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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pieces For Love

In an effort to become more and more who we really should be, it was requested as per a great friend of mine to provide some insight into a phenomenal post she made on Facebook yesterday.
She's quoted as saying,

"A real man doesn't love a million girls. He loves one girl in a million ways."

At first read I was taken completely aback because it was so, in so many words wow. However upon closer read, I saw that her post resulted in a number of varying perspectives (somewhere around 60 or better) which I thought great as well (created a nice exchange of dialog between everyone), I had lend something as best I could. Little did I know, the response not only changed my life as I typed each word, but allowed me to reach a higher understanding that I hope shape your perspective about happenings in you life as well.

So in response to the comments of everyone, including the initial post this was the thought:

The thoughts of everyone are received well and taken with great consideration.

To all the men & ladies: love is a choice based on experience (good, bad or indifferent). Our ability to choose is determined by our level of understanding. ...Given the mind perceives something way until proven otherwise is what we will repeat again and again. We are creatures of habit. Lanuage, lifestyle, culture, etc. you name it, is the result of repeated influence.

So how we accept and/or neglect the amount people we love is in direct proportion to our experience and how it influences the mind. As an individual, for example, if I was subject to certain varibles whether traditional, from learned observation, or societal norms, how I respond is the byproduct of these stimuli. However, I can at any point should I choose to, choose otherwise. It is a decision and conscious one at that.

Can a man love one woman a million ways? Yes.
Can he love million women? Yes
Should he choose to.

Choice is up to you.

I've made mine [choice] and regardless of if there exists attracting stimuli from a million others, I choose the a million and one or however many reasons it requires to stay with the one I'm with.

"Some people spend their whole lives for this
Some people walk around in constant search of it
Others wonder if it's worth the risk
And if it doesn't work, then they're the first to split.
Some time you gotta go through hurt a bit
to recognize if they're the one you should be with
rule of thumb, that if at first you sense
connection far beyond the mind, you hold to it."

Time is expensive. Choose how you spend yours.


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