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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WBM First Listen || Cupid || Cu-Step

Last week we debuted "Who Shot You" by Cupid just in time for Valentine's Day. This week we have something just as special. Here's a WBM First Listen of the next single of the "Who Shot You" Project, Cu-Step. If there's one thing Cupid does best, it has to be to make us move. Check this out.

Also click here to download his album for FREE

ALR ||With Me || D/L

Monday, February 21, 2011

WBM Intern Pick 'Artists to watch': DOE The Paperboy

Coming out of Petersburg, VA, DOE was named VA Underground Artist of the Year. He has released his latest video "Bars of Pain",directed by Kimshimwon. He addresses his critics by releasing this hard core track with a meaningful message behind it .Check out DOE the PaperBoy video !

' Video Selection by WBM intern Danielle Carter'

WBM Media Inspirational Organizations: Collective Concept PR

Collective Concept PR is a social media group started by Garnett Alcindo. CCPR specializes in expanding companies through all different media outlets in order to find their target market. They call themselves "social media junkies," check out the video put together by Ms. Alcindo and her team informing people on how technology and social networking are taking over.
Visit the site for more information.

Monday, February 14, 2011

WBM First Listen || Cupid - Who Shot You

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone. This just in!!! Newly completed and just in time for the holiday, Cupid, the talented singer/songwriter behind the dance craze hits Cupid Shuffle and Teach Me How To Wobble debuts "Who Shot You" today!

So if you were moved by any of his previous material you're sure to connect well with this as "Who Shot You" aims for the heart and moves the soul. Be sure to check this out immediately.

Get your WBM First Listen below as well clickable link to download the album.

WBM Certified.

WBM First Look || GMF ft. Casino - "Heartache" [OfficialVideo]

Thursday, February 10, 2011

WBM Inspiration: Born To Run

Christopher McDougall at a recent lecture, speaks on the human desire and running. Quite interesting.

WBM Certified.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WBM First Look || Just Flow (Promo)

Here's another official work of BluVision Productions - Just Flow.
WBM Certified.

Monday, January 31, 2011

WBM Features: William Bentley

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to
remain an artist once we grow up.
-Pablo Picasso

There's this saying. Definitely sure many of you may have heard and or seen it somewhere some place at some point in time. "Art imitates life." And as for many artists, they capture time in a moment or series of them for that matter in a number of different mediums that strike the senses as awe inspiring.

There's the dancer who responds to how music moves their spirits as is there the photographer who is able to manipulate time. And there's the painter, and the sculptor and writer, the musician-- the list goes on as there are those who perceive life through the scope of their particular area of interest and translate its intricacies as well simplicities in an re-creation/creationist fashion which is beyond amazing to say the least.

Our next WBM Feature is someone who is amazing in his own right. William Bentley, a phenomenal artist from New York continues his passion from youth, expressing himself through the works of the world he sees. So with some time to introduce us to his world, William Bentley shares his thoughts with us.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is William Bentley?

WB: I am an artist....but a rare one. Not to sound like a dating ad post but I am loving, soulful, and sensitive. It is hard for me to identify myself completely because once I do, I end up contradicting myself. So I will say again that I am a rarity, and I would most compare myself to a Dragonfly which is always seen fluttering and flickering about in the sunlight. I am a bit Narcissistic and Obsessive, Contradicting, and I am a big Dreamer...I'm often misunderstood perhaps because I don't explain who I am in superficial details too well and I would if I could but then I would ramble all day. It is my goal that my Art will let everyone in on who I am. When it does then I don't have to talk in circles.

Where are you from?

WB: I was born and raised in the Bronx NY. I am American of a mixed heritage...particularly African American and Polish/Russian Jewish descent or something. Ultimately I am from God though. Thank God I am from God.


WB: I was always one of those kids who couldn't wait until the subway train left the tunnel so I could turn around in my seat and stare out of the window and search for beauty in the world around me. With that being said I am interested in Beauty which to me is anything or anyone that has an inspiring, attractive, and substantial purpose.

What does art mean to you?

WB: Art to me is Gods gift to people of the 6th sense or whatever number it is, but sense definitely doesn't stop at 5. Its an amazing sense to acquire and I am fortunate enough as an Artist to have the ability to achieve it and influence Art easier than most. I believe everyone is capable of finding their way to the 6th sense naturally, but it requires discipline and a constant joy from putting out the effort. I am constantly pursuing art, not only for my own enlightenment but to enlighten everyone else as well. It would be amazing if we all could just be sensual all the time...using all 6 senses.

How long have you been involved?

