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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WBM Presents Vagabonds

WBM presents Vagabonds, coming out of Miami making themselves a house hold name in the HipHop Music scene. Take a minute and get to know these uprising artists.

Introduce yourselves to the people who already dont know who you are.

Baysiqly: I go by the name of Baysiqly, and I represent half of the Vagabonds. The real me haha, I'm honestly your everyday person. Everything you hear in my music comes from my everyday life, my experiences and how I view the world to be around me. Theres a void in society that hip-hop hasn't exploited yet or at least hasn't done so for a while and we're just trying to bring back the goodness and realness to music by relating our actual lives, nothing really ficitional, just raw audio.

E.R.: I'm E.R., the production half of the Vagabonds duo. We've accomplished our biggest goal of 2010 already, which is basically establishing our company, establishing our duo as an up & coming entity in Miami hip-hop, and at this point we're just looking to continue to make our buzz bigger and bigger and eventually leaving a dent in this industry. Right now we're working with a lot of artists here in South Florida, our upcoming single "Predictions" and all the behind-the-scenes business regarding that, and completing our debut album, "Telekinesis", which drops early 2011.

Explain the difference between the u on stage and the u off stage?

Baysiqly: I actually have a couple different personas, my stage name varies at times, haha. I mean I'm still known as Baysiqly but I also share the stage with my alter ego, "Dreamer". "Baysiqly" is the main person on stage, the one with most of the songs who constantly has to go through every aspect of the game, but every once in a while "Dreamer" comes out. "Dreamer" is pretty much a part of my early childhood all the way up to high school, before the chaos of the game, the politics, finances, and rules, etc. "Dreamer" represents my long life goal of just making a living off music and enjoying it. "Dreamer" is the kid who used to be in class picturing himself in front of a packed crowd and doing what he loves best. That dream never dies.

E.R.: My stage persona is the real me. E.R. is Eddy from Eastside Little Havana and vice versa. Every thing, person, place, and situation I write about is something that Eddy has gone through, the good, the bad, the ugly. From the hoe stories, to the struggles, the good times, mentioning tears coming down from my old girl's eyes, and the industry struggles we've encountered so far, that's all my real life. I joke with people in my life all the time, you may or may not like what I say in a song because it can be something that happened between us, but I have to keep it real at all times.

How long have you been in the Music game?

E.R.: I've been a fan since I was born because hip-hop was always around me, but I've been doing this since 2005. Since I started I always worked with Baysiqly, as part of an older scenario which didn't work out well, but I take it as a blessing because Baysiqly and I learned exactly what we're supposed to do and not do in order to succeed in this game.

Baysiqly: I've been around music before I even heard hip hop, but as far as taking a serious liking to it and wanting to advance myself I'd say I've been doing this since 2004. There were many trials and tribulations, but it was all for a good cause because it allowed me to be where in the position I'm at today to steer head my own career.

Greatest accomplishment so far in life?

E.R.: Starting Vagabonds Music Group, definitely. From literally having just one song, "Space Music", go get 20,000 downloads in over one month from PURE word of mouth on Facebook and Twitter, no marketing company behind it or anything, to establishing Vagabonds Music Group and releasing our debut mixtape "V For Vendetta" and becoming a known entity in Miami hip-hop and gaining the respect of all our peers. We've done all this in under a year, so I'm definitely looking forward to what the future holds.

Baysiqly: Good question. Most people would say things like finishing school, winning some kind of award or something like that, but my greatest accomplishment so far has been just being alive to wake up doing what I love. Starting this company with my partner and pushing it forward literally building it from the ground up has been a major accomplishment for me. I never felt as satisfied when I finished school as I felt when I signed the ownership papers for VMG.

What are some of your Interest(s)?

Baysiqly: Besides the obvious like sports, movies, and games, I'm a very motivated and bussiness oriented person. I usually study and research different comapnies that are succeeding in this reccession and try to see how I could go about making the right moves to bring success to my company or my future endeavors. I'm sort of big on entrepreneurship, I've owned a couple of bussiness, some in which I've had to let loose but I dedicate myself to keep trying and eventually success will show. There's nothing better than running your own bussiness and earning your way beyond the means of mediocracy. One life, one chance take it.

