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Friday, July 31, 2009

How To Avoid Being Arrested

This is slight change of pace from what you may be used to. However, this is still in line with what Why Blue Matters is all about and just as thought provoking. Please read. This could prevent the unnecessary.
(Information provided by NBPA)

It Could Happen To You
  • What is your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • Have you got any identification?

These are very simple questions. They can be answered by anyone. But when a police officer asks these questions, it can cause a lot of problems both for the police officer and for YOU. Most of the time there is a reason why he is asking you such questions although it may seem to you that there isn't. He/She may be investigating a complaint phoned into the police by someone in the neighborhood. He/She may have been informed by police radio that there just has been an armed robbery. For one reason or another you may be the person he/she suspects. You may have knowledge that will help him in his/her investigation. Or may think that you are having trouble.

If You Are Stopped By The Police In Your Car

If you are driving a vehicle THE POLICE OFFICER CAN ASK YOU TO PULL OVER AT ANY TIME. You will probably be asked to produce your driver's license and registration of the vehicle. This you must do if he/she asks for them. The best thing to do in this situation is to pull over and sit tight. If you are stopped at night, turn on your dome light and show him nothing is wrong. It is best to do nothing that would give him/her a reason to search further. Having your light on and keeping your hands on the steering wheel will usually put his mind at ease. Then, when he asks you for your ID you can go about getting it.

Chances are that he is about to write you out a ticket for a traffic violation. Of course, you may start to explain at this point but that is as far as you should take it. Be careful about how you protest. He may start checking your whole car out for Vehicle Code Violations. It is unfortunate but true. A simple traffic violation stop may start costing you a fortune in fines for other violations. If you think that he gave you a bum ticket then carry your protest to Traffic Court.

If You Are Stopped By The Police On The Street

Most problems that you may have with the police can be avoided at the time they first stop and question you. Remember they think they have reason (Probable Cause) to stop you and ask you some questions.

At this point you should stop and get yourself together. Whether or not you are arrested may just depend on how calm and prepared you are at the time the officer asks questions.

There are many factors that a police officer will take into consideration when he is observing you and thinks you are up to no good. Every situation is different and he/she will consider the following factors:
  1. When you are running and a crime has just been reported in the area.
  2. If you are hanging around with some people who are under police investigation.
  3. You are near an area where a crime has just been reported.
  4. You are somewhere people have no reason to be at that time (day or night).
  5. You are acting in a way that appears to be very suspicious and act more suspicious when sighted.
  6. When he/she thinks that you have stolen property in your possession.
  7. He/She stops you walking on the street or driving in your car and you refuse to answer simple questions, give false or evasive answers or make contradicting statements.
  8. Someone has pointed you out to him/her.
  9. When you tell him/her that police are pigs or start bad-mouthing him/her.
While all these things are taken into consideration by the officer in determining whether he /she should stop you or ask more questions HE/SHE still respect your rights not to answer any question the minute the questions sound like you are being accused of anything.

If The Police Come Knocking At Your Door

If the police knock at your door and ask to come into your home you do not have to let them in unless they have a warrant that has been signed by a judge. If they do not have a warrant, ask for a copy of it first. IF IT IS AN ARREST WARRANT make sure that you look at the name on the warrant to make sure they have the right person. If it is a search warrant make sure it is for your specific address and note to see what is listed on the warrant to be searched for in your home. With this warrant, if it is proper on its face, you must step aside and let them into your home.

If the police do not have a warrant you may but DO NOT HAVE TO LET THEM IN unless they insist on coming in. Perhaps you can settle this matter at the door. If they do insist, over your objections then be careful to:
  1. Ask for a police badge.
  2. Ask them what their purpose is in coming into your house.
  3. Let them in only after they insist upon coming in.
  4. If you object then make sure you tell them you do not consent to any search of your home.
  5. Remember the badge numbers, what they look like and what time of day. Write it all down.
Whenever the police take any of your property they are REQUIRED TO GIVE YOU A WRITTEN RECEIPT for it. If the police don't offer you one then don't hesitate to ask them for it. They are not required to give you a receipt for property they intend to book as evidence such as stolen goods, guns, etc.

