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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WBM CARES: Facts about Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse is a subject most like to hide and not talk about. Sexually abused people become caught between loyalty to or dependence on the perpetrator. The feeling of being ashamed at doing something "wrong."

Over time, the sexually abused develop low self-esteem, feeling worthless, feeling dirty have a messed up view of sexuality.

Here are some SIGNS to recognize the sexually abused:

Withdrawal and mistrust of adults, suicidal thoughts, Difficulty relating to others, more open to living promiscuous lives, or total opposite an unusual interest in or avoidance of all things sexual, problems sleeping, frequent nightmares, fears of going to bed, self-injurious behaviors, Secretive, unusual aggressiveness, more prone to obsessions, compulsiveness, phobias, Habit disorders (biting, rocking) might force sexual acts upon others, extreme fear of being touched, unwillingness to submit to physical examination...etc.

The effects of early sexual abuse that last well into adulthood, affecting relationships, work, family, and life in general.

Low self-esteem, depression, self-destructiveness (suicide and self-mutilation), guilt, shame, self-blame, constant search for approval.

Betrayal: Impaired ability to trust, blurred boundaries and role confusion, rage and grief, difficulty forming relationships.
Helplessness, anxiety, fear, tendency towards re-victimization, panic attacks.
Isolation, sense of being different, stigmatized, lack of supports, poor peer relations.

If the rape or molestation was committed by an individual of the same sex, questions regarding sexual orientation tend to arise. Female victims will frequently develop sexually promiscuous lifestyles in an effort to "conquer" the situation and bring it under their control.

Holding it in does not solve the issue. There is help out there, if you or anyone you know have survived this or is currently going through this please get help.
Help for child sexual abuse: 1-888-PREVENT (1-888-773-8368)
Stop It Now. 1-800-656-HOPE
National Domestic Violence/Child Abuse/ Sexual Abuse: 800-799-SAFE
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)
If you need help now, please click here | Continue to

Information and facts taken from


WBM presents BreakUpEasy.Com

What is It is a relationship-based social networking website that launched in April of 2010. The site helps people that find it awkward to end a relationship (business or personal) a means to have the online system do it for them. The site also allows people to post issues they are currently dealing with in their relationships, allowing people to vote, comment and give their opinions. The site does not charge visitors or its members for any of the services, but generates revenue from advertisers.

The specs about the site?
When someone first visits the site, they are greeted by the 'BreakUpEasy Heartbreaker' of the Month (changes every month on the 15th.). The main page displays the current site news, celebrity blogs, videos as well as other highlights on the site. In order to begin the BreakUp process, one simply needs to click the red 'BreakUp' button on the top of the page, or click the BreakUpEasy option in the navigation bar.

Once in the BreakUpEasy system, you must choose which type of relationship you would like to end. Once the visitor chooses a type, they will need to enter their name and the name of whom they want to end the relationship with. Once submitted, the visitor will get a confirmation number, and a link to print a copy of the BreakUp notice they sent.

If the visitor is unsure that breaking up is the right thing to do, they can also use our State Your Case Feature. State Your Case is an Online Relationship Voting System. This exclusive feature allows someone who is unsure of the future of their relationship to post their information (anonymously or not) into the system.

No registration is required, and cases can be canceled at any time.

The goals of is to create an online community of those that are looking for love and can learn from others that have been through similar situations. Most social networking websites are great at making connections, but do not fully address how to sever these connections once things have run their course.

What's next for We are currently in development of our Personals section.

So imagine the girl that just broke up with a cheater, she can meet single guys that also ended it with a cheater. People that have felt pain tend to relate to other that have been through similar.

What's's greatest accomplishment so far?
~ The grass roots exposure and reception we've been getting so far. All of our models are aspiring ones, and we love the fact that we get an opportunity to showcase hot, unknown talent, while putting money back into our communities.

What inspires and motivates
~ These four words both inspire and motivate us: "You can't do this." We smile, and do it anyway!

So check out and spread the word!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

WBM Presents: Stacie Lynn

WBM presents a young Christian woman after God's heart, take a moment and get to know Stacie Lynn, in her own words:

My birth name is Stacie Lynn Phillips, I married an awesome man of God 1 1/2 ago, I am now Stacie Lynn Davis. The everyday Stacie and stage "Stacie Lynn" are the exact same. I take the ministry of music to heart. There really isn't too much stage or acting to it. But, I have noticed the boldness that takes over me when I take the stage. That's a confidence and level of influence and fire that I know could only come from God. Other than that I'm kinda the "Girl next door".

I've been singing and doing minor performing my whole life. I just recently started recording and establishing myself as an artist about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. And I believe it took so long because, I kinda had my hands in the air concerning what style of music I would do. My passion is Praise and Worship music, But I believe that God wants to use me in Contemporary Christian as a tool to draw in lost souls and even those who are saved for a closer walk with God.

I think my greatest accomplishment thus far (not to sound deep) is just the fact that I've come to grips with the fact that I'm not perfect, I'm human and I want to be better. And because of that, I can allow God to have his way with me and I can strive to be a better me and not be ashamed or afraid to fail sometimes. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to have what someone else has or live how someone else is living that we can't focus on our own dreams and goals for ourselves and families. I can only be successful at being me.

I'm so ministry focused that I just want to know that my music is serving it's purpose, God's being glorified, someone is touched and or saved because of it and that I continue to have peace and unity in my personal everyday life and family.

Music is kinda like pizza, everybody likes it but not everyone likes the same kind. I love gospel/ christian music but growing up I wasn't into James Cleveland and Shirley Caesar, so I wasn't satisfied with or receptive to gospel/christian music. So when I write and arrange my music I'm thinking about non-believers, new-believers and even "seasoned saints" as we call them.

Often times I'll go in the studio with a song written and we'll get to vibing and it'll go the complete opposite direction. But I try to focus in on what I would consider listenable and enjoyable.

What inspires me is the behavior and lifestyles of the youth today. I believe that the music and videos have a huge effect on their lifestyles. And I want to be that light in the midst of all the darkness that surrounds them. I see now how much of an influence I am and can be to those who see me and hear my music and It's caused me to strive to be a better me in my everyday life and as an artist.

Praise and worship is just everything to me. I love to worship and that type of music isn't just something you listen to, it has purpose and that's to glorify God and it takes you to a level of intimacy with God. Im finishing up my album right now and trying to get a jump start on the next one.

Know who you are, be confident in that and don't be discouraged or intimidated by anyone or anything. Because you will face obstacles but if you stay focused on your goal you'll jump those hurdles like a Pro. I'm an ordinary woman with a extraordinary God striving to reach extraordinary heights.

