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Sunday, September 12, 2010

WBM Presents: Focus

Growing up in the streets of Queens, NY. Focus of Zone Out Ent. was born Bryan Bernard. Focus has made great strides in life as well as with his music. He finds passion in what he feels is not only a part of his life but his soul as well. Artist Focus with great passion shares with WBM insight on himself and what he is proud to call his music.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Focus the artist?

Focus is a diverse new bread of Hip Hop. With an interesting story to tell through out my rhymes, it's like poetry for the soul when my words are placed on a track.

What is Zone Out Ent?

It's a company run by myself, Dj Moluv and a fellow artist by the name of J. Philly. I came up with Zone out a few years back and over the years i've started to take the name more serious. I felt it could become a household name and brand. We're not a movement we're a way of life. Thats our slogan and what we go by.

Where had music taken you from when first starting out to today?

Music has taken me today to working in various different studios. Networking with many different artists, Dj's, producers etc. Believe it or not I first started recording my rhymes on a karaoke machine. After mastering my skills on that level I moved on to using my computer using a program called Goldware. I was using a plastic computer microphone. Funny thing is you had to record straight through with no mistakes or you'de have to start from the top. So yeah music has taken me so far already and i'm only going to go further. If I keep pushing and progressing i'll go anywhere with music.

Did you ever expect your skills and talent to reach the level it's at now?

Yes and no. Of course because I am my biggest fan and I feel my music is great, but I can and will get better. I'll get better over time and perfecting. At the same time i'm very humble and I know I am good. Now from a no stand point there's always that "what if im not good enough" feeling. With all my experience i'm not as far as I want to be but it will be in gods time which is the best.

Who and what is your inspiration?

My inspiration is of course my family and our lifestyle. everyone deserves better. The day to finally tell my mom she doesn't have to work anymore is at the top of my list. I love her so much and she deserves the best.

Where do you want to hear your music besides NY?

I want my music to be heard everywhere. West coast, mid west, the southern region, over seas. Third world countries and even the moon (laughing). Someday in space if thats possible.

What type of crowd or genre do you say your music focuses on?

My music is definitely for every and I stress the word every genre. It can move any crowd because I make songs that cater to different people and situations also different lifestyles. Of course many different age groups as well. I write from an artists stand point as well as from what my fans would feel and would want to hear. You have to please the fan base you want and I want every culture males and females to become my fans and supporters.

What can we expect from you in the future?

For starters my debut mixtape "Against All Odds" dropped earlier this year. It was hosted by Dj Jay West of Desert storm. It's available for free downloads at You can surely expect to hear me on some radio shows. I'll be doing shows at many events giving back to the community at functions benifiting kids. You name it im going to do what I do to be there. I also have some new music coming for everyone which you can check out on my site coming very soon at Look out for me making appearances in different photoshoots and just about any and everything positive. I'm going to have my hand or fingertips on it all.

Any advice for artists trying to make a name for themselves like you?

I would just say to keep pushing and grinding. Networking is key when trying to make your name and face seen. Stay positive at all times doubting yourself and your talent will be your down fall. Here is a jewel i'll share with everyone that we at Zone out Ent use. Team work makes the dream work. If the people and the team you have surrounding you doesn't work then things may not turn out the way you want. So have everything together.

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