turn into someone they're not and I want to be the complete opposite of that. I was raised with good morals and I really want to share a message of positivity and love to the world.

Any anyone you like to work with in the future?

Titus T: I'm influenced by plenty of artist but in the future, I'd like to work with Kanye West. He's one of the greatest producers of our generation and a true artist who makes what he feels.

What's next for Titus Tucker?

Titus T: The next step for Titus Tucker is tour. I plan on going on the road to get my music out and to show people I can deliver past what you see on the internet.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their aspirations in music?

Titus T: The only advice I have to give is pursue it with all you have and don't let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams.

For More On Titus Tucker:

WBM Presents: SDot Prettyboy

If at ever a time you're aren't happy with what you see in the world, change yourself and the world too shall change.

Interestingly enough, more couldn't prove true for upcoming hip hop recording artist SDot of Pretty Boy Ent. Not quite content with the day to day and surroundings of his environment, SDot took his interest in poetry and music and prepared his mindset for that of success.

So with something that started out as a 15 year old writing poetry to freestyling to just in a matter of years scribing and recording songs as a 20 year old, SDot to say the least is making significant progress. He since his beginnings has developed a quite an outlook on life that wishes to turn each moment into opportunity and everything else in between into song.

But in order to best understand what the vision of SDot is all about, one would have to understand success, what it means and the world from his perception. For this young man from Brooklyn, New York, life in his mind was something he saw he would make the most of whatever he chose to do. However, at the time, just an aspiring performance artist and songwriter, life did not begin to show the most promise until he was introduced to the realm of entrepreneurialism.

This new venture toward becoming a businessman was just the direction he needed to jump start any and everything he ever wanted to do. By receiving 4 bottles of fragrance and the formula to make cologne and perfume, SDot took immediate interest in fragrance design. From that moment forward, he realized he had the gift of an extraordinary sense of smell and the ability to create fragrance.

Since recognizing his ability, Sylus developed his skills to a level where he is considered a master fragrancer. Not only can he create absolutely breathtaking fragrances, but he can make a fragrance simply by the smell of someone’s hands and formulate scents that match the personality and style of a person. Through this creation of personal fragrance for others, SDot has gone on to put together what he calls, “Create Your Own Fragrance,” gatherings where he has created personalized fragrances for companies, celebrities, and special events.

Although excited from newly created opportunities in fragrance making, focus was something SDot needed to put into his back into his music. He buckled down and has since then put together a mixtape entitled "From My Perception" which depicts a nice arrangement of songs that allow the listener to get a closer look through the eyes and mind of SDot who in just a little bit of time experienced so much.

Get a closer look at what Sdot has to offer with a snippet from the From My Perception Mixtape. You're sure to like this joint featuring Patrick from B5 called "You & Me."

For More On SDot Pretty Boy: (coming soon)

Monday, October 25, 2010

WBM Presents a Q&A with Arissa Hill

WBM presents a Q&A session with the one and only Arissa Hill, an accomplished painter / model / chef / reality tv star among other things.

You all might remember her from the 12th season of MTV's The Real World: Las Vegas back in 2002 one of the highest rated Real Word's in history. Since then Arissa has done a few more television shows, been seen in Elle girl magazine, King magazine and Stuff magazine just to name a few.

So take a minute and reacquaint yourselves with her.

Introduce yourself to the people who already dont know who you are?

Arissa: My name is Arissa Hill, I am a model, entertainer and television personality best known for starring on the 12th season of MTV's reality show The Real World which was filmed in Las Vegas.

So what project or projects are you working on now?

Arissa: I'm currently working on a pilot for my own cooking show as well as a food/entertainment/lifestyle blog called . The blog details things and experiences out in the world I have come across that I love, or feel the need to share along with cooking tips, wellness, and other artist features.

What have been your goals for 2010 so far?

Arissa: My goals for this year and the coming year are to put the majority of my energy into my blog, my show, and making some positive changes in my community.

Where are you currently residing?