Check out this live performance from Stacie



TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Sep 26th

1. Trey Songz - Passion Pain Pleasure (DEBUT)
2. Eminem - Recovery (DOWN1)
3. Fantasia - Back To Me (DOWN1)
4. Drake - Thank Me Later (DOWN1)
5. Usher - Raymond vs. Raymond (DOWN1)
6. Rick Ross - Teflon Don (SAME)
7. Lyfe Jennings - I still believe (DOWN1)
8. B.o.B - Adventures .....(DOWN1)
8. Young Buck - The Rehab (DEBUT)
9. Marques Houston - Matress Music (DEBUT)
10. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot (SAME)


WBM TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK for the week of 9/26th

1. Shontelle - Impossible (UP1)
2. Soulja Boy - Pretty boy swag (DOWN1)
3. Drake f/ Lil Wayne - Miss me (UP1)
4. J.Cole - Who dat (UP1)
5. Eminem f/ Rihanna - Love the way you lie (DOWN2)
6. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding you down (SAME)
7. Rick Ross f/ Styles P - B.M.F (UP1)
8. Rihanna - Only Girl In The World (UP2)
9. Bruno Mars - Just the way you are (UP2)
10. Waka Flocka Flame - Hard in da paint (DOWN3)
11. Taio Cruz f/ Jennifer Lopez - Dynamite (UP2)
12. Trey Songz f/ Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up (UP2)
13. Nelly - Just a dream (UP2)
14. Lil Wayne f/ Drake - Right above it (UP2)
15. Usher f/ Jay-z - Hot Tottie (UP2)
16. Waka Flocka f/ Roscoe Dash & Wale - No Hands (UP2)
17. Lloyd - Lay it down (UP3)
18. Miguel f/ J.Cole - All I want (DEBUT)
19. Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow (DEBUT)
20. Nicki Minaj f/ - CHek it out (DEBUT)

Friday, September 24, 2010

WBM Inspiration: Steve Johnson

In this TED lecture, Steve Johnson brilliantly discusses where good ideas come from. Defintely worth a listen and will allow you to arrive some interesting thoughts of your own.

WBM Inspiration.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WBM Presents Vagabonds

WBM presents Vagabonds, coming out of Miami making themselves a house hold name in the HipHop Music scene. Take a minute and get to know these uprising artists.

Introduce yourselves to the people who already dont know who you are.

Baysiqly: I go by the name of Baysiqly, and I represent half of the Vagabonds. The real me haha, I'm honestly your everyday person. Everything you hear in my music comes from my everyday life, my experiences and how I view the world to be around me. Theres a void in society that hip-hop hasn't exploited yet or at least hasn't done so for a while and we're just trying to bring back the goodness and realness to music by relating our actual lives, nothing really ficitional, just raw audio.

E.R.: I'm E.R., the production half of the Vagabonds duo. We've accomplished our biggest goal of 2010 already, which is basically establishing our company, establishing our duo as an up & coming entity in Miami hip-hop, and at this point we're just looking to continue to make our buzz bigger and bigger and eventually leaving a dent in this industry. Right now we're working with a lot of artists here in South Florida, our upcoming single "Predictions" and all the behind-the-scenes business regarding that, and completing our debut album, "Telekinesis", which drops early 2011.

Explain the difference between the u on stage and the u off stage?

Baysiqly: I actually have a couple different personas, my stage name varies at times, haha. I mean I'm still known as Baysiqly but I also share the stage with my alter ego, "Dreamer". "Baysiqly" is the main person on stage, the one with most of the songs who constantly has to go through every aspect of the game, but every once in a while "Dreamer" comes out. "Dreamer" is pretty much a part of my early childhood all the way up to high school, before the chaos of the game, the politics, finances, and rules, etc. "Dreamer" represents my long life goal of just making a living off music and enjoying it. "Dreamer" is the kid who used to be in class picturing himself in front of a packed crowd and doing what he loves best. That dream never dies.

E.R.: My stage persona is the real me. E.R. is Eddy from Eastside Little Havana and vice versa. Every thing, person, place, and situation I write about is something that Eddy has gone through, the good, the bad, the ugly. From the hoe stories, to the struggles, the good times, mentioning tears coming down from my old girl's eyes, and the industry struggles we've encountered so far, that's all my real life. I joke with people in my life all the time, you may or may not like what I say in a song because it can be something that happened between us, but I have to keep it real at all times.

How long have you been in the Music game?

E.R.: I've been a fan since I was born because hip-hop was always around me, but I've been doing this since 2005. Since I started I always worked with Baysiqly, as part of an older scenario which didn't work out well, but I take it as a blessing because Baysiqly and I learned exactly what we're supposed to do and not do in order to succeed in this game.

Baysiqly: I've been around music before I even heard hip hop, but as far as taking a serious liking to it and wanting to advance myself I'd say I've been doing this since 2004. There were many trials and tribulations, but it was all for a good cause because it allowed me to be where in the position I'm at today to steer head my own career.

Greatest accomplishment so far in life?

E.R.: Starting Vagabonds Music Group, definitely. From literally having just one song, "Space Music", go get 20,000 downloads in over one month from PURE word of mouth on Facebook and Twitter, no marketing company behind it or anything, to establishing Vagabonds Music Group and releasing our debut mixtape "V For Vendetta" and becoming a known entity in Miami hip-hop and gaining the respect of all our peers. We've done all this in under a year, so I'm definitely looking forward to what the future holds.

Baysiqly: Good question. Most people would say things like finishing school, winning some kind of award or something like that, but my greatest accomplishment so far has been just being alive to wake up doing what I love. Starting this company with my partner and pushing it forward literally building it from the ground up has been a major accomplishment for me. I never felt as satisfied when I finished school as I felt when I signed the ownership papers for VMG.

What are some of your Interest(s)?

Baysiqly: Besides the obvious like sports, movies, and games, I'm a very motivated and bussiness oriented person. I usually study and research different comapnies that are succeeding in this reccession and try to see how I could go about making the right moves to bring success to my company or my future endeavors. I'm sort of big on entrepreneurship, I've owned a couple of bussiness, some in which I've had to let loose but I dedicate myself to keep trying and eventually success will show. There's nothing better than running your own bussiness and earning your way beyond the means of mediocracy. One life, one chance take it.

E.R.: I'm into basketball, I've been a life-long Heat fan, if I'm not mistaken their franchise came into town a year after I was born, so my pops always had me around that. I'm also into business like Baysiqly said, just seeing what they do to come up and become successful, and how they work and interact with other business to cross-market their materials to their respective markets and how we can apply that to the music business. I'm also into stuff your normal rapper wouldn't be in haha, like those travel shows, like Anthony Burdain and Bizarre Foods, because it inspires me to work hard and think how we can take our music overseas and infect other cultures with what we bring into the world musically.

What's your ultimate goal in life?

E.R.: To make a living out of this music thing. I can honestly say this is what I live for and it's my passion. Besides that I want to be make sure my old girl is taken care of with this so she can relax for the rest of her life and just kick it like she's never been able to.

Baysiqly: My goal in life is to achieve all that I set out to achieve and hold nothing back.

What do you like most about being in the business?

