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Friday, October 8, 2010

WBM presents: DICE from VH1's "FULL COURT WEDDING"

WBM presents, a refreshing, humble, wonderful, great new television personality by the name of Dice.

If you've tuned into VH-1's hit reality series "Lala's Full Court Wedding" you would already know who Dice is.There's more to Dice then you might already know, not only is she Lala Vasquez 's cousin she also has a lot going on in her own life.

Take a minute and get to know her.

Her real name is Candice, but she goes by Dice. She was born and raised in Georgia, her mother is 100% Puerto Rican and her father is African American. Dice's mother and grandmother (rest in peace)continue to inspire and motivate her. Her mother is her best friend and she can talk to her about anything and everything. She also gives her great advice.

She's currently in her second semester of Graduate School at North Carolina's agricultural and technical state university. Dice's goal for the rest of the year is to stay focused with school and put another semester of graduate school under her belt she is currently working on getting her masters in Occupational Safety and Health.

Filming Full Court Wedding was a great experience for Dice, what could be better than to film a reality show then with her favorite cousin La La? She really enjoyed it she was able to get a chance to see how things happened behind the scenes of an actual reality show. They did a lot of filming and so many things did not actually make the show but It was so much filming it was kind of hard to pin point just one thing. There's one scene Dice wished wasn't shown on TV the scene in which she had to wear a black feathery frock of a dress they made her put on.

Although "Full Court Wedding" isn't the first time she was able to work with Lala, one of Dice's favorite jobs was when she first graduated from college, she moved to New York and worked for LaLa back when she was on MTV. She met all kinds of people and did alot of traveling a memorable experience was going to Cancun, Mexico for the first time for MTV's Spring Break.

If the right opportunity came along for Dice, she would do another reality show. It would have to be the right concept and continue with no drama! Dice is definitely blessed to have such a successful family. She's been blessed to meet alot of people and travel and see places that she would have never imagine.

Life hasn't changed at all for Dice after filming the show. She still has to go to class and work hard on all the assignments her teachers assign her. She is a very well grounded individual and open minded and listens to a wide range of music. When asked what she plays on her Ipod she responded with, "everyone from Young Jeezy, UGK, her cousin Diego Cash, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, The Counting Crows, to Sade."

Dice believes that some of the negativity from the media can take an affect on family and friends. She believes some people can be so cruel and hateful sometimes, but you just have to continue to pray for them and try to not to let it affect them. But at the end of the day Dice, Lala, Carmelo and the rest of the family are human and still have feelings.

Her advice to others is "If you have a dream thats all it takes, stay motivated and persistent, and never give up on your dream. You can do anything you put your mind too. Try to surround yourself with positive people," Dice says. At the end of the day Dice would like people to remember her as being a nice and caring person that was fun and cool to be around. Also if she was your friend she was a true friend.

So stay tuned, trust "Full Court Wedding" isn't the last we've seen of Dice. Follow her on twitter at @dice30.


Anonymous said...

I love that show! Dice seems like a sweetie :)

Cassandra D. Little PHD LCSW said...

Dice is my favorite would really like to get to know her. dice email me

marian said...

What the heck is 100% Puerto Rican? Puerto Rican is not a race. That is like saying someone is 100% American, what does that mean?

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