Arissa: I currently reside in Los Angeles

Anything you want to say? clear up? acknoweldge?

Arissa: No. Not beyond: it's all smoke and mirrors. All of it.

You're so much more than just being a reality television veteran?

Arissa: Correct. So much more. :)

What's your greatest accomplishment so far in life?

Arissa: I'm still working on that.

What are some of your Interest(s)?

Arissa: My interests have to do with anyting creative. Painting, photography, music, cooking, writing. I submerge myself in all things that have to do with creation.

What's your ultimate goal in life?

Arissa: My ultimate goal is to live on an island...and have an eco friendly bed and breakfast.

What do you like most about being in the business?

Arissa: The amount of truly talented and amazing people I get to meet.

What's the thought process behind your works?

Arissa: I allow my world and everything in it to be a source of inspiration. Everything. I draw from personal experience and I believe that feeds the creativity that lives in me...

What inspires and motivates you?

Arissa: Life inspires and motivates me. Every morning I wake up I have the ability to do something. And that could be anything from taking or painting a picture, or trying to move a mountain. What ever it is I want to try to accomplish every morning I open my eyes is endless inspiration for me. Especially when I see so many people who just go through the motions of life, not believing that they too can paint a picture...or do the impossible, so they do nothing at all....That is another source of motivation for me...

How was life changed for you since having your life showcased on MTV?

Arissa: Life has changed for me in the sense that I am more mellow...obviously time can do that to a person...

What are you listening to in your ipod these days?

Arissa: A LOT of Indie artists from Michigan: Buff1der,14KT, Mayer Hawthorne,Magestik Legend..some Fits & The Tantrums, Oliver DaySoul, Esthero, J Sands/Lone Catalysts,Tabi Bonney,Gemstones, Jonelle Monae, J Cole, Brazaville, Nneka, Bootsy Collins, Eddia dont want to get me started on my playlists...this could go on for days... :)))

What has been your favorite job you've done so far?

Arissa: I love to do personal chef work....

Any advice for those looking to pursue their dreams?

Arissa: Learn everything you can about whatever it is you are trying to pursue. Work on cultivating your craft daily. Don't let anyone with murdered dreams try to kill yours. Keep a small support group of people who can remind you to stay on track and focused CLOSE. Remain humble and gracious. Those you see on the way see on the way back down.

What do you want to be remembered by?

Arissa: At the end of the day; when all is said and done: How did I make you feel?

Anything else you would like the world to know about you?

Arissa: hahahaha...not today

Thanks for adding more significance to Why Blue Matters, you're a positive, inspirational woman. Much love to you and your continued success.

Arissa: Thank you for your interest. XO

FOLLOW Arissa on TWITTER @MissArissa
Check out her blog


Here’s the TEMPTU TEMPORARY TATTOO's promo video starring Beyonce, and if you purchase the Deluxe Edition, you could win a trip to New York City for a temporary tattoo photoshoot and a visit to Dereon headquarters.

WBM Presents: Kanye West "Runaway" mini movie

WATCH Kanye West’s mini-movie “Runaway” co-starring his ex girlfriend/model Selita Eubanks. It features music from his upcoming album.

For those of you interested in his new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" will be out on 11/22/2010. Here is the official track listing for the album:

1. “Dark Fantasy”
2. “Gorgeous” (featuring Kid Cudi & Raekwon)
3. “Power”
4. “All of the Lights” (featuring Rihanna)
5. “Monster” (featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)
6. “So Appalled” (featuring Jay-Z, Pusha T, Prynce Cy Hi, Swizz Beatz & The RZA)
7. “Devil in a New Dress”
8. “Runaway” (featuring Pusha T)
9. “Hell of a Life”
10. “Blame Game” (featuring John Legend & Pusha T)
11. “Lost in the World”
12. “See Me Now”

Saturday, October 23, 2010

WBM Presents: Jeremy Copeland

Take a minute and get to know Jeremy Copeland

WBM presents Jeremy Copeland who's resume includes journalist, professional dancer, & choreographer. It doesn't stop just there, education remains a top priority for this go getter. Jeremy wants to attend Morehouse College and obtain an English Degree and Minor in Political Science.

