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Monday, September 28, 2009

Never Say Can't

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

LIQ is not just a rapper, his voice has a place in hip hop. At age, 5 he got his first drum set and from then on music was his main focus in life. Liq was influenced to do music by his great grandfather Leonard G. Chadwick who played with jazz great, Count Basie and the Kansas City Blue Devils. In 2007 Liq formed the promotional company Liquor Store Ent. since he has become one of the top Entertainment Companies in Sacramento California. Liq makes beats, raps, throws parties, and has time to be a father amongst other things. He is a true business man that doesn’t know the word can't.

[As told to Why Blue Matters]

How long have you been in the game?

I've been involed in music since I was a kid, but only as of the past few yrs. have I been actually getting paid for what I do. so technically only a few yrs.

What's your greatest accomplishment so far in life?

MY KIDS I have 2 beautiful, healthy, smart kids; girl & boy Love ‘em 2 death. Other than them, my greatest & most difficult accomplishment is that I’ve managed to create a solid, respected name in the business world without a college degree while staying well respected through out the streets.


Tell me a little bit about yourself:

Under all the materialistic shit I’m jus a Average Joe, I love to travel as well as chill at the house wit my girl and the kids. Growing up I never went to the same school for more than 2 yrs, didn’t stay in the same city for more than 3! so I adapted to all environments. There's never a uncomfortable moment for me.

What's your ultimate goal in life?

I want my name to be a Brand....So well known u forget that I am a actual person. Like Walmart- that was a guy named Wally, Johnson & Johnson, etc, these are actual people.

What do you like most about being in the business?

The freedom!! My Dad once told me if u find something u love and find a way to make a living from it then its not considered a job.

What's the thought process behind your works?
-from personal experience?

Musically everything I do is from personal experience or situations. If I'm mad at the world I'll make mad ass songs if I’m feeling fly & my swag is on a hunid (hundred) thousand trillion then my music will reflect.

-mere creativity?
Creatively I just let it rip! Sometimes I write sometimes i dont just depends on how i feel.

What inspires and motivates you?

Seeing People close to me Succeed , if one week you kicking it with your folks then the nexts he all on mtv & bet that will motivate the shit outta you!

How was life changed for you since being you started as a rapper?

My life aint changed none. I always had ways of gettin money. Maybe a few people in the club mite recognize me from a video or something or a few more groupies in my face but other than that same ol same ol.

What would you be doing now, if you never started doing music?

I can't imagine that. That's like asking what I would be doing if I was never born. Thats how important music is to me.

What are you listening to in your ipod these days?

MySelf! and my potnas (friends)

Cuz i be feelin myself !lol and I only support nigs.

What has been your favorite job you've done so far?

Promoting/throwing shows. Its like gettn paid to party! Cant beat that!

Does any negativity from the media ever affect you in anyway?

Never! I was Raised around negativity . Negativity makes a positve person stronger.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their dreams?

Stay Focused! And believe in YOURSELF cuz nobody will if u dont. AND take criticism for what its worth bad or good. If they say your music is wack work to be doper, if they say your music is dope except it but dont have content, there's ALWAYS someone better! REMEMBER THAT!

What do you want to be remembered by?

My Word(s) -- My word as a man and my words as an artist.

Anything else you would like the world to know about you?

I look mad most the time but im Cooler than a sunday breeze. I like long walks on the beach , spicy food and Humming Birds LoL NAW! For real tho I take my music serious and tho I MAKE music for the people i DO IT for ME! I dont know the difference from hiphop or rap or gangsta rap its ALL RAP MUSIC No! better yet its all MUSIC!

