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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WBM CARES: Facts about Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse is a subject most like to hide and not talk about. Sexually abused people become caught between loyalty to or dependence on the perpetrator. The feeling of being ashamed at doing something "wrong."

Over time, the sexually abused develop low self-esteem, feeling worthless, feeling dirty have a messed up view of sexuality.

Here are some SIGNS to recognize the sexually abused:

Withdrawal and mistrust of adults, suicidal thoughts, Difficulty relating to others, more open to living promiscuous lives, or total opposite an unusual interest in or avoidance of all things sexual, problems sleeping, frequent nightmares, fears of going to bed, self-injurious behaviors, Secretive, unusual aggressiveness, more prone to obsessions, compulsiveness, phobias, Habit disorders (biting, rocking) might force sexual acts upon others, extreme fear of being touched, unwillingness to submit to physical examination...etc.

The effects of early sexual abuse that last well into adulthood, affecting relationships, work, family, and life in general.

Low self-esteem, depression, self-destructiveness (suicide and self-mutilation), guilt, shame, self-blame, constant search for approval.

Betrayal: Impaired ability to trust, blurred boundaries and role confusion, rage and grief, difficulty forming relationships.
Helplessness, anxiety, fear, tendency towards re-victimization, panic attacks.
Isolation, sense of being different, stigmatized, lack of supports, poor peer relations.

If the rape or molestation was committed by an individual of the same sex, questions regarding sexual orientation tend to arise. Female victims will frequently develop sexually promiscuous lifestyles in an effort to "conquer" the situation and bring it under their control.

Holding it in does not solve the issue. There is help out there, if you or anyone you know have survived this or is currently going through this please get help.
Help for child sexual abuse: 1-888-PREVENT (1-888-773-8368)
Stop It Now. 1-800-656-HOPE
National Domestic Violence/Child Abuse/ Sexual Abuse: 800-799-SAFE
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)
If you need help now, please click here | Continue to

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