He is a 20 year old based from Brooklyn New York, but raised in Atlanta, GA. and has been doing his craft since the age of 14. So far in his career, his first major accomplishment has been working with iconic choreographer Frank Gatson on the film "Leave It On the Floor" as a principle dancer, dancing hand and hand with the choreographer in the front in the camera.

Things that interest Jeremy are real estate, fashion, music, politics, and food. His ultimate goal in life is to be a Mogul and household name. Some of the things that inspire Jeremy are his family and him wanting to make a better life for them. So far his favorite job was working on Eminem and Rihanna's 2010 MTV Music Awards performance.

As we speak Jeremy is currently working as an Editor for Bleu Magazine and the GA Lottery Tour in Atlanta.

His advice for others who want to pursue their dreams are to be humble and work hard for everything that you do.

YouTube Sensation 50 Tyson: Inspiration or Cruel Joke?

YouTube is one of the most popular ways of taping all kinds of things from weddings to practical jokes. YouTube can make you a star or the center of a laughing crowd. How many times have you looked at YouTube to show a friend someone falling off a table or a fat kid crying? In today's society cruelty is rewarded.

50 Tyson is a YouTube sensation whose homemade videos reached over 2,000,000 views in the past 6 months. He is living with autism and raps as a hobby. If you watch any of his videos,its very clear that he has a disability and can not rap. Some comments under 50 Tyson's videos are so cruel that I cringed as I read them. I don't think people realize that everyone isn't a "rapper". Ask yourself, how many people discouraged you from doing something that you loved? I have to wonder if 50 Tyson's friends and family encouraged him to do this genuinely or somehow made it their own private joke.

Anyway, here at WBM we encourage everyone to follow their dreams. We are following ours everyday. Check out 50 Tyson's 'official' video "I ain't gonna lie" featuring some of his hometown friends. You may have a chuckle but keep in mind everyone deserves a shot at fame! Enjoy.:)

Friday, October 22, 2010

WBM Features: BPzy of Divine Order Entertainment

Music is the shorthand of emotion.
-Leo Tolstoy

Interest and music are synonymous. So much to the fact that the two, in one way or another move us. One literally moves the soul. The other, draws one closer to the subject of captivation. Or do they both?

Either way, interest and music both render an emotional response. So question then becomes, what moves you?

Our next WBM Feature, Bpzy, interestingly enough can provide keen insight into the answer to that question. His interest in not only music, but an interest at such high level, to the extent of pursuit of a career of choice has taken him very far. BPzy with interest and music enabled himself to point where he has worked with some of the pioneers and innovators in hip hop music as well as he has gone on to receive a grammy nomination for his efforts.

With some time to discuss how he got his start, the experience he acquired along the way, and some of his accomplishments, BPzy of Divine Order Entertainment is the next reason Why Blue Matters.

Who is Baby Paul?

BabyPaul is a die-hard hip-hop music fan, turned hip-hop music creator w/a career of 15 years- contributing nothing but CLASSIC material in collaboration with the best artists that ever did it!!

Where are you from?

BP: I was born Paul Anthony Hendricks in Harlem- circa 1970 to some parents of Jamaican descent & raised in both Brooklyn & Queens, NYC most of his years.


BP: interests are- $$$, beautiful & talented women, family, loyalty, integrity, ART, music & film culture.

How long have you been in the game?

BP: I have been making records professionally since 1995, exactly 15 years as of Feb. 2010!!

Where did you get your start?

BP: As an aspiring musician I got my start as an intern back in 1989 @ Power Play Studios, NYC when I met Large Professor around the time the grp. Main Source 1st incepted.

As a professional I got my start as part of Da Beatminerz production crew when my
1st track placements were on the CLASSIC Smif-n-Wessun LP "Da Shinin"...