For more on LIQ:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

WBM Top 20

TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday September 26

1. Jay-z, Rihanna, & Kanye West - Run this town (SAME)
2. Drake, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne - Successful (UP3)
3. Fabolous, The Dream - Throw it in the bag (DOWN1)
4. Drake - Best I ever had (DOWN1)
5. Drake - Forever (UP10)
6. Gucci Mane, Plies - Wasted (SAME)
7. Dorrough - Ice cream paint job (DOWN3)
8. Young Money - Every girl (DOWN1)
9. Pitbull - Hotel room service (SAME)
10. Mario, Gucci Mane, Sean Garrrett - Break up (SAME)
11. Mariah Carey, Gucci Mane - Obsessed (SAME)
12. Flo Rida, Ne-yo - Be on you (SAME)
13. Yo Gotti - 5 star chick (SAME)
14. Maxwell - Pretty wings (SAME)
15. Keri Hilson, Kanye West, Ne-yo- Knock you down (UP1)
16. Plies - Becky (UP1)
17. Twista - Wetter (SAME)
18. Trey Songz, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy - LOL (UP1)
19. Mary Mary - God in me (DEBUT)
20. Jeremih - Imma Star (SAME)

compiled by radio spins, radio requests, and billboard charts

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Each one of you has something no one else has, or has ever had: your fingerprints, your brain, your heart. Be an individual. Be unique. Stand out. Make noise. Make someone notice. That's the power of individuals.
-Jon Bon Jovi

Uncategorized, what happens when you can't put a label on ones talent? You get Joella, A gifted song writer with substance and a college graduate with bachelor degrees under her belt. You also get a dancer with many years of training and an actor who's simply a force to be reckoned with. She's breaking the mold and maknig everyone embrace music in a different way.

Music doesn't always have to look or sound a certain way. Dare to be different, dare to take a chance, dare you to check out Joella.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

So tell me a little bit about yourself:

Well I just recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. I have my Bachelors in English and one in Creative Writing (which is like our school equivalent for Journalism) So now I'm completely focused on my career, which is my music. But besides singing, I love dancing, writing (short stories, literary journalism, poems, screenplays), and from time to time i get back to practicing the piano, which I played for about 8 years.

What can you most attribute your musical ability to?

I would attribute it to the fact that my mother put me in music so early in my life. At the age of 3 I was playing the violin. (Yes 3)And then by the age of about 8 or 9 I started playing the piano. Sometime in between then I was enrolled in drama classes, dance classes (tap, ballet, modern, jazz, african, hip hop) and was in a choir at church and one at my music school. I've received scholarships from the NJPAC in Newark to pursue these instruments, so they essentially paid or partially paid for my lessons.

What's your genre of music?

I don't really want to put myself in a genre just because I love all types but I guess pop and r&b would most closely sum it up.

What do you like most about being a singer/songwriter?

It's the best thing in the world to be able to connect to people using your words. I remember the first time I put up A Kiss on myspace and this girl in like Florida loved it so much she put it on her page! I didn't know her from a can of paint, but to know that I had that affect on her just using things that I love, my voice and my words, it just really made me feel like wow, this is something you really need to pursue. This is something you really need to do because if you can touch someone like 8 states away, theres clearly alot more instore. When people can relate to what you have to say, it also is a sign that its ok to be you, because other people are experiencing similar experiences. And who wouldn't want to make others happy just by being themself?

What's the thought process behind your works?

As an English and Creative Writing Major, I think I try to keep the craft of writing substance in my songs and lyrics. I have another song called Empty Cup which is a mixtape track, and it's basically a metaphor for the way that I feel. I think it's important to keep that in music because that's what sets aside the pros from the.... well you know. I just think that there's a reason some people can write and some people can't. But lately, companies are so concerned with what sells, my dog can probably send something in that has hot production and they would give it to someone like Rihanna [no shots] and sell it, and its sad. It's sad we're getting away from the ART of music and the ART of words and literary elements like puns, metaphors, oxymorons, alliteration, allusions, and I can go on, just so that we have music thats "easier" for people to remember. (I.E. repeating one line hooks) We've got to get back to this art that people like Smokey Robinson have mastered, and put the art back in recording artist. So with my own work, I try to incorporate these elements.

I also write from the heart. If I feel myself trying to write to a track because it sounds sad or whatever, but I'm not feeling that way, I immediately stop myself and say, this is for another day. The one thing I've learned is that you cannot write what you do not know. You just can't. It's not real. You can't reference material or experiences and thus draw from it, if it never happened! No one will get it, and they will know that it was not real. All you have in this world is your body and your word. Everything else can be taken away instantly. So if you are writing tracks that are not coming from you, then what are you doing? So I try to make sure every song written is genuine and comes from me and is a result of my experiences, because I've found that although we are all different, love and life are two universal themes that we all experience at some time or another.