Baysiqly: The love for music is what attracts me the most. Being in the business has it's negative and positives, long nights, constant traveling, being broke most of the time, no real sense of security BUT when I work it feels like I'm playing. Everything is natural and time goes by quicker than a blink of an eye. I enjoy doing what I do because it's for a greater cause. The benefits outweigh the negatives because once that comfort zone is reached, the sky is the limit.

E.R.: Just seeing how we can go from being born have-not's to making something out of ourselves doing the exact opposite of what you're taught when you're young. I also love the fact that I get to meet people from all walks of life, who connect with us because of our equal love for music, and gaining their respect for what we do, and last but definitely not last, making these fans with our music, knowing we affect their lives on an everyday basis just giving them something to listen to that they can relate to.

What's the thought process behind your works?
- from personal experience?
- mere creativity?

E.R.: As far as beats go, I pretty much have two separate processes for them. When I just make tracks in my own spare time, which can usually either go to Baysiqly or to other artists I'm interested in working with or vice versa, I usually just go all out. I find what's out in hip-hop to be pretty stale these days as far as production is concerned, so I like to take other genres and mix it with our Vagabonds band of hip-hop. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of latin music, old soul music, Brazilian bossa nova and just mixing it with what we do. When it comes to Vagabonds tracks, I usually like for Baysiqly to hit me with a theme or idea, and I'll create a beat around that, or I'll have an idea of what we should talk about and make the beat and shoot it to him with a hook already.

As far as lyrics go, I just speak on my life. We have a song on our album called "Familiar Circumstances". My verse basically details the economic downfall we've experienced as a country between 2008 and now, with all the layoffs, diseases, crime and what have you, but I flipped the script in a way some people may not like. These issues and concerns are all over the media now that it's affecting middle-class and upper-class white America, but these are all things that have plagued us latinos and blacks in the ghetto for YEARS, but it was never anyone's concerns until now, which is why we had to step in and basically say: "this ain't news to me, these are our Familiar Circumstances".

Baysiqly: As mentioned earlier, most of my songs come from personal experience and I use music to bring them out to the public. It also comes from creativity because for any track or any topic, I could easily adjust to and make a record out of it. For example, on one of the songs from our upcoming album "Telekinesis", I made a song viewing life from the point of view of an eagle.
It symbolizes my actual reality and the things I've had to deal with, for example the opening lines go:

"Crack goes the shell, out grows the wings/
in comes the light, up are the dreams/
I gotta learn to fly.../
I gotta push, and say hello to the sky/"

That pretty much represents my birth in this world and my wanting to be head above clouds
and soaring beyond means of expectations.

What inspires and motivates you?

Baysiqly: Life, Family and financial freedom, and of course the man upstairs.

E.R.: Music, what our future holds, financial freedom, and the satisfaction of knowing this can have both my parents relaxing for the rest of their lives and maybe even putting my sister through school if she wanted to get that advanced into her schooling.

How was life changed for you since being you started?

E.R.: I don't feel as lost anymore. I know that I'm doing exactly what's in my heart and my soul. Everyone was like it's important to go to school and get a good job and do this and do that and do the third, but I can honestly say, NOTHING but music makes me happy. Being accepted by our peers who do music and by fans in our hometown, I know my gut feeling is validated and because of it, you can ask anybody I know, my life, schedule, and the way I do things all revolves around music.

Baysiqly: Honestly life has pretty much been the same, I deal with the same issues except now it's on a greater scale. Music is the only thing that keeps me level headed in this crazy world. I joke around with my partner E.R. and I tell him that, but the truth is I wouldn't be able to function right without this music shit.

What would you be doing now, if you never started doing music?

Baysiqly: Selling insurance hahaha, or working for some kind of social work agency.

E.R.: I can't even imagine this situation, but if music was never a part of my life, I'd have to say I would have studied either psychology, sociology, or language. I guess when you really look at it, those three things come up in our music all the time haha.

What are you listening to in your iPod these days? Why?

Baysiqly: Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and some old school joints. I'm really feeling that Midwest vibe, there's a lot of good music coming from there. I'm not really into the norms of hip hop.

E.R.: Just like Baysiqly said, I'm really feeling what's coming out of the Midwest right now. You can catch me jamming to Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Tech N9ne, Freddie Gibbs. I also like what Big K.R.I.T. and Wiz Khalifa are doing these days, but besides them I'm just listening to the classics, 'Pac, Ice Cube, OutKast, UGK, Eightball and MJG, basically the dudes who inspired me to do this to begin with.

What has been your favorite job you've done so far?

E.R.: If you're from Miami, you're gonna laugh, but my favorite job had BY FAR had to be PRC. To give you some insight, about 80% of people who have graduated high school in Miami have worked at PRC at one point in time, it's basically a call center for whatever company they have you take you calls for. But at the location I was at, and at the point in time I was there, which was fresh out of high the stuff that used to go down in was like a party everyday, that's as far as I'll go with that topic hahaha, but I will say this, I've pretty much hated every job I've had after that.

Baysiqly: I'm a BIG time movie fan and I think the best job I've had so far has to be when I was 16 years old working for AMC theaters. Man I'd watch movies on and off the clock for free. Those were the days.

What are you currently working on ?

E.R.: We're working on the behind-the-scenes work for our debut single, "Predictions", including the marketing and the concept of the video and all that. We're also working on our debut album we're releasing early next year, Telekinesis. We're also working with a ton of artists in our collaboration series to cross our fan bases and build in an industry that basically holds us artists back.

Baysiqly: Right now we are currently doing a project series where we collaborate with different artists both local and national and exploit both talents, allowing fans to hear different aspects of our creativity. We are also in works for shooting the video for our upcoming single "Predictions".

Does any negativity from the media ever affect you in anyway?

Baysiqly: There is negativity everywhere, It could be at your job, school, or even the supermarket. I never get influenced by negativity because simply there is no time for it. The media and those who run it makes it their goals to put forth controversy, it's best avoided by handling it correctly and paying it no mind.

E.R.: Just like Baysiqly said, there's negativity everywhere you look, but I can honestly say, unless I'm wrong, we've never gotten ANY negative press, we've been getting nothing but love from all the media outlets that have covered us and what we do, and we're definitely thankful for it.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their dreams?

E.R.: Keep pushing, those closest to you will not look at it as anything more than a phase or a hobby until money comes in the picture, and people will not take you serious until they see moves being made, but if it's really in your heart, you HAVE to keep pushing. As long as you truly have a talent, and a desire to make it, there's only two things from stopping you, yourself or death.

Baysiqly: Stay consistent, things may be rough at first but eventually you'll find your niche and you'll be on your way. Giving up or even worst, not trying is the absolute last thing you want to do.

What do you want to be remembered by?

Baysiqly: If i could affect just one person's life through my music, I would be ok with that.

E.R.: I want Baysiqly and I to be remembered as two of the best niggas to ever do this music thing, and to leave an impact on our hometown. I'd also love to be remembered for our business sense, which unfortunately not all artists have. As E-40 once said, to be "two of the grizzliest, Godzilla ass niggas, to ever touch the mic" hahaha.

Anything else you would like the world to know about you?