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

BP: I like moving @ my own pace & schedule, as well as living on my own terms off of my ideas, my vision, my talent & hard only gets back what they put into it!!

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in 2010?

BP: It means it's time to bo$$ up if you want to make a substantial living off of entrpeneurism, especially in the entertainment biz cuz it's saturated & highly competitive.

Find other means to build a brand besides entertainment, there are so many different avenues to capitalize on in business, especially with today's technology!! Look @ the success of Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, even Mark Zuckerberg who founded Facebook...there's so many ways to be rich & successful besides entertainment!!

The key is finding something one is passionate about & can capitalize on, formulate a plan, build a tight team & GO FOR IT..

How do you find artists, producers, songwriters, etc.?

BP: There's many ways I come across new talent. I attend artist & producer showcases, I network online, I am never too good to connect with the people, that's where the talent is!!

How important is innovation to your business?

BP: Innovation is the key to any newfound success, find ways to develop new business practices & keep up with the times, stay on top of the growth & changes in technoology, etc.

In your opinion, what makes a great song, record, film, etc.?

BP: A great song or film is based on the story...if you can paint a real picture both figuratively & literally that people can relate to & connect with in their own lives, you have a HIT on your hands.

What does success mean to Baby Paul?

BP: Success @ this pint is my life is a lot more multi-layered than the average perspective.

Success to me is not just monetary accomplishment, altho that is a goal to be financially comfortable, success to me is also being rich in spirit, in ideas, friends, family, living & enjoying all that life has to offer becasue it is promised to noone. what we do in our lifetime & leave behind not just for ourselves but for the common man is true success in my opinion.

What/Who inspires you?

BP: I am inspired by what moves me emotionally, what mentally stimulates me..whether its the art in a beautiful image, the lyrics or mood of a song, the beauty of life in all it's physical forms...

Be it an attractive woman who is beautiful in an all natural state with real body parts & no make-up, or the view of an amazing landscape in it's natural surroundings.
I am inspired by the power or great words, the power of great music, the power of great images & captured moments...

What keeps you motivated?

BP: My motivation is my comrades whom I work with, my family, the select few peers in entertainment whom I respect who came b4 me & after me..

What's in your iPod?

BP: I honestly don't own an iPod, but I do have an iTunes player in my laptop which has most of my music catalogue, along with music I listen to past & present from various genres.

Favorite Artist(s)?

BP: Among my all time fav artists are Bob Marley, The Police, Nas, Slick Rick, Notorius B.I.G., James Brown, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, so many others, so I'll leave it there.

Current projects?

BP: I'm working on an indy film prjct, 3 hip-hop prjcts, 1- rock prjct, everything thing else is pending.

What's next?

"Ex$pendable"- (NOT Sly Stone's film) indy film which I co-starred in & scored some of the music.
AZ- "Doe or Die- 15th Anniversary Lp." coming in Nov.
AZ- "Doe or Die 2"- coming in 2011
Mikey Bloodshot- mixtape album, "The Boogie Man" (coming soon)
Amil- mixtape album, "Amil AzIz" (coming soon)
Fatkid Dodgeball- "Admission of Guilt" (coming soon)

Who would you like to collaborate with?

BP: as far as current artists, I'd love to work with Faith Evans, T.I., Lil' Wayne, Kanye West..

What is your biggest accomplishment?

BP: I don't think I've reached my biggest accomplishment yet, but the closest 2 things was when I worked on Nas's "Stillmatic" LP, as well as when I got a Grammy Nom. in 2002 for the work I did on AZ's "Aziatic" LP.

What type of impact would you like to leave with your contribution to music?

BP: I wish to leave behind music that is considered CLASSIC material that stands the test of time, despite how much $$ is made off of it.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their goals and dreams?

BP: Don't quit your day job!!! (jk) hold fast to your dreams, never let them go, be focused & keep like minded individuals around you who share in your vision & goals.
those that mind don't matter, those that matter don't mind!!