I'm not that much of an open person and I think I get that from my mom. But I do use my songs to express how I feel. So someone (like an ex or even a boyfriend) may not know directly how I feel, but if they listen to a song, they would definitely know because I pour my heart out in my songs. I'm more comfortable venting in my songs because although people will hear it and essentially know how I feel, its somewhat of a secret outlet for me because I'm not directly saying it to that person.

What inspires and motivates you?

Everything and everyone. Good people, bad people, friends, enemies, etc. Just recently I came out of a relationship where it's clear that we still love each other, or atleast I think so lol. But some things that were said about me and to me were pretty hurtful and also pretty eye opening in the sense that it seemed they didn't really know me after all, and that there were some things I still needed to work on. These are the types of things that inspire me because I use that fuel to possibly write a song, or even to work harder towards achieving my goal with my career. And I just keep working and never look back because I want to show them "look, look how far I've come as a person and as an artist. You thought I was this or that, but I'm now showing you my capabilities and now you cannot deny that I am growing and conquering everything that I set out to." So I take any and every experience, whether positive or negative to motivate me. I have alot to prove. And I'm going to do it/am in the process of doing it.

How long have you been involved in music?

Since I was 3 basically.

What type of impact would you like to leave with your music?

I want people to listen to my music and be like wow, that was one unique artist. That's important to me because there's so many artists out that resemble or sound like another artist. Music should be more comfortable with embracing difference, but due to monetary reasons, try to stick to what they think will sell. I have an alto voice, I have dreads, I sing pop/ R&B (not soul or neo soul lol) That in and of itself is something that's different. (That's not to say companies should sign people who are different just for different's sake lol) What I'm saying is music comes in all styles, expressions, looks, etc. And who is to say that pop looks like beyonce or rihanna? It can look anyway you want it to. And I want people to look at me and my music and know that it is ok to be different. To stand out from the crowd in what you say, and how you look (if that's how you already are). I want people to listen to my music and say "She never tried to dumb it down, and we can still relate." Because again, that means they appreciate me as an artist, but more importantly, as a person. And no one can respect a person they don't really know.

Any future projects?

Right now I'm working on a couple of tracks, still trying to make the right connections though and get back in the studio. I will be featured on some radio shows and websites soon so stay tuned for that information. But other than that I'm just trying to get more people to just hear me and what I have to say.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their musical endeavours?
-for vocalists?
-for lyricists?

My advice is this. If you are really really really passionate about something whether it be music, art, design, marketing, etc. you will do whatever you have to (while remaining classy and respectable to get it done). Now people complain and say they don't have opportunities, but in the real world, you have to essentially put yourself in a position so that a. opportunities can arise, and b, when they do, you are prepared to take advantage of them.

Now I know this is easier said than done but let me give you this example. As a college student I had hardly any money. I was paying bills and getting gas in my tank to get to school. So i barely had any money to pay for tracks or studio time. However, I put myself in a position with producer friends who were willing to just give me tracks to work on, free studio time, etc. Because of that, I now I have tracks to show people whether or not I can get more in the future. Then I made sure to look for venues to perform so that people could hear my voice etc. And from there I made a lot of contacts who wanted to help me with my music.
These are the things you have to do. You have to utilize all reasources possible if you are really passionate about something. You have to know what it means to really fight for something when you have basically nothing, because the opportunities will come. You just have to be prepared for them.

(With that said, also remember to never burn bridges. From experience this has sometimes hurt me, but I realized that was not helpful for my career-- and when you meet new people who can help your career, don't be so aggressive. They probably listen to (crappy) music all day long. Let them get to know you and let them ask YOU about your music. TRUST

I also want to say, if it is your passion, be prepared for it not to happen over night. It could take 3 years. But if you love it enough, 3 years will seem like 3 days and it will be worth all the sacrifices you made. At the end of the day, no one is going to put anything in your lap. And if you cannot show that you are willing to be a go getter, you'll never get anything. (But that's something you learn from experience) But the most important thing, is that you have to LOVE what you do. If you don't do that, or can't do that, you shouldn't be doing it.