E.R.: I just want the world to know that for those who appreciate our music and what we do, thank you, we appreciate you a thousand times more. For those who want us to fail, keep waiting because we refuse to let it happen.

Baysiqly: The world should stay tuned and keep listening.

Any rumors you want to clear up ,or anything you want to get off your chest?

Baysiqly: No rumors as of yet, but I'm sure they are coming, and I'll be ready. I definitely want to thank Why Blue Matters for having us. We definitely support you guys and I also want to thank everyone who keeps up with us on an everyday basis, without the fans there would be no music. The perfect way to reach me is through twitter, @_baysiqly_ and our website

E.R.: There's no rumors that I know of, but when they do come around we'll let you know and we can laugh at them and dismiss them. I just want to thank all the fans for their support, and thank Why Blue Matters for having us. I just wanna say "Predictions" is coming next month, and "Telekinesis" is coming early 2011...peace!

For More Information Go To

WBM Features: Em Dot

Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.
-Sholem Asch

As a society filled a number of different ideas, we never really know how far our thoughts can really take us. We start off as having dreams of doing this and doing that to then after a period of time, end up doing something completely different. However, regardless of how ever changing our minds may be when determining what moves us, what it really comes down to is the fact that we're still being inspired and more than ever.

Our next feature is so inspired, that his dreams have allowed him to take off and set forth toward what he wants most. This interestingly enough, happens to be the ability to make impact using music as a catalyst. Em Dot, an upcoming hip hop artist from Connecticut has gotten to a point where he's ready to fly. In fact, Em Dot is at a point where he's on auto-pilot which also serves as the name of his latest project.

Take flight with Em Dot. WOOSH!

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Em Dot?

Em Dot is a hungry artist just trying to speak his mind and do what he loves the most for a living .. make music.

How you come up with the stage name?

Em Dot is a nick name a friend called me one day, I ran with it but also added a meaning to the name E M standing for everything music & money. DOT signifying a period meaning: everything music, everything money period ..

Where are you from?

Em Dot: Born in Stamford, Connecticut but moved to another town in CT called Bridgeport where I currently stay.


Em Dot: Music, money, girls, food, keeping peace, parties, writing, oh i could go on for ever. lol

What does music mean to you?

Em Dot: Music means life to me, its the thing I'm most motivated to do, I put music before a lot of things, music is not only fun to do because in my case its also a source of therapy I love music and it means the world to me.

How long have you been involved?

Em Dot: I've been writing since about 3rd grade, but I started really rapping about 5 years back.

When did you know that music was something that you wanted to pursue?

Em Dot: The times when I would zone out and write to beats all day, forgetting I had other things to do. When I realized words are always in my head & when I release them I feel better about life, there will be days were I say I don't even want to do music today, but I'll still catch myself in the booth. The day I woke up & said its music or death. Yeah.

What inspires and motivates you?

Em Dot: Knowing I could be playing in peoples car as they are driving, I could be bumping from a boom box in a kitchen while someone is cooking, to know people feel what I say and enjoy me, expressing myself. I'm also motivated by hearing how whack some of these artist that out there are. It shows me if they can be on, I can be on too. So many things inspire me its crazy.

What goes into the creation of your songs?

Em Dot: My mood, my thoughts, my opinions, my side of the story, my words, my life, my passion, my heart. Sometimes I rap to be funny, sometimes I rap about situations people could relate to, a lot goes into my songs. That was a good question.

Biggest Accomplishment?

Em Dot: Being self made, doing a lot of this all by myself, being self motivated, being 3 mixtapes deep & hearing my own progress, I mean I haven't accomplished too much YET.

What type of impact would you like to make with your music?

Em Dot: The rapper who keeps it real, doesn't fabricate or pretends, the rapper people most relate to, that rapper who has a song for ever mood.

What's your new project, Auto-Pilot all about?

Em Dot: It's all about having fun first. I'm speaking my mind while exaggerating, adding humor, also just giving my point of view of life. You bump auto pilot before you go to work or play a sport and it'll have you nice lol.

Any anyone you like to work with in the future?

Em Dot: Who ever I get to bump into & respect musically.

What's next for Em Dot?

Em Dot: Who knows, hopefully a record deal, maybe more show.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their aspirations in music?

Em Dot: Stay focused on what you want, and always be open to grow and improve yourself.

For More On Em Dot:

Tweet Me Baby - Robyn Z Feat. Pretty Ricky

Social networking has become a huge part of how many of us communicate. We have Facebook, MySpace and countless others that allow friends; whether those closest to us or those we've established electronically to keep up with what's going on. Fully aware of the impact these social networks have, WBM Feature and singer/songwriter, Robyn Z has taken the trend of social networking and fused it with song to make some impact of her own.

In her recent single, now shaking things up on the airwaves down in Florida, Tweet Me Baby ft. Pretty Ricky, Robyn Z. playfully sings about the appeal of her twitter persona that can magnetically attract all the girls and guys-- all in fun, of course. Bubbly in vibe, this is sure to have you nodding your head if you aren't singing the lyrics by the end of the song.

Now on iTunes.

For More On Robyn Z:

WBM Features: Terry Starr

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.
-Eudora Welty

Probably one of the most interesting things about an artist is their ability to create. Some may consider this a gift, while others may consider it a skill that over a period of time continues to get better and better. However regardless of how defined, what remains evident is that there’s something remarkable about them. Their ability or skill if you will, to take the world that they perceive becomes put on display as moments are captured in time through the art form or forms that represent the individual best.

Personified best as an artist of many arts is Terry STARR.

When observing the photography by one of New Jersey’s top photographers, Terry STARR one cannot help but to immediately think of the familiar proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words.” However, instead of being worth a thousand words, his photography leaves the viewer, in fact, speechless from the spectacle of it all. Each pixel that his digital photography clusters together has the depth and the vastness of the night’s sky filled with an innumerable amount of stars.

With a great appreciation for and raising the appreciation of photographs, Terry STARR is one photographer to keep your eye on. Specializing in 35mm and Digital SLR photography, his ability to take still shots has landed him on movie sets and exotic photo shoots, taking him both across the country and internationally abroad.

With numerous years of experience, Terry STARR adds flavorful creativity with quality technique and professionalism to any photo. He brings true life and color together, making any moment last forever.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who Is Terry Starr?

TS: I'm a artist of my many arts

Where are you from?

TS: Rahway New Jersey.


TS: Music, fine art, photography, traveling.

Explain for those who may not know what you do for clients What's your perspective on photography?

TS: I take my time to learn what my client likes. I find exclusive props and locations and with the right light and lens I produce there ideal image.

What do you like most about it?

Meeting new and upcoming artist actors models around the world and traveling to places I thought I would never see.

How long have you been involved?

TS: I been working behind the lens for the past 5 years.

What did you do before becoming a photographer?

TS: I was a successful producer/engineer working for multi platinum studio such as perfect pier studios, Dabeatshop then opening my own, GH Recording Studio.

How important is lighting with your work?