WB: Ever since I knew my hands could create images out of my mind, and I realized that early on as a toddler. I remember being 3 and watching Charlie Brown on TV with crayons and paper in my hand. I would draw..or scribble...Charlie Brown in different settings. For some reason rainbows and Smiling Suns always seemed to be in most of these settings! Then when I turned 5 years old I was obsessed with the number 5 and would constantly draw 5 as various characters....5's with hair and 5's...The number 5 was definitely my 1st date.

When did you know that art was something that you wanted to pursue?

WB: I knew Art was something I wanted to persue when I realized it was something I was good at creating more than anything, and that again was when I was just a kid. As you may have noticed already I refer back to childhood quite often as this was a crucially relevant period for me. I noticed also that Art was something that inspired people and gave them joy just as much as it did for me, like adding color to black and white.

What inspires and motivates you?

WB: Usually my inspiration comes from my, pain, wonder, confusion, and deepest desire. I love to be surrounded by beautiful things though, like certain scenery, or even just enough sunlight gets me going. Sometimes all it takes is a beautiful face...or a beautiful soul. We should all hope that a beautiful face has a beautiful mind and soul right? I love to read about culture and life as well as fantasy...mythology, poems, songs, journals, news articles, fashion, and other works of Art. I read the Bible to guide me and I talk to God all the time. He sends me dreams and realities and things. All these things give me the urge to illustrate them as I perceive them, with my artwork.

Who are some of your influences?

WB: I still look forward to the day where I can sit and have a drink and play cards with Mariah Carey and Dario Argento, and of course create some Art together. These two individuals have influenced me and inspired me tremendously. I Love them both and I appreciate them revealing who they are with their art. Also I wont fail to mention my other influences like Caravaggio, Francisco De Zurburan, Jisepe Ribera...all those European master painters. Also Japanese Manga artist and Character Designers like Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshitaka Amano; Bengus, Shoei, Akiman, and all the other CAPCOM artist. Jim Lee and Paul Smith, my favorite Illustrators of the X-Men back in the day. William Shakespeare..particularly his Sonnets. Joshua David Mckenney's work is really dope, And last but not least, DISNEY!!! I still have other influences but the list goes on and on...Hey you are one of my influences now too. Congratulations!

What goes into the creation of your works?

WB: Alot of smiling and confidence...Alot of frustration and insecurity....see the contradictions? contradiction..and illusion....skill, talent, chaos, pleasure, pain and magic-- I am no magician but magic does find its way in there and that's due to the supernatural presence of God and all of his forces which I think I mentioned but if I didn't then I really meant to.

Working on any new projects?

WB: I am always working on Art whether its personal or commissioned or just charity and I am open to new projects as well! I teach Art too so that definitely keeps my technical juices flowing. Currently I am working on a business involving fashion dolls. I am also doing a series of paintings based on the story of Narcissus from Greek mythology with some autobiographical details mixed in. The first in that series was a painting I did called Dusk. I acquired a muse in the form of a young man named Danilio Montague who is a singer with a beautiful face, perfect for this concept. Expect the completed works to be sublime and provocative.

Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

WB: I see myself living comfortable in NYC for once! I should have a few web based businesses developed from my artwork...I want to do some more portraits, and some more fashion design related work. I also see myself with some established Gallery exhibits under my belt.

Biggest Accomplishment?

WB: The biggest accomplishment for me so far was being given the opportunity to teach at The Boys and Girls Harbor in Harlem, teaching art classes to children. It is a tremendous joy that I receive to be a part of a young artists artistic development. They teach and inspire me too!

What type of impact would you like to make with your efforts?

WB: I hope to influence minds to the 6 sense. Everyone will know when they get there from seeing my artwork, and I will know when you tell me. And of course I want to put a positive impact in my pockets by making money from my artwork just like everyone else!

Anyone you like to work with in the future?

WB: Anyone who i previously mentioned in my artistic influences that is still alive...and anyone I have yet to know that can flow with my artistic visions.

What's next for William Bentley?

WB: We shall see! Good things. For now check out my current work at

Any advice for those looking to pursue their aspirations in the arts?

WB: Keep Faith. Believe in whats Good and hold on tight to what you are good at. Stay Confident, and Determined. Get rid of Fear and just do it. Dont worry too much and maintain joy and peace. Talk to God for comfort, and try to shutup and smile sometime. Oh yeah and support fellow artist!

Friday, January 28, 2011

WBM First Listen: C-No || Moment For Life (Remix)

I would strongly recommend keeping an eye on C-No. Barely a day and this joint is already over 3,000 listens. Let's keep the movement moving.

Why Blue Matters.