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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


"Growing up, when other kids said they wanted to be doctors or lawyers, I always wanted to be a fashion designer. So when I got to college, I decided to pursue fashion as a career. I don't want to look back on my life and regret my career choices. Now nearly 5 years later, I can sincerely say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made..."
-Amanda Spann

Far too frequent, we as a society aren't able to afford the time to follow through with pursuing our dreams. Now whether that's making or taking the time/chance to do so, opportunities, usually are put on hold and unfortunately many settle into a state of hypotheticals.(ie: I should've, if only I could've, I would've....) However it's rather refreshing to come across someone that regardless of the social norm(s) goes against the grain and goes after what he/she always wanted.

One such task isn't always easy, especially without a strong foundation and support system. Interestingly enough, the forward thinking, beautiful, and goal-oriented Amanda Spann of Florida does just that--she steps, moving that much closer to her dreams when most just settle. Inspired and motivated by her faith, family and friends Amanda knows, "I am fortunate to be surrounded by a host of people who support me and my endeavours and want to see me do well," she says.

Destined to live purposeful and dedicated life working diligently toward her creative interests, Amanda S. is drawn closely to fashion, street/modern art, meeting new people and traveling. When asked about what she likes most about her interests and their involvement toward her career goal, "I like the innovation and unconventionality. They allows me to express my creativity on a wide variety of mediums and no single day is ever the same," Amanda explains.

With plans to own her own promotions and management firm that represents fashion and entertainment brands in the near future, Amanda S. has everything she wanted and more well within reach.

Currently Amanda Spann is in the process of launching her own personal/professional website as well as is the Owner & Creative Contributor of is a fashion forward, entertainment and lifestyle portal committed to providing its users primarily within the Tallahassee area with the an online presence to chronicle the latest in fashion and entertainment news, activities and insight.

To everyone looking to pursue their goals and dreams:

"Be undeniable. Sell yourself both on paper and in person with a breadth and depth of knowledge and experiences. If the experiences aren't readily available to you, create them for yourself and seek them out until you get them. Never settle in complacency, Always be prepared and Do not be afraid-- for where there is fear, there is lack of faith," Amanda S. encourages.

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