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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Be The Judge For This Hearing...

Caught wind of this via the blog of the hip-hop artist Common and allow me to tell express this much, WOW! This should change current notions of perception forever. Enjoy.

Another reason Why Blue Matters.


Logrithmic said...

This blew me away about 8 years ago. Not only did it blow me away it was what convinced me to go to college for audio. Also, I immediately invested in the company and have since been playing with them. My only problem with them was their affiliation with the Iraq war. Their stock skyrocketed because our army is their biggest client and they use HSS as a weapon to nauseate and cripple people. Other than that its a pretty amazing piece of tech and has so many applications. I've been working a few years on one application/device for this that I believe is essential. Anyway...i'll get at you mang...peace

A.L.Roberts said...

@Log Quite impressed. Thank you for your invauable insight. Would absolutely like to explore more into your thoughts about audio.

Logrithmic said...

Most definitely man. And yo, I don't know if you've been checking TED but they've had some equally amazing/inspiring videos in the past. Keep it up mang!


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