The police may also search without a warrant whenever they have arrested a person. They may search his/her person and the area close by where the arrest was made. If made in the home that means the room where the arrest was made.

They may also search after consent is given, so if you object be sure to make it clear that you do not agree to any kind of search. They may also search when there is an emergency (for example, someone is screaming for help inside your home or when they are chasing you or someone else into your home).

This should empower you to let you know that knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you're in control of. As much as they assume, black or white, guilty or innocent, you are now armed with the necessary tools to prevent a worse outcome. Your mastery of this information will put you 100 steps ahead of any ridiculous outlandish act from law enforcement. So again, empower yourself by memorizing this. Food for thought, comforting thoughts.

Knowledge is Power.

How Far Will You Go To Hustle For Your Dreams?

Candy Girl...(Brooke Bailey)

Insist on yourself, never imitate.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

What do 50 Cent's "Amusement park", Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" , MIMS' "move if you wanna" and Lil Boosies "Wipe me down" videos all have in common? They all feature Brooke Bailey.

America's top hood chick with the most class, straight out of South Central, Los Angele's Brooke was discovered by Ken Francis on my space.

Brooke has been the most demanded video girl and model for the past four years. Not only does she have beauty but she has the brains to back it all up. Bailey comes from a religious family in which keeps her grounded and to stay humble. On her spare time she reads motivational books, works out to keep herself fit, travels and likes to chill with her friends when and if she ever gets any downtime. She is also a romantic at heart.

Brooke doesn't let any negativity effect her in anyway. She doesn't get bothered by the foolishness that comes along with the entertainment business. The advice she gives others who want to pursue there dreams, "Never give up just because someone told you no, keep on a straight path and always do your best."

She's currently working for Bella modeling agency, she loves the business she's in cause she makes her own schedule and is in control of her career path. She inspires herself to continue to do greatness and always works hard to get the job done and completes each job to the best of her ability.

Her ultimate goal in life is to be happy and successful. Brooke is currently in negotiations to star in a second season of the hit E!ntertainment reality series "Candy Girls." This so far has been the highlight of her career in which she has the most fun doing. She's also appeared on Nick Cannon's wild n out show as a wild n out girl.

as quoted by Brooke in KING magazine, "I’m more than just a voluptuous body and a pretty smile. I’m the flyest bitch in the industry, but I’m a real down-to-earth chick. I love what I do and I think that it shows" and it does she she's got a lot more to conquer in her life time.

Brooke Bailey is here to stay, so look out for her.

Daily Dosage According 2 Me...Alix B. (Success, Racism & Uniqueness)

At times, the best way to experience life is to have someone to experience it with. Here with her thoughts on Success, Racism and Uniqueness is no other than someone whose perspective I can identify and relate to, Alix B. Enjoy this daily dose.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simply Mo

To reach a great height, a person needs to have great depth.

When one thinks of Lil Mo it's not difficult to associate her with all the great songs she has released over the years. Right off the bat, you can't help but think of her breakout single "Superwoman" or some of her hit collaborations with some of the most influencial artists in music such as, Jay-z , Ja Rule, Missy Elliot and Fabolous. However to get a better understanding of the music, one must first get a better idea of the artist; where he/she is at, where they come from and the direction in which they travel.

Born into a military family Lil Mo moved all over due to her fathers military assignments. Rather than let the frequency of the moves and constant transitioning be a hinderance to her overall growth and well-being she had her mind set on acheiving her dreams. Mo had aspirations of becoming a famous singer and remained focused on this goal until its acheivement.

Lil Mo got her start singing gospel music at a young age in her church choir. Although she moved around a bit, wherever her family would settle, Mo would perform in talent competitions. Some years later, her dreams and efforts rewarded her and with dividens. Around or about 1999, Lil Mo got signed to Elektra Records and acquired a vast amount exposure. With that exposure success followed quickly behind.

Lil Mo was married around the same time she released her debut album "Based on a true story". She gave birth to her first daughter soon after. She then released her sophomore album "The Girl Next Door" a few years late and also gave birth to her second daughter.
When asked how being a mother changed her she states, "I'm more patient and more caring."