For More On Joella:

One With Music

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

-E.Y. Harburg

Irregardless of time and space, music has a way of stimulating the senses. It is able to touch without hands, tangibly paint vivid scenes that would under any other circumstances fall on blind eyes and speak to ears in such a way only hearts are able to understand.

Mind you, as supernatural as music is, only a handful have mastered the ability of transcending perception and timelessness with their works. However, working hard, perfecting her craft, and well along her path to mastery is Good Brown Musiq's Singer/Songwriter/Musician of New York, Ginette Claudette.

Fresh off penning and recording two very serious singles; "Party In The Parking Lot" produced and co-written by R.Kelly and "My Bad" feat. Robert Curry of Day26, the future is looking extremely bright for Ginette.

[With some insight into the life, time, and mind of her, Ginette C. shares her thoughts with WBM]

So tell me a little bit about yourself:


GC: It's Funny When I Get This Question People Look At Me Like I'm Crazy. MUSIC. In Every Aspect Of The Word. And When Its Not That It's Songwriting, Guitar, Dance, Etc...People Ask Me To Tell Them What I Like BESIDES Anything Music-Related And I'm Left With Uhhh Movies?

What can you most attribute your musical ability to?

GC: I Would Say Life. Anything From Teenage Drama, Love, Struggles Etc...And The Joy Of Life In General B/c Even From Rain You Get A Rainbow :)

What's your genre of music?

GC: R&B/Soul. I Can Adapt Myself To Any Style When I'm Writing But The Root Of My Voice Is In Soul. And I Appreciate That As Much As I Love It.

What do you like most about being a singer/songwriter?

GC: Being Able To Completely Step Out Of My Own Shoes. It's Kinda Like Acting, I Can Write About Something Ive Never Experienced Before And Really Connect With The Lyrics. As Well As Being Able To Be Myself And Just Let People In Through My Own Experiences. I Want Everyone To Get Something Out Of My Music After They Listen To It.

What's the thought process behind your works?

GC: Work Work Work! You Work First, Play Later. Nothing Has Come Easy And Nothing Will Come Easy. I Love What I Do And I Love It When People See That It's That Much Better - One Youtube Comment Can Totally Make My Day!

Is it from personal experience?

GC: From Personal? Everyone Has Their Ups And Downs In Life. One Of My Favorite Lyrics From One Of My Songs "The World Is Yours" Is "Everybody Falls Down Life Comes At You The Way You Rebound" And I'll Stick To That.

From mere creativity?

GC: Creativity? Now That's Just Plain Fun! I Love To Sit At Home And Mess Around w My Guitar Or My Keyboard. I'll Start Jotting Down Notes, Recording Melodies, All That Good Stuff. One Thing I Love the Most It Watching An Idea Evolve Into Something Much Greater.

What inspires and motivates you?

GC: Again, Everyday Life, My Family, My Friends, My Fans And My Talent. I Feel Like God Gave It To Me For A Reason. I Wanna Share It!

How long have you been involved in music?

GC: It's Cliche To Say "Since I Was In The Womb" But, Since Ive Been In The Womb. My Mother Was A Successful Artist In Her Country D.R Around The 80's. I Grew Up Around Live Bands, Rehearsals, Cameras. She Always Used To Let Me Perform With Her. At The Age Of Three I Was Singing My Moms Songs In Front Of Thousands. It's Clear This Is My Calling.

What type of impact would you like to leave with your music?

GC: I Wanna Make People Happy If Its A Happy Song, Sad If Its Sad. I Guess Really I Just Wanna Draw In My Listener Well Enough So That They Feel What I Feel, Passion.

Any future projects?
GC: MANY! Some I Cant Speak On As Of Yet But I Definitely Have A Lot Coming. New Songs, New Collaborations, New Look Etc... I Want Everyone To Definitely Look Out For That. Check Out My Myspace, Facebook, Youtube And Of Course Twitter.

There Are NO EXCUSES Haha.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their musical endeavours?

GC: GO FOR IT! But if You Are, It A Hustle. By No Means Is It Easy To Enter This Industry.

Go Hard Or Go Home. I Constantly Have To Remind Myself Of That, It keeps Me Focused.