For More On BPzy:



TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Oct 24

1. Lil Wayne - Im not a human being (UP4)
2. Eminem - Recovery (DOWN1)
3. Bruno Mars - Doo-Wops & Hooligans (DEBUT)
4. Trey Songz - Passion Pain Pleasure (DOWN1)
5. Waka Flocka Flame - Flockaveli (DOWN3)
6. Faith Evans - Something about faith (DOWN2)
7. Gucci Mane - The appeal (DOWN1)
8. John Legend & The Roots - Wake up (DOWN1)
9. Drake - Thank me later (RE-ENTRY)
10. Fantasia - Back To Me (SAME)


WBM TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK for the week of 10/24

1. Rihanna - Only girl in the world (UP2)
2. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding you down (DOWN1)
3. Bruno Mars - Just the way you are (UP1)
4. Nelly - Just a dream (UP3)
5. J.Cole - Who dat (DOWN3)
6. Lil Wayne f/ Drake - Right above it (UP2)
7. Usher f/ Jay-z - Hot Tottie (UP2)
8. Waka Flocka f/ Roscoe Dash & Wale - No Hands (UP3)
9. Lloyd - Lay it down (UP3)
10. Drake f/ Lil Wayne - Miss me (DOWN5)
11. Miguel f/ J.Cole - All I want (UP2)
12. Taio Cruz f/ Jennifer Lopez - Dynamite (UP6)
13. Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow (UP1)
14. Nicki Minaj f/ - Check it out (UP1)
15. Drake f/ Swizz Beats, Mary J. Blige - Fancy remix (UP2)
16. Diddy F/ Dirty Money, Drake - Loving you no more (UP2)
17. Kanye West f/ Pusha T - Runaway (UP2)
18. Trey Songz - Can't be friends (UP2)
19. Rick Ross f/ Styles P - B.M.F (DOWN9)
20. Shontelle - Impossible (DOWN4)

WBM New Music Video: Chris Brown "Yeah 3X"

Check out Chris Brown's brand new video for his single "Yeah 3X"

Kooler Than A Polar Bear's Toenails Commercial

WBM Artists to Watch:Wiz Khalifa - This Plane - Official Video

Check out my personal favorite video from Rostrum/Atlantic records recording artist Wiz Khalifa. He is definitely an artist to watch. "This Plane" is from his second album "Deal or No Deal"

WBM Inspiration

Match fire with the light.
-AL(ways) R(esonating)

(What lights your fire?)

BluePrints by Jamilla Ali

One of the most rewarding parts of being a media correspondent is meeting and interviewing different public figures who have made their dreams a reality. Its my job,the writer to listen and deliver the story to you;the reader. After each interview I ask for a photo to document my journey. Some of my most memorable interviews has taught me so much about the person and myself.

During my interview with J.Cole (first photo)backstage after his sold out SOB'S performance, he said he would attend concerts at SOB's and dream about being on the stage, he never thought he would be performing there that night and how bless he was to be the first to sign with Jay-Z and RocNation. J.Cole attended St. Johns University in Queens, NY as a way to come to NYC from Fayetteville,NC to become a star. He still wasn't signed after college but was eventually asked to try out for a spot with Jay-Z's new label RocNation. J.Cole is my most memorable interview,hands down. I have also been inspired by Peter Rosenberg's (second photo) outspoken attitude towards hip hop music. Peter host his own show on Hot 97 and holds his tongue for no one. During our interview he referred to today's music as "generic".

B.O.B is one of the hottest guys in the game right now, I snapped this photo with him(third photo) before his performance at Hot 97's whose next live showcase. This was before he released his hit single"Nothin on you" B.O.B predicted his success to me and told me he needed to save his "voice" for his performance so I couldn't ask him anymore questions. LOL. After seeing him perform at the 2010 MTV video music awards I cracked a smile. He knew he would be successful and no one could tell him different.