TS: It's key to creating the moment.

What inspires and motivates you?

TS: I love water and the reaction my clients when they see how I can change their image with one shot.

Where do you prefer to shoot, in the studio or on location?

TS: Locations is my fav, its something about having real props in your image.

What type of camera do you shoot with?

TS: I'm using a canon mark II with prime lens.

Who are some the people you've worked with?

TS: I work for wired images, getty images, ideal image studio,Visually Mastered, Grindahz Magazine, Source, XXL, Latin magazine.

Biggest accomplishment?

TS: Opening my own photography ideal image studio in Rahway, New Jersey.

What would you do if you weren't involved with what you're doing currently?

TS: Working in a recording studio producing movie soundtracks.

Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?

TS: Looking for the moment to capture and save it for future youth.

Where is the furthest you've traveled as a result of your work?

TS: St Thomas, VI for model spread in summer 2009.

Any future projects?

TS: Working on my untitled coffee book and youth art program, S.T.A.N.

What type of impact would you like to leave with your works?

TS: I hope the images show all the youth you can follow your dreams and change how a people look @ a person.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their photography endeavors?

TS: Follow your dreams ... Shoot what you like ... And don't do it for Money do it for the art of photography.

Monday, September 20, 2010

WBM Features: Emigee Couture

Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.
-James Matthew Barrie

Truth be told, it takes time and effort to obtain the things we are most interested in. It's a process. And in so many words, in order to get to where we really want, we have to go through a steady progression of bad before good, good before better, and better before great to truly become what we think about.

Mind you there will be some setback along the way or the process just not moving fast enought for us to arrive at our destination, but best believe when we do reach that point of accomplishment the rest is a repetitive cycle of continuouslybecoming better and better until greatness is achieved.

One such example of progression lies in the skilled hand and vision of fashion designer of Emigee Couture of Brooklyn, New York. Fresh off a presentation of his new collection, "Futuristic Glitz" during one of the most anticipated times of year, Fashion Week 2010, Emigee Couture shows that the effort he puts in is fun and is far from what's considered as conventional work.

With a few moments, to share Why Blue Matters had the opportunity to discuss why work isn't work when you're having fun with Emigee Couture.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Emigee Couture?

EC: Emigee Couture is a young master mind who indulges his time and effort into fashion and most of all his own line.

Where are you from?

EC: I am from Brooklyn

What does fashion mean to you?

EC: Fashion to means Creativity, Edge, Style, Art. Most of all, fashion to me is daring because you have to be willing to be able to take risk and step out of the box.

What inspires and motivates you?

EC: What inspires me is the reaction of the consumers and my supporters when they see my assembles. My Motivation is the passion that I have for what I do.

Biggest Accomplishment?

EC: My Biggest Accomplishment was September 13th. I put on my own Fashion Presentation for Fashion week to present my Fall 2010/2011 collection "Futuristic Glitz".

Anyone you like to work with in the future?

EC: Well, There's too many to name, so I'm just going to say I hope to work with a lot of people, and who ever god has in store for me to work with.

What do you do outside of fashion design?

EC: Outside of me designing, I live a normal life, No Sewing machine, No Shows. Just me living. But I live, breathe, eat and sleep Fashion so regardless if i'm behind a sewing machine or at a show im never off my A Game.

What's next for Emigee Couture?

EC: Hmmmmm. There's So much to look for from Emigee Couture Just don't know where to start. But what I will say is "Look Out".

Any advice for those looking to make a difference?

EC: For all of you who want or who is trying to make a difference there is room for different there is room for change and there is certainly room to live and be your dream. The sky is the limit but you can go beyond.

For More On Emigee Couture:

Friday, September 17, 2010

WBM Presents: Fashion Week 2010 @ The Parlour

In recognition of the collection of events that comprised Fashion Week NYC 2010, WBM Presents: Fashion Week @ The Parlour, Featuring Eastwick America

Photography By: MindSouVision Photography
Montage Arranged By: Why Blue Matters
Music By: Will.I.Am & Nicki Minaj - Check It Out

Thursday, September 16, 2010



TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Sep 19th

1. Eminem - Recovery (SAME)
2. Fantasia - Back To Me (SAME)
3. Drake - Thank Me Later (UP2)
4. Usher - Raymond vs. Raymond (SAME)
5. Lyfe Jennings - I still believe (DOWN2)
6. Rick Ross - Teflon Don (SAME)
7. B.o.B - Adventures .....(UP1)
8. Young Buck - The Rehab (DEBUT)
9. Fabolous - There is no competition (
10. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot (SAME)


WBM TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK for the week of 9/19th

1. Soulja Boy - Pretty boy swag (UP1)
2. Shontelle - Impossilbe (UP1)
3. Eminem f/ Rihanna - Love the way you lie (DOWN2)
4. Drake f/ Lil Wayne - Miss me (UP2)
5. J.Cole - Who dat (UP2)
6. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding you down (UP2)
7. Waka Flocka Flame - Hard in da paint (DOWN3)
8. Rick Ross f/ Styles P - B.M.F (UP2)
9. Nicki Minaj - Your love (DOWN4)
10. Rihanna - Only Girl In The World (UP10)
11. Bruno Mars - Just the way you are (UP4)
12. Neyo f/ Rick Ross - Champagne Life (UP1)
13. Taio Cruz f/ Jennifer Lopez - Dynamite (UP3)
14. Trey Songz f/ Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up (UP3)
15. Nelly - Just a dream (UP3)
16. Lil Wayne f/ Drake - Right above it (UP2)
17. Usher f/ Jay-z - Hot Tottie (DEBUT)
18. Waka Flocka f/ Roscoe Dash & Wale - No Hands (DEBUT)
19. Kanye West - Power (DOWN9)
20. Lloyd - Lay it down (DEBUT)

Pieces For Love

In an effort to become more and more who we really should be, it was requested as per a great friend of mine to provide some insight into a phenomenal post she made on Facebook yesterday.
She's quoted as saying,

"A real man doesn't love a million girls. He loves one girl in a million ways."

At first read I was taken completely aback because it was so, in so many words wow. However upon closer read, I saw that her post resulted in a number of varying perspectives (somewhere around 60 or better) which I thought great as well (created a nice exchange of dialog between everyone), I had lend something as best I could. Little did I know, the response not only changed my life as I typed each word, but allowed me to reach a higher understanding that I hope shape your perspective about happenings in you life as well.

So in response to the comments of everyone, including the initial post this was the thought:

The thoughts of everyone are received well and taken with great consideration.

To all the men & ladies: love is a choice based on experience (good, bad or indifferent). Our ability to choose is determined by our level of understanding. ...Given the mind perceives something way until proven otherwise is what we will repeat again and again. We are creatures of habit. Lanuage, lifestyle, culture, etc. you name it, is the result of repeated influence.

So how we accept and/or neglect the amount people we love is in direct proportion to our experience and how it influences the mind. As an individual, for example, if I was subject to certain varibles whether traditional, from learned observation, or societal norms, how I respond is the byproduct of these stimuli. However, I can at any point should I choose to, choose otherwise. It is a decision and conscious one at that.

