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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WBM Presents: SDot Prettyboy

If at ever a time you're aren't happy with what you see in the world, change yourself and the world too shall change.

Interestingly enough, more couldn't prove true for upcoming hip hop recording artist SDot of Pretty Boy Ent. Not quite content with the day to day and surroundings of his environment, SDot took his interest in poetry and music and prepared his mindset for that of success.

So with something that started out as a 15 year old writing poetry to freestyling to just in a matter of years scribing and recording songs as a 20 year old, SDot to say the least is making significant progress. He since his beginnings has developed a quite an outlook on life that wishes to turn each moment into opportunity and everything else in between into song.

But in order to best understand what the vision of SDot is all about, one would have to understand success, what it means and the world from his perception. For this young man from Brooklyn, New York, life in his mind was something he saw he would make the most of whatever he chose to do. However, at the time, just an aspiring performance artist and songwriter, life did not begin to show the most promise until he was introduced to the realm of entrepreneurialism.

This new venture toward becoming a businessman was just the direction he needed to jump start any and everything he ever wanted to do. By receiving 4 bottles of fragrance and the formula to make cologne and perfume, SDot took immediate interest in fragrance design. From that moment forward, he realized he had the gift of an extraordinary sense of smell and the ability to create fragrance.

Since recognizing his ability, Sylus developed his skills to a level where he is considered a master fragrancer. Not only can he create absolutely breathtaking fragrances, but he can make a fragrance simply by the smell of someone’s hands and formulate scents that match the personality and style of a person. Through this creation of personal fragrance for others, SDot has gone on to put together what he calls, “Create Your Own Fragrance,” gatherings where he has created personalized fragrances for companies, celebrities, and special events.

Although excited from newly created opportunities in fragrance making, focus was something SDot needed to put into his back into his music. He buckled down and has since then put together a mixtape entitled "From My Perception" which depicts a nice arrangement of songs that allow the listener to get a closer look through the eyes and mind of SDot who in just a little bit of time experienced so much.

Get a closer look at what Sdot has to offer with a snippet from the From My Perception Mixtape. You're sure to like this joint featuring Patrick from B5 called "You & Me."

For More On SDot Pretty Boy: (coming soon)


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