When she's not doing music she loves to clean house. She also likes to mentor and speak to underprivileged and under appreciated youth. She is an advocate for the rights of people. She says, "everyday wont be sunny in the real world, but when it rains I'm prepared for the storm." Lil Mo is a survivor and being a celebrity doesn't tickle her fancy. She describes pop culture as "spoiled brats that hide behind who they really are". How much more real can you get?

When asked if she had any advice for those looking to pursue there dreams "follow them and realize dreams can become reality, but you have to be awake and alert and aware for what comes with your dreams," Lil Mo says.

Other than continuing to do music her ultimate goal in life is to walk into her calling and not be afraid of what GOD has in store for her.

Lil Mo has always wrote and arranged her own songs. She comes up with everything from the concept to the delivery. Some topics are created but they have reality in it somewhere. She's inspired and motivated to keep moving forward by her family.

Currently working on her first Global Music Group effort, "Tattoos & Roses." The album is due out in September of this year. When asked who she likes to collaborate with her answer was Fabolous.

The chemistry they both have in the studio is magic. She calls him her brother. Every song they do is a smash hit. She's not on his latest album, Loso's Way not because of any personal reasons, but there just comes a time when you grow away, for the better of course, from the norm. "I would give him my blood if he needed a transfusion, I would give him my eyes so he can see through the illusions, I have a godly sisterly love for him, I'm overprotective of him because he has a good heart," Mo explains. Now if that isn't love then and keeping it 100% real what is?

Lil Mo is as genuine as they come, and more talented then most. She's under control and most definitely not out of it, far from it. She's simply...simply, Lil Mo.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goin' Loso's Way... (Album Review)

How much do you know about grammy award winner John David Jackson?

Truth be told, we rarely get a glimpse of the real man behind the name Fabolous but with the release of this highly anticipated fifth album LOSO's Way, which was inspired by the classic Al Pacino film, Carlito's Way, we see and hear a side of him we haven't heard before.

Fab has progressed a great deal since his 2001 debut, "Ghetto Fabolous." He manages to stay consistent and relevant on this new LP release. He delivers on every front; worthy punchlines, clever stories and since becoming a father, you get the chance to see and more sensitive side as well.

Fabolous continues to justify his cockiness yet still remain humble; an interesting dichotomy to say the least. Loso's Way is another solid album by one of the greatest hip hop artist out. With a little bit of something for everyone, Loso's Way includes hit single, "Throw It In The Bag" that features Dream, "Everything, Everyday, Everywhere" featuring Keri Hilson and Ryan Leslie. Other guest appearances include, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and autotune killer, Jay-Z.

A definite, "Must Cop..."

You haven't gone in the right direction musically 'til you've gone, "Loso's Way."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Coming Soon...

KARMA: With A Vengeance/Tash Hawthorne


For More Information or How To Pre-Order Your Copy:

Please Spread The Word!!!

It's All Love...

Here's a real fresh approach to the Cassie joint "Must Be Love" ft. Thewz. Vibe out with this one. You're guaranteed to like. It's all love. Enjoy...
(download here)

For more from Thewz:

How far will you go to hustle for your dreams?

Diamonds Are Forever

Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
-Lee Holtz

As I attempt to gather my thoughts and compose this piece about today's feature, I can't help but to sit in awe and be completely taken aback by what Nikki Giavasis has done, what she currently does and what she will do with all the phenomenal things she has going on. Nikki G., is an Actress. She is a singer. A life Coach. A motivational Speaker. An author. A wellness Advocate. Nikki has so many facets about her that she can put the most intricate pieces of jewelry to shame.

Nikki Giavasis is brillant, has depth, and ascetic appeal. The combination of those attributes along with the inspiration she gives to many allows her to shine bright. A comparsion to anything other than a diamond is unfitting to say the least.

For more on Nikki Giavasis:

How far will you go to hustle for your dreams?

Hip Hop Pioneer

A leader is one who knows the ways, goes the way and shows the way.
-John C. Maxwell

Rapping is "The Natural" for the Flushing Queens native, Mic Geronimo. He's been in the business for about 15 years now. Coming off releasing a hot mix tape earlier this summer titled "Scars and Stripes Vol.1," Mic shows no signs of slowing down.