Can a man love one woman a million ways? Yes.
Can he love million women? Yes
Should he choose to.

Choice is up to you.

I've made mine [choice] and regardless of if there exists attracting stimuli from a million others, I choose the a million and one or however many reasons it requires to stay with the one I'm with.

"Some people spend their whole lives for this
Some people walk around in constant search of it
Others wonder if it's worth the risk
And if it doesn't work, then they're the first to split.
Some time you gotta go through hurt a bit
to recognize if they're the one you should be with
rule of thumb, that if at first you sense
connection far beyond the mind, you hold to it."

Time is expensive. Choose how you spend yours.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

WBM Presents: Focus

Growing up in the streets of Queens, NY. Focus of Zone Out Ent. was born Bryan Bernard. Focus has made great strides in life as well as with his music. He finds passion in what he feels is not only a part of his life but his soul as well. Artist Focus with great passion shares with WBM insight on himself and what he is proud to call his music.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Focus the artist?

Focus is a diverse new bread of Hip Hop. With an interesting story to tell through out my rhymes, it's like poetry for the soul when my words are placed on a track.

What is Zone Out Ent?

It's a company run by myself, Dj Moluv and a fellow artist by the name of J. Philly. I came up with Zone out a few years back and over the years i've started to take the name more serious. I felt it could become a household name and brand. We're not a movement we're a way of life. Thats our slogan and what we go by.

Where had music taken you from when first starting out to today?

Music has taken me today to working in various different studios. Networking with many different artists, Dj's, producers etc. Believe it or not I first started recording my rhymes on a karaoke machine. After mastering my skills on that level I moved on to using my computer using a program called Goldware. I was using a plastic computer microphone. Funny thing is you had to record straight through with no mistakes or you'de have to start from the top. So yeah music has taken me so far already and i'm only going to go further. If I keep pushing and progressing i'll go anywhere with music.

Did you ever expect your skills and talent to reach the level it's at now?

Yes and no. Of course because I am my biggest fan and I feel my music is great, but I can and will get better. I'll get better over time and perfecting. At the same time i'm very humble and I know I am good. Now from a no stand point there's always that "what if im not good enough" feeling. With all my experience i'm not as far as I want to be but it will be in gods time which is the best.

Who and what is your inspiration?

My inspiration is of course my family and our lifestyle. everyone deserves better. The day to finally tell my mom she doesn't have to work anymore is at the top of my list. I love her so much and she deserves the best.

Where do you want to hear your music besides NY?

I want my music to be heard everywhere. West coast, mid west, the southern region, over seas. Third world countries and even the moon (laughing). Someday in space if thats possible.

What type of crowd or genre do you say your music focuses on?

My music is definitely for every and I stress the word every genre. It can move any crowd because I make songs that cater to different people and situations also different lifestyles. Of course many different age groups as well. I write from an artists stand point as well as from what my fans would feel and would want to hear. You have to please the fan base you want and I want every culture males and females to become my fans and supporters.

What can we expect from you in the future?

For starters my debut mixtape "Against All Odds" dropped earlier this year. It was hosted by Dj Jay West of Desert storm. It's available for free downloads at You can surely expect to hear me on some radio shows. I'll be doing shows at many events giving back to the community at functions benifiting kids. You name it im going to do what I do to be there. I also have some new music coming for everyone which you can check out on my site coming very soon at Look out for me making appearances in different photoshoots and just about any and everything positive. I'm going to have my hand or fingertips on it all.

Any advice for artists trying to make a name for themselves like you?

I would just say to keep pushing and grinding. Networking is key when trying to make your name and face seen. Stay positive at all times doubting yourself and your talent will be your down fall. Here is a jewel i'll share with everyone that we at Zone out Ent use. Team work makes the dream work. If the people and the team you have surrounding you doesn't work then things may not turn out the way you want. So have everything together.

For More On Focus:

Friday, September 10, 2010



TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Sep 12th

1. Eminem - Recovery (UP1)
2. Fantasia - Back To Me (DOWN1)
3. Lyfe Jennings - I still believe (DEBUT)
4. Usher - Raymond vs. Raymond (DOWN1)
5. Drake - Thank Me Later (UP1)
6. Rick Ross - Teflon Don (DOWN2)
7. Fabolous - There is no competition (DEBUT)
8. B.o.B - Adventures .....(DOWN3)
9. Bun B - Trill og (DOWN3)
10. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot (DOWN1)


WBM TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK for the week of 9/12th

1. Eminem f/ Rihanna - Love the way you lie (SAME)
2. Soulja Boy - Pretty boy swag (UP1)
3. Shontelle - Impossilbe (UP1)
4. Waka Flocka Flame - Hard in da paint (UP1)
5. Nicki Minaj - Your love (DOWN3)
6. Drake f/ Lil Wayne - Miss me (UP1)
7. J.Cole - Who dat (UP1)
8. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding you down (UP1)
9. Kanye West - Power (DOWN3)
10. Rick Ross f/ Styles P - B.M.F (UP1)
11. Shareefa f/ Rick Ross - By your side (UP1)
12. Monica - Love all over me (UP1)
13. Neyo f/ Rick Ross - Champagne Life (UP1)
14. T.I f/ Keri Hilson - Got your back (DOWN4)
15. Bruno Mars - Just the way you are (UP1)
16. Taio Cruz f/ Jennifer Lopez - Dynamite (UP1)
17. Trey Songz f/ Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up (UP1)
18. Nelly - Just a dream (UP1)
19. Lil Wayne f/ Drake - Right above it (UP1)
20. Rihanna - Only Girl In The World (DEBUT)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hampton’s Black International Film Festival

Welcome to Through the Photographers Lens,

This year's Hamptons Black International Film Festival was one not to have been missed. To those who did miss it or could not make their way this far East due to the weather, you were sorely missed. To those who did make it out, we can say we were honestly blessed! Blessed by the spirit of brotherhood and artistry that can only come about when great, creative minds both established and up-and-coming, get together.

On behalf of all who were invited, I would like to give a heartfelt and warm thank you to Greta Joanne Entertainment's Angelique Monét, and Premier Sponsor Bluecast Production's P. J. Galati who not only put together an outstanding three day film festival, but also made every effort to make sure that those that were able to make it to the festival were comfortable and had every available amenity in spite of the weather conditions. Thank you for your efforts from us all.

The film festival was kicked off on Thursday night with a VIP party at New York City's Club Amnesia which under the direction of Village Arts Management, rolled out the red carpet to the VIPs and celebs who came out to celebrate with Greta Joanne Entertainment. Village and his team set a very comfortable atmosphere that made networking, mixing and mingling all the more comfortable in a very stylish and elegant way.