E.R.: I'm into basketball, I've been a life-long Heat fan, if I'm not mistaken their franchise came into town a year after I was born, so my pops always had me around that. I'm also into business like Baysiqly said, just seeing what they do to come up and become successful, and how they work and interact with other business to cross-market their materials to their respective markets and how we can apply that to the music business. I'm also into stuff your normal rapper wouldn't be in haha, like those travel shows, like Anthony Burdain and Bizarre Foods, because it inspires me to work hard and think how we can take our music overseas and infect other cultures with what we bring into the world musically.

What's your ultimate goal in life?

E.R.: To make a living out of this music thing. I can honestly say this is what I live for and it's my passion. Besides that I want to be make sure my old girl is taken care of with this so she can relax for the rest of her life and just kick it like she's never been able to.

Baysiqly: My goal in life is to achieve all that I set out to achieve and hold nothing back.

What do you like most about being in the business?

Baysiqly: The love for music is what attracts me the most. Being in the business has it's negative and positives, long nights, constant traveling, being broke most of the time, no real sense of security BUT when I work it feels like I'm playing. Everything is natural and time goes by quicker than a blink of an eye. I enjoy doing what I do because it's for a greater cause. The benefits outweigh the negatives because once that comfort zone is reached, the sky is the limit.

E.R.: Just seeing how we can go from being born have-not's to making something out of ourselves doing the exact opposite of what you're taught when you're young. I also love the fact that I get to meet people from all walks of life, who connect with us because of our equal love for music, and gaining their respect for what we do, and last but definitely not last, making these fans with our music, knowing we affect their lives on an everyday basis just giving them something to listen to that they can relate to.

What's the thought process behind your works?
- from personal experience?
- mere creativity?

E.R.: As far as beats go, I pretty much have two separate processes for them. When I just make tracks in my own spare time, which can usually either go to Baysiqly or to other artists I'm interested in working with or vice versa, I usually just go all out. I find what's out in hip-hop to be pretty stale these days as far as production is concerned, so I like to take other genres and mix it with our Vagabonds band of hip-hop. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of latin music, old soul music, Brazilian bossa nova and just mixing it with what we do. When it comes to Vagabonds tracks, I usually like for Baysiqly to hit me with a theme or idea, and I'll create a beat around that, or I'll have an idea of what we should talk about and make the beat and shoot it to him with a hook already.

As far as lyrics go, I just speak on my life. We have a song on our album called "Familiar Circumstances". My verse basically details the economic downfall we've experienced as a country between 2008 and now, with all the layoffs, diseases, crime and what have you, but I flipped the script in a way some people may not like. These issues and concerns are all over the media now that it's affecting middle-class and upper-class white America, but these are all things that have plagued us latinos and blacks in the ghetto for YEARS, but it was never anyone's concerns until now, which is why we had to step in and basically say: "this ain't news to me, these are our Familiar Circumstances".

Baysiqly: As mentioned earlier, most of my songs come from personal experience and I use music to bring them out to the public. It also comes from creativity because for any track or any topic, I could easily adjust to and make a record out of it. For example, on one of the songs from our upcoming album "Telekinesis", I made a song viewing life from the point of view of an eagle.
It symbolizes my actual reality and the things I've had to deal with, for example the opening lines go:

"Crack goes the shell, out grows the wings/
in comes the light, up are the dreams/
I gotta learn to fly.../
I gotta push, and say hello to the sky/"

That pretty much represents my birth in this world and my wanting to be head above clouds
and soaring beyond means of expectations.

What inspires and motivates you?

Baysiqly: Life, Family and financial freedom, and of course the man upstairs.

E.R.: Music, what our future holds, financial freedom, and the satisfaction of knowing this can have both my parents relaxing for the rest of their lives and maybe even putting my sister through school if she wanted to get that advanced into her schooling.

How was life changed for you since being you started?

E.R.: I don't feel as lost anymore. I know that I'm doing exactly what's in my heart and my soul. Everyone was like it's important to go to school and get a good job and do this and do that and do the third, but I can honestly say, NOTHING but music makes me happy. Being accepted by our peers who do music and by fans in our hometown, I know my gut feeling is validated and because of it, you can ask anybody I know, my life, schedule, and the way I do things all revolves around music.

Baysiqly: Honestly life has pretty much been the same, I deal with the same issues except now it's on a greater scale. Music is the only thing that keeps me level headed in this crazy world. I joke around with my partner E.R. and I tell him that, but the truth is I wouldn't be able to function right without this music shit.

What would you be doing now, if you never started doing music?

Baysiqly: Selling insurance hahaha, or working for some kind of social work agency.