The talented lyricist lets his beats tell him what to say. He never rushes to finish a record. The humble rapper takes personal events, everyday life stories and turns them into hot songs people can vibe and relate to like his single "alive" featuring Tyrese. You can feel how he feels and how he wants you to feel thru his delivery.

Its been that way since the beginning. He was Irv Gotti's first signed artist back in the early 90's. He released the now classic underground single "Shit's real" off his debut album "The Natural." Mic Geronimo was also part of the breakthrough MTV Series called "Sex In The 90's" before reality television exploded onto the scene, he was a pioneer he had cameras follow him around, showcase his then relationship and showed America his private life. He was able to show how real he was and his hunger for hip hop.

He's been a positive role model for many and the advice he gives to others trying to pursue their dreams, "do it until there's no way out... it's yours so go get it."
When asked how he would like to be remembered he gave a real honest answer only a true artist could ever say "I know what I want to be remembered by but if I told, then I would not want to aim for it anymore," Geronimo explains. With that said we should just sit back and watch history in the making.

His ultimate goals in life are to just simply to be happy and to make sure the people he loves are all well taken care of. Music will continue to be in his life, upcoming projects include his highly anticipated album which is called "King of Pain", so look out for it.

How far would you hustle for your dreams???

For more on Mic Geronimo:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Give 'Em Love...(New Single)

New Single from Kwab aka Yes ft. D.E.

It really doesn't get any fresher than this. Real smooth and summer ready, Kwab brings to ears a joint worth listening to. Rock out and give 'em love with "Give Me Love."

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hustle For Your Dreams Reality show is looking for contestants. Are you ready to dedicate 13-14 weeks of pure straight hustling to succeed towards your dreams and goals? If you are, we are looking for YOU! Appear on TV and show the world that you have what it takes to become positive and successful.

How Far Would You Go To Hustle For Your Dreams...?

Auditons coming soon to city near you...!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around
-Henry David Thoreau

Words are powerful. They're so powerful they have the ability to cause an uprising while at the same time be powerful enough to dismantle and destroy. They have ability to stimulate love, hope, and change yet be stimuli for hate, disbelief, and stagnance. Words are something else, aren't they?-- often challenging the heart in addition to taking shape within the minds that cleverly craft them and/or move spirits in any one direction at a moment's notice. As powerful as they all may seem, interestingly enough, words aren't much without the thought(s) behind them.

For one young New York resident by way of Mexico City and Los Angeles, her thoughts securely support themselves behind a 6-letter word that allows her to accomplish whatever she sets her mind on or direction she wishes her footsteps travel. Whether on modeling shoots, acting in front of the camera, singing for many in attendance, operating her own business or inspiring others, Victoria Ortiz utilizes belief to not only get that much closer to her goals and dreams, but use it to fuel her passion for the arts & entertainment.

With more than 15+ years experience, there's no mistake that entertainment is a part of who Victoria Ortiz is. However, only in her 20's, entertainment is something that she dedicates her life to. She lives it. She breathes it. She believes in it. "I've performed since I was around 5, [but] my mom says I was singing since I was 1 LOL. I went to a performing arts school after graduating high school and moved to New York four years ago to pursue my dreams," Victoria says.

When asked about her endeavours, "I literally dedicate my life to being an entertainer. I love what I do. Modeling and acting are amazing because you get to dress up and pretend you a thousand different things. Hosting has definitely allowed me to showcase my true personality and express my state of mind. I also love running my own modeling agency, Revival Models. It has truly allowed me to discover how much I love the business side of the industry as well. [However,] Music is one of my biggest passions ever," she explains.

Outside of her entertainment interests, Victoria loves to travel, hanging out with friends and family and is huge animal lover. She has two pitbulls, "Tequila" and "Smokey."

Inspired by people, life and love, Victoria draws from every experience and all the beautiful things around her. "Whether it's good or bad, everything that happens to me teaches me a lesson that inspires me in some way," she says.

Although she enjoys where she is at presently, Victoria can't help but look forward to the future as well. She sees herself as an influential latina in the entertainment industry, with her acting and television career at a great point, a recorded a couple of records and running one of the most sucessful modeling agencies.