Everyone Wants To Be A Star Its The American Dream. Sometimes Talent Is Overseen. But When You Got It, You Got It And Its Only A Matter Of Time.

...for vocalists?

Perfect Your Craft. There's Never A Reason To Stop Training. We Can Always Get Better :)

...for lyricists?

The Same, Perfect Your Craft. As A Writer You Need To Be Able To Shift Personalities. I'm Still Learning That Myself.

For more on Ginette Claudette:


TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday September 26

1. Jay-z - The Blueprint3 (SAME)
2. Whitney Houston - I look to you (UP1)
3. Kid Cudi - Man on the moon the end of day (DEBUT)
4. Drake - So far gone (DEBUT)
5. Trey Songz - Ready (DOWN1)
6. Lil Boosie - Superbad (DEBUT)
7. Raekwon - Only built 4 cuban linx (DOWN5)
8. Maxwell - Blacksummersnight (DOWN2)
9. Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D (DOWN4)
10. Trick Daddy - Finally famous (DEBUT)

compiled by national album sales and billboard charts

Thursday, September 17, 2009

WBM Top 10

TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday September 20

1. Jay-z - The Blueprint3 (DEBUT)
2. Raekwon - Only built 4 cuban linx (DEBUT)
3. Whitney Houston - I Look To You (DOWN2)
4. Trey Songz - Ready (DOWN2)
5. Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D (SAME)
6. Maxwell - BlacksummersNight (DOWN2)
7. Pitbull - Rebelution (DOWN4)
8. Fabolous - Loso's way (DOWN1)
9. Eminem - Relapse (DOWN1)
10. Letoya Luckett - Lady Love (DOWN4)

compiled by radio spins, radio requests, and billboard charts

WBM Top 20

TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK ending Sunday September 20

1. Jay-z, Rihanna, & Kanye West - Run this town (SAME)
2. Fabolous, The Dream - Throw it in the bag (UP1)
3. Drake - Best I ever had (DOWN1)
4. Dorrough - Ice cream paint job (SAME)
5. Drake, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne - Successful (UP1)
6. Gucci Mane, Plies - Wasted (UP1)
7. Young Money - Every girl (DOWN2)
8. New Boyz - You're a jerk (UP8)
9. Pitbull - Hotel room service (DOWN1)
10. Mario, Gucci Mane, Sean Garrrett - Break up (DOWN1)
11. Mariah Carey, Gucci Mane - Obsessed (DOWN1)
12. Flo Rida, Ne-yo - Be on you (SAME)
13. Yo Gotti - 5 star chick (DOWN2)
14. Maxwell - Pretty wings (DOWN1)
15. Drake - Forever (UP3)
16. Keri Hilson, Kanye West, Ne-yo- Knock you down (DOWN1)
17. Twista - Wetter (DOWN3)
18. Plies - Becky (DOWN1)
19. Trey Songz, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy - LOL (DEBUT)
20. Jeremih - Imma Star (DEBUT)

compiled by radio spins, radio requests, and billboard charts

Monday, September 14, 2009

Recognizing The Vision

In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The world and our ability to perceive it depends on two very important things; recognition and our response to what we're able to recognize. Mind you, how much or how little our minds enable us varies. Some of us are athletic, artistic, or creative while others may be intelligent, literary, or charasmatic to name a few, resulting in a myriad of different gifts, talents and abilities to make us special in our own way.

Recognizing the brillance and at a very young age in her creative, artistic, and success driven abilities is Laydee Twisted of New York. Her ability to take ideas and maniuplate them in to works of art isn't anything short of remarkable. Utilizing graphic and web design as her tools of choice, Laydee Twisted can take the marketing and promotion of any model, artist (music) or business to the next level.

With thoughts about her abilities and what the future holds for her, check out what Laydee Twisted has to share with Why Blue Matters.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

What do you like most about being creative?

The best thing about being creative would be that people actually think Iam. Viewers see my work as creative or being creative, I see it as output, as my view of a someone's idea.

How long have you been involved?

I started designing when I was about nine years old. When I turned fifthteen I started a company under the name 'KK Productions'. Once I was eighteen I wanted to change my image to something that reflects and represents me, I changed the company name to Twisted Inkk.

