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Friday, September 3, 2010

An Open Letter To Stop Serving Hate

As we progress through life, we go through a myriad of changes as well as experiences that shape and will continue to shape who we are as individuals-- most of which we will like, some of which we will love, a few we will enjoy and a handful of changes/experiences that rub us entirely the wrong way.

In an open letter in direct response to an experience while in the area where he frequents and patronizes, Andre Melvin Jones Jr. expresses his disappointment regarding the projection of hatred onto others.

Please read this with an open mind. This may have happened to you or someone you know. However, this type of behavior by any means isn't something to welcome, encourage nor should it fall on blind eyes. Andre Melvin Jones Jr. felt compelled enough that even in the face of negativity, used this experience to stand up and use what took place as a catalyst to inspire others in matters that prove rather challenging and attempt to attack our character to stand up with him.

Open Letter To Stop Serving Hate

The greatest step you can take toward change begins first with believing you can. Stand Up. Be Strong. Believe.

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