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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around
-Henry David Thoreau

Words are powerful. They're so powerful they have the ability to cause an uprising while at the same time be powerful enough to dismantle and destroy. They have ability to stimulate love, hope, and change yet be stimuli for hate, disbelief, and stagnance. Words are something else, aren't they?-- often challenging the heart in addition to taking shape within the minds that cleverly craft them and/or move spirits in any one direction at a moment's notice. As powerful as they all may seem, interestingly enough, words aren't much without the thought(s) behind them.

For one young New York resident by way of Mexico City and Los Angeles, her thoughts securely support themselves behind a 6-letter word that allows her to accomplish whatever she sets her mind on or direction she wishes her footsteps travel. Whether on modeling shoots, acting in front of the camera, singing for many in attendance, operating her own business or inspiring others, Victoria Ortiz utilizes belief to not only get that much closer to her goals and dreams, but use it to fuel her passion for the arts & entertainment.

With more than 15+ years experience, there's no mistake that entertainment is a part of who Victoria Ortiz is. However, only in her 20's, entertainment is something that she dedicates her life to. She lives it. She breathes it. She believes in it. "I've performed since I was around 5, [but] my mom says I was singing since I was 1 LOL. I went to a performing arts school after graduating high school and moved to New York four years ago to pursue my dreams," Victoria says.

When asked about her endeavours, "I literally dedicate my life to being an entertainer. I love what I do. Modeling and acting are amazing because you get to dress up and pretend you a thousand different things. Hosting has definitely allowed me to showcase my true personality and express my state of mind. I also love running my own modeling agency, Revival Models. It has truly allowed me to discover how much I love the business side of the industry as well. [However,] Music is one of my biggest passions ever," she explains.

Outside of her entertainment interests, Victoria loves to travel, hanging out with friends and family and is huge animal lover. She has two pitbulls, "Tequila" and "Smokey."

Inspired by people, life and love, Victoria draws from every experience and all the beautiful things around her. "Whether it's good or bad, everything that happens to me teaches me a lesson that inspires me in some way," she says.

Although she enjoys where she is at presently, Victoria can't help but look forward to the future as well. She sees herself as an influential latina in the entertainment industry, with her acting and television career at a great point, a recorded a couple of records and running one of the most sucessful modeling agencies.

To those who aspire to pursue their modeling and entertainment aspirations Victoria Ortiz leaves us with this:

Believe in yourself and in your dreams. Fight for what you believe in. You will hear many no's but that doesn't mean that the next person won't be able to see your full potential. My mom always tells me, "In life do whatever you love the most because that will make you the best at it." Make sure the agents and other people you work with are legit (there are too many crazy people out there nowadays), and ask as many questions as you want before agreeing to do anything, it's your right and no one should get offended by it. Last but not least, go out and get what you want for yourself, be driven, 'cause no one else will do it for you.

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