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Saturday, October 30, 2010

WBM Certified: Deceptive

As if it isn't hard enough to take the things we envision in our mind and turn it into a tangible something via the form of some artistic medium, taking that artistic medium and placing it on the world's stage for display is another matter in itself.

Creators have to go through quite the trial to even begin to take his or her next step. There's a myriad of blocks and barriers; their self-criticism, criticism of their peers and close ones, and dealings with whatever else may get in the way to prevent the achievement of what was initially intended. However, for what it's worth, the effort and the focus when placed on what one set out to accomplish renders some interesting results.

One gets to step back, assess. and wonder two things: (1) did I do enough? and (2) could I do more? And for the cast and crew of the independent film, Deceptive the proof was in the "Put In" (Pudding).

On the evening, of October 29th the "put in" was sweet, as it was the movie premiere of Deceptive (AM Releasings and Greta Joanne Entertainment) at Big Cinemas on Midtown East side of Manhattan. Many were in attendance; media, family and supporters alike as the theater was jam-packed and eager with anticipation for the showing of this film.

Now after watching Deceptive the collective "Put In" by everyone involved produced quite a film. Full of twist and turns, Deceptive is one of those films that upon its first moments holds your attention until the end credits begin roll. The storyline coupled with the depth and relatability of each character (Angelique Monét, Jas Andersen, Meah Pace, Shiek Mahmud-Bey) make for a universal feel as the movie unfolds.

Yet to see this movie, is to see it for yourself. It will move you in ways that you cannot help but recommend others to go check it out and immediately.

WBM Certified.


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