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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WBM Features: Em Dot

Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.
-Sholem Asch

As a society filled a number of different ideas, we never really know how far our thoughts can really take us. We start off as having dreams of doing this and doing that to then after a period of time, end up doing something completely different. However, regardless of how ever changing our minds may be when determining what moves us, what it really comes down to is the fact that we're still being inspired and more than ever.

Our next feature is so inspired, that his dreams have allowed him to take off and set forth toward what he wants most. This interestingly enough, happens to be the ability to make impact using music as a catalyst. Em Dot, an upcoming hip hop artist from Connecticut has gotten to a point where he's ready to fly. In fact, Em Dot is at a point where he's on auto-pilot which also serves as the name of his latest project.

Take flight with Em Dot. WOOSH!

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Em Dot?

Em Dot is a hungry artist just trying to speak his mind and do what he loves the most for a living .. make music.

How you come up with the stage name?

Em Dot is a nick name a friend called me one day, I ran with it but also added a meaning to the name E M standing for everything music & money. DOT signifying a period meaning: everything music, everything money period ..

Where are you from?

Em Dot: Born in Stamford, Connecticut but moved to another town in CT called Bridgeport where I currently stay.


Em Dot: Music, money, girls, food, keeping peace, parties, writing, oh i could go on for ever. lol

What does music mean to you?

Em Dot: Music means life to me, its the thing I'm most motivated to do, I put music before a lot of things, music is not only fun to do because in my case its also a source of therapy I love music and it means the world to me.

How long have you been involved?

Em Dot: I've been writing since about 3rd grade, but I started really rapping about 5 years back.

When did you know that music was something that you wanted to pursue?

Em Dot: The times when I would zone out and write to beats all day, forgetting I had other things to do. When I realized words are always in my head & when I release them I feel better about life, there will be days were I say I don't even want to do music today, but I'll still catch myself in the booth. The day I woke up & said its music or death. Yeah.

What inspires and motivates you?

Em Dot: Knowing I could be playing in peoples car as they are driving, I could be bumping from a boom box in a kitchen while someone is cooking, to know people feel what I say and enjoy me, expressing myself. I'm also motivated by hearing how whack some of these artist that out there are. It shows me if they can be on, I can be on too. So many things inspire me its crazy.

What goes into the creation of your songs?

Em Dot: My mood, my thoughts, my opinions, my side of the story, my words, my life, my passion, my heart. Sometimes I rap to be funny, sometimes I rap about situations people could relate to, a lot goes into my songs. That was a good question.

Biggest Accomplishment?

Em Dot: Being self made, doing a lot of this all by myself, being self motivated, being 3 mixtapes deep & hearing my own progress, I mean I haven't accomplished too much YET.

What type of impact would you like to make with your music?

Em Dot: The rapper who keeps it real, doesn't fabricate or pretends, the rapper people most relate to, that rapper who has a song for ever mood.

What's your new project, Auto-Pilot all about?

Em Dot: It's all about having fun first. I'm speaking my mind while exaggerating, adding humor, also just giving my point of view of life. You bump auto pilot before you go to work or play a sport and it'll have you nice lol.

Any anyone you like to work with in the future?

Em Dot: Who ever I get to bump into & respect musically.

What's next for Em Dot?

Em Dot: Who knows, hopefully a record deal, maybe more show.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their aspirations in music?

Em Dot: Stay focused on what you want, and always be open to grow and improve yourself.

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