To those who aspire to pursue their modeling and entertainment aspirations Victoria Ortiz leaves us with this:

Believe in yourself and in your dreams. Fight for what you believe in. You will hear many no's but that doesn't mean that the next person won't be able to see your full potential. My mom always tells me, "In life do whatever you love the most because that will make you the best at it." Make sure the agents and other people you work with are legit (there are too many crazy people out there nowadays), and ask as many questions as you want before agreeing to do anything, it's your right and no one should get offended by it. Last but not least, go out and get what you want for yourself, be driven, 'cause no one else will do it for you.

For more on Victoria Ortiz:

How Far Would You Go To Hustle For Your Dreams...?

Monday, July 20, 2009

This'll Make You Say...

This by far is one of the illest videos color schematic wise I've seen in a minute--And for those those hip-hop heads, the lyrics are pretty official too.
This'll make you say (Ohhh...)


Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully.
-Zig Ziglar

In order to be successful at creating and putting out music these days you must branch out. To hear yourself on the radio or be seen on TV you have to extend yourself in other areas just to be noticed.

Just ask singer/songwriter Melissa Suzanne. She's been recording and since the age of 13. Melissa has been showcased on a few television shows and has been writing, producing and arranging music for not only herself but others as well. However, Melissa isn't going to stop there. She plans on owning her own vegetarian food chain as well as create educational facilities for toddlers. She will also continue to do charitable work.

As a songwriter, Melissa likes being able to create and sing melodies that are both beautiful and magical. Inspired by greatness, Melissa sets realistic goals that she knows she can achieve. She loves touching people through her music, like most artists, but Melissa is most happy if she touches at least one person or inspires someone to follow their dreams.

As a few words of advice Melissa give those who want to pursue music this:

"It doesn't matter how difficult the road might be, it doesn't doesn't matter how few people made, if you want something that deep within and believe you can achieve it, it will be yours."

For More On Melissa Suzanne:

With songs like "You Know Who You Are" and "Secret" she's destined to make herself well known in popular music.

Melissa Suzanne is another reason Why Blue Matters.
-Tha Entertainer (Sr. Correspondent for Why Blue Matters)

Friday, July 17, 2009


Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Be The Judge For This Hearing...

Caught wind of this via the blog of the hip-hop artist Common and allow me to tell express this much, WOW! This should change current notions of perception forever. Enjoy.

Another reason Why Blue Matters.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


"Growing up, when other kids said they wanted to be doctors or lawyers, I always wanted to be a fashion designer. So when I got to college, I decided to pursue fashion as a career. I don't want to look back on my life and regret my career choices. Now nearly 5 years later, I can sincerely say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made..."
-Amanda Spann

Far too frequent, we as a society aren't able to afford the time to follow through with pursuing our dreams. Now whether that's making or taking the time/chance to do so, opportunities, usually are put on hold and unfortunately many settle into a state of hypotheticals.(ie: I should've, if only I could've, I would've....) However it's rather refreshing to come across someone that regardless of the social norm(s) goes against the grain and goes after what he/she always wanted.

One such task isn't always easy, especially without a strong foundation and support system. Interestingly enough, the forward thinking, beautiful, and goal-oriented Amanda Spann of Florida does just that--she steps, moving that much closer to her dreams when most just settle. Inspired and motivated by her faith, family and friends Amanda knows, "I am fortunate to be surrounded by a host of people who support me and my endeavours and want to see me do well," she says.

Destined to live purposeful and dedicated life working diligently toward her creative interests, Amanda S. is drawn closely to fashion, street/modern art, meeting new people and traveling. When asked about what she likes most about her interests and their involvement toward her career goal, "I like the innovation and unconventionality. They allows me to express my creativity on a wide variety of mediums and no single day is ever the same," Amanda explains.

With plans to own her own promotions and management firm that represents fashion and entertainment brands in the near future, Amanda S. has everything she wanted and more well within reach.