How important are relationships and credibility in what you do?

Relationships and credibility are important for so many reasons, as a designer I get a lot of work from acquaintances and friends of friends, having a good reputation with these people allows my business' reputation to build on its own. Having a relationship with a client is a powerful tool to have when designing for them, it helps you understand what they want the final product to look like.

What inspires and motivates you?

The one person who motivates me would have to be Kishez, without her I'd be lost on this. She pushes me to do what I have to do to better myself and career. As far as inspiration, my favorite 'The Negotiator', IanDesigns, the Joker. All very good artists you should also check out.

What would you do if you weren't involved in what you were doing currently?

I don't know what I would do, I planned my life success on something that was purely accidental. I've been doing this since I was nine its apart of my identity to create things. If I would have to choose I would want to be a chef, something else I would like to pursue in my lifetime.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Owning my own business(es), sitting paid. I see myself having good exposure for my talent, a very good clientele base. Five years is plenty of time to expand on my abilities and exposure, I look forward to whatever opportunities may come in the future.

Any future projects?

I will be doing graphic and web pages for KishezJuice, UrbanGlam,WeBleedHipHop, A lot of indie artist from my neighborhood (you know it’s all about the streets) and much more. Just stayed tuned to

What kind of impact would you like to leave with your artistic ability?

I think the biggest impact I would want to make is letting people to know that you don't have to go to school or be taught professionally to learn and have passion about something. Of course education is a great foundation but you can stand strong and tall on your own talent.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their art endeavors?

Grab inspiration from other designers but don't imitate their work.Creativity and originality is key to being a designer.

For more on Graphic/Web Designer Laydee Twisted:

How far would you go to hustle for your dreams?

Never Say Can't

Energy and persistence conquer all things.
-Benjamin Franklin

Growing up in Brooklyn is hard to do, you can do sports, sell drugs, or try make it in the music industry! FRAYZ is a Brookyln native making a lot of noise with his music. Frayz is very intelligent and knows what he's doing, he is in control of his career. He's not only pursuing music, but he's got a clothing line, and other businesses running at the same time.

There is a no I CAN'T only I will in this story.

How long have you been in the game?

12 years

What's your greatest accomplishment so far in life?

Besides my kids its definitely the Studio Open for 4 and a half years.

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

Puerto Rican from Brooklyn N.Y ,lived in Bridgeport C.T for while as teenager , and Then Virginia


I'm a Taurus got 2 Brothers and we run several businesses Designing clothing. Making the Brand a Name Brand "Midieast"

What's your ultimate goal in life?

To live when I die through my music

What do you like most about being in the business?

Getting recognized for my music and work I do for others.

What's the thought process behind your works?

Consistency, There are a lot of artists, whoever wants it the most will receive the prize.

What inspires and motivates you?

Rappers ,actors, moguls, Athletes that came from nothing and achieved all that they wanted

How was life changed for you since being you started as an emcee?

Growing and dedicating my life to being the best at what I do. People coming up to me I don't know to ask for autographs. Being loved and getting hated on.

What would you be doing now, if you never started doing music?

Selling drugs or scheming on a plan to get Money

What are you listening to in your ipod these days?

My sh*t, Rated R's "I'm Coming" Mixtape DJ chub Mixtapes. Nas, Jay-Z Drake,Kanye, and many more
Why? I listen to music I can relate too.

What has been your favorite job you've done so far?

Catch FRAYZ CD ,Performing @ LOVE nightclub in D.C Fully packed...

Does any negativity from the media ever affect you in anyway?

Media Good or bad is always a good thing. I'm an optimist thinker. Always good in a bad situation.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their dreams?


What do you want to be remembered by?

Someone who helped others. A legend.

Anything else you would like the world to know about you?