I met Nipsey Hussle backstage at the J.Cole show. Nipsey is very laid back and cool. His swag made him stand out and his resemblance to Snoop. He was super nice. I like Nipsey. He graced the freshman XXL cover along with J.Cole and Wiz Khalifa. Check out some of my snap shots with some of my most memorable interviews. At WBM we will call this 'Blueprints'

WBM Features: Saaphyri of VH1's Charm School

In addition to some phenomenal musical acts, stand outs in the fashion community, sports, and business, WBM would like to introduce you to reality television star Saaphyri. Most famous for her participation as a contestant on VH1's Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School series, Saaphyri spends some time via an interview to catch the world up to speed with how she got her start in entertainment and what the future holds.

For More On Saaphyri:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WBM Inspiration

me is you. and you is we. we is us. and us are it. the light.
how we shine is all a matter of choice.
-AL(ways) R(esonating)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WBM First Look: Scotty - Through The Wire Remix

There are number of people out here that regardless of what comes their way, will continue to push forth to ensure they obtain their goals and dreams. One artist we would like to recognize is Scotty from ATL. He time and time again, effortless strives for his ideal of success. Here with a WBM First Look, we would like to you check out his rendition of the hip hop classic Through The Wire.

Why Blue Matters

Monday, October 18, 2010

WBM New Music Video: Willow Smith "Whip My Hair"

COME CHECK OUT Willow Smith 's DEBUT video "WHIP MY HAIR" Let us know what you think about this young rising star.

WBM Cares: Black Girls Rock

Check out B.E.T on 11/7/2010 For BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Performances by Keri Hilson, Jill Scott, Monica, Keyshia Cole, Shontelle and others hosted by Nia Long.

SUNDAY 11/7/2010 B.E.T Presents "BLACK GIRLS ROCK"

BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc is a nonprofit organization, who is dedicated to the healthy development of young women and girls. BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc. seeks to build the self-esteem and self-worth of young women of color by changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons, and helping them to empower themselves.

BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc. takes an active role in being a part of the solution to the crisis facing young women of color. They've been able to enrich the lives of girls from 12 to 17 years old through mentorship, arts, education, cultural exploration and public service.

On November 7th BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc. has joined forces with BET for a worldwide broadcast of BLACK GIRLS ROCK! The event will be a historic and monumental show highlighting the accomplishments of exceptional women of color who have made outstanding contributions in their careers, and who stand as inspirational and positive role models in their communities.

For more information go to

WBM Features: Tiffany Perez

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.
-Charles Horton Cooley

We pass through life doing two things primarily; (1) trying to understand it and (2) realize what our purpose is. Most of the time, regardless of if we're aware of this or not, we self define our experiences and arrive at a realization of some sort. At best, the things that we are most interested in speed up this process as do the people in our lives. So truth be told, we are the expression of our experience.

One young lady expressing herself and experiencing life to the fullest is Tiffany Perez. She through her efforts as Tattoo Artist realizes what makes her happy, keeps her excited and impresses customers time and time again.

With a break in between her art, Tiffany was able to spend some time with WBM and give us a peek inside the life and mind of her. The insight coupled with experience she able to provide is enlightening and literally adds more color to life.

Allow her to color yours.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Tiffany Perez?

Tiffany Perez is a 23 year old ambitious college graduate and Professional Tattoo Artist.

Where are you from?

TP: I am of Puerto Rican descent and I was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey


TP: Tattooing, drawing, airbrushing, dancing and stepping

What does art and being able to express yourself mean to you?

TP: I don’t express myself through art - I let the art express me. When I am about to draw and create an image on paper, I don’t necessarily feel anything or have an emotion beforehand. Sometimes, I don’t even know what I want to draw. All I know is that I need to create something that is going to make me feel good and proud at some point. I just start sketching and drawing until an image manifests itself and reveals an emotion within me. Once I say to myself “Wow, this is nice!” and get excited from it, then I know that what I have created is a success. So, to me Art is having the ability to portray images, but more less it is a way of making me feel this captivating emotion after it has been created.

How long have you been involved?

TP: I have been recognized as having a talent in art since the age of 2 and have always been involved ever since. So, I’d say about 21 years. However, I have only been tattooing for 2 years.