Currently Amanda Spann is in the process of launching her own personal/professional website as well as is the Owner & Creative Contributor of is a fashion forward, entertainment and lifestyle portal committed to providing its users primarily within the Tallahassee area with the an online presence to chronicle the latest in fashion and entertainment news, activities and insight.

To everyone looking to pursue their goals and dreams:

"Be undeniable. Sell yourself both on paper and in person with a breadth and depth of knowledge and experiences. If the experiences aren't readily available to you, create them for yourself and seek them out until you get them. Never settle in complacency, Always be prepared and Do not be afraid-- for where there is fear, there is lack of faith," Amanda S. encourages.

For more on Amanda Spann:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Krys Ivory: Reloaded

sketch design of photo by: A.L. Roberts
Strength doesn't come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of someone who changed my outlook on life as I know it. This someone who I write of is the remarkable, yet humble Krys Ivory.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Krys (singer/songwriter from California), she is the most recent addition to R&B sensation Ryan Leslie's Next Selection Lifestyle Music Group.

Why Krys Ivory????

Aside from being such a down to earth individual, her ability to capture the heart, mind and ears goes without saying. Her vocals come from a place that allow her best facets; charisma, passion and beauty to shine through. This in turn makes Krys shine brighter than any star the eyes have had the chance to set its sight upon.

Interestingly enough, this ability is just a fraction of her life's success. Nothing quite resonates accomplishment than Krys Ivory triumphing over Hodgkin's Lymphoma a little less than 7 months ago.

I'm not sure if you're aware, but Cancer affects millions; those we all may be close to and those we may not, both indirectly and directly. So when I heard about Krys Ivory and her music, I couldn't help but identify right away especially since Cancer hit home in a major way, affecting close family members.

With that in mind, I strongly advocate cancer education and awareness and encourage you to support as well as listen to the music of Krys Ivory.
Truly an inspiration...

For More On Krys Ivory:

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.
-Karen Ravn

What's the one thing that prevents us from striving for more and/or the very thing that's non-existent when striving for what we want most?


When had the opportunity to really sit down and think about limit(s) and causation, the result, whether desired or not comes down to two things: the ability do to more or the ability to do less.

So with that in mind, what does limitation mean to you and how does it effect your life? dreams? goals? Are you doing all you can or not nearly enough?

...which brings me to my next set of thoughts.

When recently making preparations to setup, interview and compile the next series of featurettes for the blog I happen to come across someone whose limits know no end. However what's most interesting is that our next feature has realized this early on in life. Not only am I impressed by her talent, ability, and gift but also very much impressed by mindset of rising star, Tommi Williams.

Originally from Detroit, Michgan, Singer/Actress, now California resident Tommi Williams had her start at the age of two. From the moment Tommi was able to utter words, music was and still very much is something a part of her. "I started singing around the house," she recalls. Yet it wasn't until her parents bought a karaoke machine at the age of four that Tommi recognized her aspiration to sing. "I'd be singing in the morning before school, after school, and before going to bed. I loved it!" Tommi exclaims.

Fully aware of the direction she wanted take her life, Tommi told her parents she wanted to become a professional singer."So they [parents] looked for places I could sing...and my first time performing in public was at Hart Plaza in Detroit. Since then I loved singing in front of people" she says.

According to Tommi, "One of the main things I love about performing is that I can inspire people. I love to help people and make them happy and when I perform, it also inspires me to keep working hard and keep working on making on making myself better at my craft."

With already a number of National TV show appearances from New York to California under her belt, commericals and some top secret projects on the way, Tommi Williams is definitely someone look out for. She's captivating minds and hearts everywhere.

For more on Tommi Williams:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


GOT KARMA? [Coming Soon...]
Check back for more updates.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Daily Dosage According 2 Me...Alix B.! (Disappointments In Life)

Here's another insightful and thought provoking message from my favorite southern correspondent, Alix B. Listen up, you might hear the gem that'll change your life and for the better.

Another reason Why Blue Matters...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Coast 2 Coast: BET Awards '09 (Part One)

Not sure if everyone knew, but I had the opportunity to travel out west last weekend for the 2009 BET Awards. Quite an experience to say the least-- here's part 1 of the 3 part video series while away in Los Angeles, CA by way of New Jersey.