I can't explain how I made it this far. I want to thank God. I truly believe God has something special planned for me. I come from Food stamps and W.I.C Checks and never thought I'd accomplish what I have today. I don't come from money, or ever win the lottery. This is all hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

For more on "FRAYZ" check out:

Friday, September 11, 2009

TOP 20 Songs Of The Week

TOP 20 SONGS OF THE WEEK (ending Sunday September 13)

1. Jay-z, Rihanna, & Kanye West - Run this town (UP1)
2. Drake - Best I ever had (DOWN1)
3. Fabolous, The Dream - Throw it in the bag (SAME)
4. Dorrough - Ice cream paint job (SAME)
5. Young Money - Every girl (UP 7)
6. Drake, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne - Successful (DOWN1)
7. Gucci Mane, Plies - Wasted (UP2)
8. Pitbull - Hotel room service (DOWN1)
9. Mario, Gucci Mane, Sean Garrrett - Break up (DOWN3)
10. Mariah Carey, Gucci Mane - Obsessed (SAME)
11. Yo Gotti - 5 star chick (UP5)
12. Flo Rida, Ne-yo - Be on you (DEBUT)
13. Maxwell - Pretty wings (DOWN5)
14. Twista - Wetter (SAME)
15. Keri Hilson, Kanye West, Ne-yo - Knock you down (DOWN2)
16. New Boyz - You're a jerk (DOWN1)
17. Plies - Becky (DEBUT)
18. Drake - Forever (DEBUT)
19. Kid Cudi - Make Her Say (DEBUT)
20. Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling (DOWN3)

compiled by radio spins, radio requests, and billboard charts

TOP 10 Albums of the Week

Top 10 Albums of The Week (ending September 13, 2009)

1. Whitney Houston - I Look To You
2. Trey Songz - Ready
3. Pitbull - Rebelution
4. Maxwell - BlacksummersNight
5. Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D
6. Letoya Luckett - Lady Love
7. Fabolous - Loso's way
8. Eminem - Relapse
9. Ledisi - Turn Me Loose
10. Jeremih - Self Titled

compiled by national album sales and billboard charts

Model On The Rise (6)

I would love to leave a positive impact and continue to have a positive image for all young girls and women who choose to model. You have to be more than just a pretty face and nice body you have to be book smart as well. In this industry you'll get a name and image but you have to make sure it the right one.
-Ms. Morgan

thewho: Ms. Morgan
thewhere: Fairfield, CA
interests: Modeling
inspiration: Anything different. Versatility.
started: 2007
biggest accomplishment: Remaining patient and never giving up on my passion.
thefuture: college graduate, certified surgical tech and able to model full-time
quote: Keep your head up at all times!! No matter what people tell you do you, because there's always going to be someone behind you trying to bypass you or put you down and the ones who keep it real and natural are the ones who actually get far in a positive way! Constantly Network with EVERYONE! Everyone can be beneficial to you in someway, you never know. And please ladies, carry yourself as a Classy Lady, showing too much or doing too much is not attractive. It may get you attention, but trust me it's not the attention you're going to want. The way you carry your self is the image you're creating for yourself. Keep that in mind.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blueprint 3 Makes Quite An Impression

"The BluePrint 3" Jay-Z's 11th studio album, was released earlier than expected this week-- it was leaked online. However, we already know Jay-Z is going to debut at #1. Interestingly, most critics so far are giving the album poor reviews. Who knows what they're thinking?

Despite such harsh criticism,"The BluePrint 3" has guests for every genre from Rihanna to Alicia Keys for his R&B and POP fans, Kanye, Pharrell, & Young Jeezy for the Hip-Hop crowd, and newcomers to the game Drake and Kid Cudi as well.
To add to the creative gumbo that "The BluePrint 3" has to offer, Kanye West and Jay-Z executive produced the album.

In a chorus sung by Alicia Keys, "New York... where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do now that you're in new york, the streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you, lets hear it for New York" accompanies Jay-Z's story perfectly. His c
oming from nothing to become one of the biggest Hip-Hop stars of all time in "Empire State of Mind" word paints by metaphor every thought of Shawn Carter.

Although, we’ll never like this LP more than we liked Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint 3 balances the sound of Jay's past with modern production tricks. Overall, Jay-Z is sounding hungrier than he has in years on the majority of the album. Undeniably with this album, Jay retains his throne as greatest living rapper. He’s one of the few rappers that actually has earned it.

his album aims to please the majority of his vast fan base. Most songs we're made to sound just as good live. He is in rehearsal for a major tour to support the album. In so many words, this album doesn't disappoint. There is a song for everyone on this album, stand out songs are his current smash ""Run This town", "Empire State of Mind" , "On The Next One" and "A Star Is Born".