E.R.: I can't even imagine this situation, but if music was never a part of my life, I'd have to say I would have studied either psychology, sociology, or language. I guess when you really look at it, those three things come up in our music all the time haha.

What are you listening to in your iPod these days? Why?

Baysiqly: Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and some old school joints. I'm really feeling that Midwest vibe, there's a lot of good music coming from there. I'm not really into the norms of hip hop.

E.R.: Just like Baysiqly said, I'm really feeling what's coming out of the Midwest right now. You can catch me jamming to Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Tech N9ne, Freddie Gibbs. I also like what Big K.R.I.T. and Wiz Khalifa are doing these days, but besides them I'm just listening to the classics, 'Pac, Ice Cube, OutKast, UGK, Eightball and MJG, basically the dudes who inspired me to do this to begin with.

What has been your favorite job you've done so far?

E.R.: If you're from Miami, you're gonna laugh, but my favorite job had BY FAR had to be PRC. To give you some insight, about 80% of people who have graduated high school in Miami have worked at PRC at one point in time, it's basically a call center for whatever company they have you take you calls for. But at the location I was at, and at the point in time I was there, which was fresh out of high the stuff that used to go down in was like a party everyday, that's as far as I'll go with that topic hahaha, but I will say this, I've pretty much hated every job I've had after that.

Baysiqly: I'm a BIG time movie fan and I think the best job I've had so far has to be when I was 16 years old working for AMC theaters. Man I'd watch movies on and off the clock for free. Those were the days.

What are you currently working on ?

E.R.: We're working on the behind-the-scenes work for our debut single, "Predictions", including the marketing and the concept of the video and all that. We're also working on our debut album we're releasing early next year, Telekinesis. We're also working with a ton of artists in our collaboration series to cross our fan bases and build in an industry that basically holds us artists back.

Baysiqly: Right now we are currently doing a project series where we collaborate with different artists both local and national and exploit both talents, allowing fans to hear different aspects of our creativity. We are also in works for shooting the video for our upcoming single "Predictions".

Does any negativity from the media ever affect you in anyway?

Baysiqly: There is negativity everywhere, It could be at your job, school, or even the supermarket. I never get influenced by negativity because simply there is no time for it. The media and those who run it makes it their goals to put forth controversy, it's best avoided by handling it correctly and paying it no mind.

E.R.: Just like Baysiqly said, there's negativity everywhere you look, but I can honestly say, unless I'm wrong, we've never gotten ANY negative press, we've been getting nothing but love from all the media outlets that have covered us and what we do, and we're definitely thankful for it.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their dreams?

E.R.: Keep pushing, those closest to you will not look at it as anything more than a phase or a hobby until money comes in the picture, and people will not take you serious until they see moves being made, but if it's really in your heart, you HAVE to keep pushing. As long as you truly have a talent, and a desire to make it, there's only two things from stopping you, yourself or death.

Baysiqly: Stay consistent, things may be rough at first but eventually you'll find your niche and you'll be on your way. Giving up or even worst, not trying is the absolute last thing you want to do.

What do you want to be remembered by?

Baysiqly: If i could affect just one person's life through my music, I would be ok with that.

E.R.: I want Baysiqly and I to be remembered as two of the best niggas to ever do this music thing, and to leave an impact on our hometown. I'd also love to be remembered for our business sense, which unfortunately not all artists have. As E-40 once said, to be "two of the grizzliest, Godzilla ass niggas, to ever touch the mic" hahaha.

Anything else you would like the world to know about you?

E.R.: I just want the world to know that for those who appreciate our music and what we do, thank you, we appreciate you a thousand times more. For those who want us to fail, keep waiting because we refuse to let it happen.

Baysiqly: The world should stay tuned and keep listening.

Any rumors you want to clear up ,or anything you want to get off your chest?

Baysiqly: No rumors as of yet, but I'm sure they are coming, and I'll be ready. I definitely want to thank Why Blue Matters for having us. We definitely support you guys and I also want to thank everyone who keeps up with us on an everyday basis, without the fans there would be no music. The perfect way to reach me is through twitter, @_baysiqly_ and our website

E.R.: There's no rumors that I know of, but when they do come around we'll let you know and we can laugh at them and dismiss them. I just want to thank all the fans for their support, and thank Why Blue Matters for having us. I just wanna say "Predictions" is coming next month, and "Telekinesis" is coming early 2011...peace!

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