When did you know that tattoo art was something you wanted to pursue?

TP: I didn’t think I’d get into tattooing this far until I actually started apprenticing at a Tattoo Parlor. When I felt how great it was to tattoo someone and their reactions toward the finished tattoo, I knew that this was something I could definitely pursue for years to come.

What inspires and motivates you?

TP: My family is #1. They are the ones who provide me the strongest inspiration. Also, seeing young individuals striving and doing what they love; definitely motivates me. I like to surround myself with people such as this, because there is something about the way they think and strive that motivates me even more.

What's your idea of success?

TP: Success is not just about money and becoming wealthy, it is about turning your dreams into reality. It can also be a huge accomplishment that has made you into a better person, or it can be a positive inspiration and influence onto others.

Biggest Accomplishment?

TP: Being featured in Urban Ink magazine with a 5 page spread

Who are some of your influences?

TP: Juan Salgado and Jose Lopez (Tattoo Artists)

What type of impact would you like to make with your art?

TP: I just want to make people feel truly connected to what is being put on their bodies. I want to break the judgmental conceptions and stereotypes of Tattooists. But most importantly, I want to be someone else’s inspiration, especially for other females who want to pursue a career in a predominately male industry.

What's one thing that many don't know about you?

TP: I was in a hip hop dance group for years and dancing was my passion before I got introduced to tattooing.

Who have you worked with so far?

TP: All types of individuals: college students, music producers, photographers, designers, other tattoo artists, etc. You just never know who will come into a tattoo shop next.

Anyone you will like to work with in the future?

TP: I’d like to work with celebrities preferably in the music industry. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to bump into hip hop artists such as Wiz Khalifa and/or Tyga. I’d say they have a big appreciation for tattoos J

What's next for Tiffany P.?

TP: In a few months I will be going back to school to become a Dermatology Practitioner. So, that I can be able to work with skin and perform tattoo removal and other skin enhancement procedures. Hopefully, in the future I will have the opportunity to open my own tattoo shop as well.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their goals and dreams?

TP: Live your dreams no matter what anyone says. To make it, you have to truly believe you will make it, you must have faith and be persistent. For all hardships that come in the way, take that as a sign to make changes for improvement to get to where you want to be.

For More On Tiffany P.:

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Taking Back The Liberty Bell: Knights Of The Movement Reloaded

Hyperreality Films Presents...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

WBM New Music Video: Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)

Jazmine Sullivan is back with a hot new single, check out the video for "Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)" from her 2nd album coming out real soon. Let us know what you think?

WBM New Music Video: Keri Hilson "Breaking Point"

With a new album coming soon "No boys allowed" Keri Hilson releases her latest single and video for "Breaking Point", enjoy it and let us know what you think?

WBM New Music Video: Trey Songz "We can't be friends"

check out the latest video from TREY SONGZ called "we can't be friends" taken from his album "Passion, Pain, & Pleasure"

WBM NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Lloyd "Lay It Down"

Lloyd is back with a hot new video for his single "lay it down" Check it out and let us know what you think about it?

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Voice Of The South

While making travels on his college tour, WBM was able to catch up with the new voice of the south. Using hip hop as his vehicle of choice and repping ATL all the way, get a listen to what set to come up out of the "A" and through some speakers near you.

WBM Presents: Scotty

For More On Scotty:

Thursday, October 14, 2010



TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Oct 17

1. Eminem - Recovery (UP2)
2. Waka Flocka Flame - Flockaveli (DEBUT)
3. Trey Songz - Passion Pain Pleasure (UP1)
4. Faith Evans - Something about faith (DEBUT)
5. Lil Wayne - Im not a human being (DOWN4)
6. Gucci Mane - The appeal (DOWN4)
7. John Legend & The Roots - Wake up (DOWN2)
8. Pimp C - Naked soul of sweet jones (DEBUT)
9. Jeremih - All about you (DOWN1)
10. Fantasia - Back To Me (SAME)