Friday it was off to the Hamptons for Part I of the movie screenings at Sag Harbor's Bay Street Theater. Some of the films featured were:

  • "Pressure" Directed by Andre Kendall. A short film about a woman tortured for information by a criminal organization seeking their technological property to be returned.
  • "Dirty: One Word Can Change the World" Directed by Raison, the Zookeeper. A documentary tribute to the late Ol' Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan. Papa Wu (father of the Wu-Tang Clan) was present for the screening and happily did a question and answer afterwards.
  • "The Tango Date" Directed by Jos laniado, Produced by Jos Laniado and Claudio Laniado. A short film about two Tango dancers falling in love.
  • "A Day for a Dark Sky" Directed by P.J. Galati. A short film about a world-class hitman who steps out for the evening and finds himself confronted by old enemies.
Clarendon Entertainment (curated a slate of films)
  • "Cookie" Directed by Francisco Ordonez. A short film about three boys and a streetwalker and their tangled and sorted interactions.
  • "Train" Directed by Darius Clark Monroe. A short film about Carl's late night ride home on the Brooklyn bound F train.
  • "Wake" Directed by Bree Newsome. A short film about a repressed woman who does away with her father and conjures a demon to aid her in creating the man of her dreams or her night mares.
  • "Amazon Women" Directed by Kiara C. Jones. A short film about sexy, sassy Brie and her best friend Asha who are in for a night they will never forget.
  • "Yellow" Directed by Dominga Martin. A short film about a young couple on their first date trying to move cautiously despite their extreme attraction to one another.
  • "Esses Mocos" Directed by Jose Araripe Jr. A feature film about two runaway sisters whose mother forces them to solicit arms.
  • "Una Calle Sin Salida" Directed by Robert Fernandez-Ferreira. A short film about the true events loosely based on the Cocaine Cowboys Documentary.
  • "The Swahili Beat" Directed by Kenny Mann. A short film that is an upbeat look at the remarkable history of the Swahili people of the East African coast.
  • "Gully" Directed by Roderick Giles. A short film about a young thug that is confronted about his life choices by an unforgiving accuser. Starring Tyson Beckford and Shiek Mahmud-Bey.
Later, Friday night we were treated to a screening at the Gurney's Inn of "Joy Road" Directed by Harry A. Davis. A feature film about a public defender who has to defend his sister's boyfriend, a reputed leader of a notorious street gang in Detroit. Starring Wood Harris and N'Bushe Wright.

Saturday morning started Part II of the movie screenings at the Montauk Movie Theater owned and operated by Mr. Dave Rutkowski and his family. The quaint family owned theater provided a very intimate setting where directors, actors, producers, writers and press could all sit elbow to elbow and enjoy these works of art and share Q&A time which allowed everyone to explore the commonalities, thoughts and love for the craft of film making.

Films featured there that are not mentioned above are:

  • "Walking With Life" Directed by Kenny Mann. A short film shot in Senegal following the work of Tostan a non-profit organization that brings human rights education to rural and urban people in Senegal, Guinea and many other African Countries.
  • "The Big Wes" Written, Produced and Directed by Damian Bailey. A funny feature film about a struggling actor who has a fascination with Wesley Snipes and one of the worst days of his life. Starring Damian Bailey, April L. Hernandez-Castillo, Dwayne McGleese and Chris Heuisler.
Clarendon Entertainment's Film Slate (Curated)
  • "The World According to Pop-Pop Dirty Foots" Directed by Christopher Fredericks. Featuring Sherwin Xl. A comedy short about everyday life.
  • "15 Minutes of Fame" Directed Jo D. Jonz. A hysterical comedy about four guys who all do the right things for the wrong reason. Based loosely on the life of director Jo D. Jonz.
The Saturday night's HBIFF signature event 'Cinema on the Beach' was the grand finale of the festival where a veritable who's who of the independent film world were in attendance. On hand multi-media talent and former Ms. Black South Carolina event host Angelique Monét; directors Roderick Giles, Nelson Pereyra, Jo D. Jonz and Jaydee; actress Meah Pace; actor Shiek Mahmud-Bey and performer Jaquan of the "Nasty Boys" just to name a few. Hosted at the Last Hope Lagoon, owned by Kim Knudsen, who along with her team, made this evening of mixing movies on the beach one that no one would forget. (A special thanks from this reporter to Kim for her hospitality and her magical concoction. You have to send that recipe to me for my "Put This in your Mouth" Series.)

Films featured on the beach were:

  • "Closure" Directed by Jaydee. A funny, short dating documentary about a woman and her experiences on ten dates.
  • "Watertime: Surf Travel Diary of a MadMan" Directed by Allan Weisbecker. A short film follow up to his two book memoirs "In search of Captain Zero" and "Can You Get Along With Anyone?" " It's a road film, a surf film, a doggy-buddy film, and a political expose that Michael Moore might do if he had the balls," says Director Allan Weisbecker.
  • "The Date" – Directed by Roderick D. Giles; official selection at the 2001 Urbanworld Film Festival, 2001 Pan African Film & Arts Festival, 2002 San Francisco Black Film Festival (3rd Place winner); licensed to HBO from 2001–2003; aired on BET-J in August 2006; starring Wendell Pierce (HBO's The Wire; Brown Sugar, Waiting to Exhale)
  • "Deceptive" Written & Executive Produced by Angelique Monét. Directed by Roderick Giles. A feature film due to be released October 29th 2010 through Big Cinemas in NYC. Shiek Mahmud-Bey (Night falls on Manhattan, Buffalo Soldiers, Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood), Angelique Monét (East New York), Jas Anderson (Brooklyn's Finest), and Meah Pace (TV's R U the Girl) star in this sexy story of lust, greed, and fame.
The event was nothing short of memorable. Thanks again to Angelique Monét of Greta Joanne Entertainment, P. J. Galati of Bluecast Productions (HBIFF's Premier Sponsor), Last Hope Lagoon, Amnesia NYC, Sag Harbor's Bay Street Theater and The Montauk Movie Theater; The Monte family for showing us such great hospitality at the Gurney's Inn; the directors, producers and writers for making us all think, dream and inspire us to pursue our dreams; and most importantly those who braved the storm to come out and enjoy the film festival. If you missed this one you can certainly catch the next one in 2011 and you can also follow events and new projects by going to for more information.

"It was a great pleasure to host such great filmmakers from all over the world. Our cinema ranged from Brazilian, African, to Latin American. Culture is for everyone. The goal of HBIFF is to nurture emerging talent and promote films that normally we may not have heard about," said Angelique Monét Executive Director and Founder.

Rahim Baskett
MindSoulVision Photography



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WBM Features: Terry Kennedy

On August 12th, 2010 Professional Skater Terry Kennedy launched his new sneaker. WBM West had the opportunity to attend and get some insight from the designer himself.

Interview by: V.C.
Videography: Persona

Terry Kennedy On The Street League With Freddie Gibbs

With V.C. from LeverageStyle, Pro Skater Terry Kennedy during the evening of his sneaker launch talks about his participation with the Street League.

