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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simply Mo

To reach a great height, a person needs to have great depth.

When one thinks of Lil Mo it's not difficult to associate her with all the great songs she has released over the years. Right off the bat, you can't help but think of her breakout single "Superwoman" or some of her hit collaborations with some of the most influencial artists in music such as, Jay-z , Ja Rule, Missy Elliot and Fabolous. However to get a better understanding of the music, one must first get a better idea of the artist; where he/she is at, where they come from and the direction in which they travel.

Born into a military family Lil Mo moved all over due to her fathers military assignments. Rather than let the frequency of the moves and constant transitioning be a hinderance to her overall growth and well-being she had her mind set on acheiving her dreams. Mo had aspirations of becoming a famous singer and remained focused on this goal until its acheivement.

Lil Mo got her start singing gospel music at a young age in her church choir. Although she moved around a bit, wherever her family would settle, Mo would perform in talent competitions. Some years later, her dreams and efforts rewarded her and with dividens. Around or about 1999, Lil Mo got signed to Elektra Records and acquired a vast amount exposure. With that exposure success followed quickly behind.

Lil Mo was married around the same time she released her debut album "Based on a true story". She gave birth to her first daughter soon after. She then released her sophomore album "The Girl Next Door" a few years late and also gave birth to her second daughter.
When asked how being a mother changed her she states, "I'm more patient and more caring."

When she's not doing music she loves to clean house. She also likes to mentor and speak to underprivileged and under appreciated youth. She is an advocate for the rights of people. She says, "everyday wont be sunny in the real world, but when it rains I'm prepared for the storm." Lil Mo is a survivor and being a celebrity doesn't tickle her fancy. She describes pop culture as "spoiled brats that hide behind who they really are". How much more real can you get?

When asked if she had any advice for those looking to pursue there dreams "follow them and realize dreams can become reality, but you have to be awake and alert and aware for what comes with your dreams," Lil Mo says.

Other than continuing to do music her ultimate goal in life is to walk into her calling and not be afraid of what GOD has in store for her.

Lil Mo has always wrote and arranged her own songs. She comes up with everything from the concept to the delivery. Some topics are created but they have reality in it somewhere. She's inspired and motivated to keep moving forward by her family.

Currently working on her first Global Music Group effort, "Tattoos & Roses." The album is due out in September of this year. When asked who she likes to collaborate with her answer was Fabolous.

The chemistry they both have in the studio is magic. She calls him her brother. Every song they do is a smash hit. She's not on his latest album, Loso's Way not because of any personal reasons, but there just comes a time when you grow away, for the better of course, from the norm. "I would give him my blood if he needed a transfusion, I would give him my eyes so he can see through the illusions, I have a godly sisterly love for him, I'm overprotective of him because he has a good heart," Mo explains. Now if that isn't love then and keeping it 100% real what is?

Lil Mo is as genuine as they come, and more talented then most. She's under control and most definitely not out of it, far from it. She's simply...simply, Lil Mo.


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