Also featuring hip hop artist, Freddie Gibbs.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking The First Step

Friday, September 3, 2010

An Open Letter To Stop Serving Hate

As we progress through life, we go through a myriad of changes as well as experiences that shape and will continue to shape who we are as individuals-- most of which we will like, some of which we will love, a few we will enjoy and a handful of changes/experiences that rub us entirely the wrong way.

In an open letter in direct response to an experience while in the area where he frequents and patronizes, Andre Melvin Jones Jr. expresses his disappointment regarding the projection of hatred onto others.

Please read this with an open mind. This may have happened to you or someone you know. However, this type of behavior by any means isn't something to welcome, encourage nor should it fall on blind eyes. Andre Melvin Jones Jr. felt compelled enough that even in the face of negativity, used this experience to stand up and use what took place as a catalyst to inspire others in matters that prove rather challenging and attempt to attack our character to stand up with him.

Open Letter To Stop Serving Hate

The greatest step you can take toward change begins first with believing you can. Stand Up. Be Strong. Believe.

Why Blue Matters.



TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday Sep 5th

1. Fantasia - Back To Me (DEBUT)
2. Eminem - Recovery (DOWN1)
3. Usher - Raymond vs. Raymond (UP1)
4. Rick Ross - Teflon Don (DOWN2)
5. B.o.B - Adventures .....(SAME)
6. Drake - Thank Me Later (DOWN3)
7. Bun B - Trill og (DOWN1)
8. Dondria - Dondria vs Phatfffat (DOWN1)
9. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot (DOWN1)
10. Alicia Keys - Element of freedom (DOWN1)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

WBM Inspiration: The Science Of Motivation

Here's some food for thought. Take a look at this lecture from Daniel Pink at the 2009 TED Conference. He has some very good insight into how the mind responds to tasks when incented with reward. The results you'll see are very interesting.

WBM Inspiration. Moving you forward.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WBM Features: Protoman

Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love
and believe in, and it will come naturally.
-David Frost

Upon embarking on anything that's fit for accomplishment what would you say you need with you in order to make it a success?

Now the response may vary from person to person given what it is he or she wants to accomplish considering people may feel they need this or they need that or for that matter nothing at all to do what they have to do and get what they have to get. However, what seems to be consistent across the board, at least with all of WBM's features is above anything else what's brought along for the journey of life toward success is happiness.

Happiness it seems is the ration pack that provides that next bit of energy when we don't have enough, the confidence when there's any doubt, and the freedom to do any and everything. Take Protoman for example.

Happiest most when creating music that affects the lives of others, Protoman of Florida has this ability with words that demand attention, especially when placed over head nodding beats. You can hear it in each song all the way down to how he delivers each verse which by will get even better over time considering his greatest motivating factor is his daughter.

Take some time out to get to get up close and personal with not only one of Florida's great, but one of Hip Hop's and Rawkus50 as well.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

So tell the world a little bit about yourself:

Protoman: I record mostly hip hop and perform as much I can. I love Florida and Florida loves me back. I couldn't name you 5 hits on the radio as of today but could chronologically name every rap song that was released in 1984 and drop a little known studio fact of their recording sessions.

Who is Protoman?

Protoman is a character I try to detain - a sort of war machine. Misunderstood yet many people seem to relate. I try to keep Protoman separate from my personal life, but he creeps in unwillingly. If I were Protoman 100% of the time I would be in jail or dead.

How you come up with the stage name?

Protoman: I wanted a super villain yet a superhero in variation. Guess it depends who the listener is and where they come from. The name represents a prototype, human, but with flaws most "normal" people do not carry. It's also the name of my favorite video game character of all time.

Where are you from?

Protoman: I was born in Texas but moved to South Florida as a little kid. I think I'll end up in Florida forever. People think I'm crazy for that.


Protoman: I love mixing music - thats my secret interest (I don't tell my rapper friends because they'll want to render my services for free). I love playing basketball every week and pretending I'm Wade while chewing gum. Another interest is thrift shops. I love the way they smell and you meet some good folks there.

What does music mean to you?

Protoman: Music means expression and creativity mixed with emotion. It means doing whatever you feel is right and pushing the envelope no matter what people think. It means inspiration to others and being the voice for people who want to be heard.

How long have you been involved?

Protoman: I just got a decade under my belt. I should get a grant or something from the government like they do in Norway to make music.

When did you know that music was something that you wanted to pursue?

Protoman: Probably when I realized it made me the most happy. There is nothing better than working for days on a song and listening to it for the first time in it's completion. Then playing that song on stage and people seem to enjoy it. That's the cherry.

What inspires and motivates you?

Protoman: That feeling once again. Also coffee and occasional cigarettes. Honestly, it's fans. I remember when I realized the impact I had was when this girl wrote me and said, "I listen to your songs every morning while I drive to work and it makes me feel good while stuck in traffic" That's what keeps it going for me.

You have a very unique delivery, what goes into the creation of your songs?

Protoman: Lots and lots of things. But basically making something totally different from the last song but still keeping that signature sound. Sometimes you just mash ideas together in rhyme form and throw it at the wall and hope it sticks. Sometimes it's very premeditated and planned.

What lead to your being recognized by Rawkus?

Protoman: Personally it meant a lot because I idolized that label growing up when I was 15 or so. It's was a trip to be working with them 8 years later. Even though it was short lived and independent Hip Hop isn't what it use to be, I'm convinced that If I was this age now back in Rawkus' prime it would have been a wrap. I would have been getting an intro on Soundbombing II mixed by the Beat Junkies. I think being recognized proved to a lot of cats I'm here to stay. Even though it feels like the wrong era, I'm still here.

Biggest Accomplishment?

Protoman: Becoming a father and being content with this "grown up" thing. Being there for my daughter and they fulfillment that comes with it is the best reward. There is nothing better I can ever create or accomplish than her.

What type of impact would you like to make with your music?

Protoman: I want to be responsible for something important. Whether it's performing while two lost souls meet at my show and make a baby that will cure some serious disease or me showing my imperfections and mistakes to give people direction for their own lives -- it has to be big and meaningful in the big picture. I will not be content when I finally burn out or fade away and people can only say, ''yeah, Protoman was dope. The stuff he did with Sebino was fresh". That's not enough. I'm not trying to change the world but I want to make a dent in it.

Who have you worked with so far?

Protoman: I don't do as many collaborations as I should but some rappers/producers I have worked with are, Fusik, Bernbiz from Mayday!, DJ Slice, DJ Immortal, DJ Idee, Crazy Hood, DJ Final, Numonics, Bleubird and a lot of really great people I could type all day.

Any anyone you like to work with in the future?

Protoman: I want an EL-P remix of Redman, Ludacris and myself with original production from Rick Ruben put out on pink vinyl only.

What's next for Protoman?

Protoman: More records and more shows. I got a full-length I'm working really hard on now. I think a lot people will be surprised with the sound.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their aspirations in music?

Protoman: Do it for the love. Music cannot be monetized like you think it can. Be genuine and be yourself, that's when you will lay down your best work and get real fans that will support you.

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