There's really too much to say other than_______, well...I'll let you be the judge.
Get your safety belt.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

*SCOOPVISION #13* "I'm so built 4 this. ARE YOU?"

SCOOPVISION- New Episode!!!

Here's the latest broadcast from Scoop. Check for this and more from him on Why Blue Matters. He's adding a significant amount to music on the regular.

Stay tuned...

“Headless Giant Magazine Issue #1”

The Headless Giant is a new online magazine created in 2009 that is dedicated to the “youthful, empirical assessment of pop culture and education of young people”. Here is what creator Johnathan Dixon had to say about the magazine. “Headless Giant Magazine was an idea that came to me this summer while I was teaching a public speaking & communications class for Stand & Deliver at Rutgers University. The media is such a powerful entity and it has jaded the perception of reality for our young people in an infectious way. As the semester ended I felt as though that young people could truly benefit from source that incorporated pop culture, with ancient scholastic and social ideologies as a learning tool

Check out the magazine here!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Top 20 (9/6/2009)

Top 20 Songs of the Week

1. DRAKE "best I ever had"
2. JAY-Z, RIHANNA, KANYE WEST "run this town"
3. FABOLOUS feat DREAM "throw it in the bag"
4. DORROUGH "ice cream paint job"
5. DRAKE "successful"
7. PITBULL "hotel room service"
8. MAXWELL "pretty wings"
9. GUCCI MANE feat PLIES "wasted"
10. MARIAH CAREY feat GUCCI MANE "obsessed"
11. LADY GAGA "love game"
12. YOUNG MONEY "every girl"
13. KERI HILSON, KANYE WEST, NEYO "knock you down"
14. TWISTA "wetter"
15. NEW BOYZ "you're a jerk"
16. YO GOTTI "five star chick"
17. BLACK EYED PEAS "i gotta feeling"
18. JAY'SEAN feat LIL WAYNE "down"
19. GINUWINE "last chance"
20. KEYSHIA COLE feat MONICA "trust"
compiled by radio spins, radio requests, and billboard charts

Thursday, September 3, 2009

San Antonio Spur In Town

Another great weekend with the lovely ladies of Bubblelistic & Mindbolic Ent. Here's an event at Eden's Lounge they did along with GMG and Arete Promotions bringing Roger Mason Jr. of the San Antonio Spurs to Baltimore. Check it out. Nightlife: Why Blue Matters...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get "Ready"

(In Stores Now...)

If there's one thing we all have learned over time-- controversy sells. This is especially true with Trey Songz freestyle over Jay-Z's D.O.A. It caused a firestorm. Not only did Trey's freestyle do that, but it also brought a lot of attention to his latest and third studio LP, "Ready."

When an album contains song titles such as "Panty Droppa," "Neighbors Know My Name," and "I Invented Sex" you know you're in for a sex filled ride. However, there's also room for some ballads, especially "One Love" which is produced beautifully by Brian Michael Cox.

This album showcases Trey's freedom to experiment with different types of production and shows his vocal growth. He is significantly more confident with his vocals, including adlibs. Yet some songs, feel and sound like they were forced onto the album by the label such as Drake's mixtape hit single, "Successful" by replacing Lil Wayne's verse with Trey's and the cheesy, bubble gum pop song "Smiley Face."

"Ready" is very cohesive at best and displays how focused Trey was in creating this album. Trey is still finding himself. In my opinion, he can't decide whether he still wants to be a horny boy or a ladies' man. He is a little ahead of Chris Brown but far behind R.Kelly. The good news is that "Ready" is his best attempt so far. It's actually a pretty deep album, quality-wise. There is a lot of growth from the last LP. If you're waiting to hear more songs like "Can't Help But Wait," his biggest song to date, then you'll be disappointed. Overall, the album is good.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A September To Remember

For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Ballyhoo Public Relations
Mimi Davis


(September 1, 2009)

This September, JUMZ is reaching out to all artists in order to diversify the identities of the East Coast. JUMZ feels it’s a responsibility to show fellow artists that ego and financial gain should never get in the way of what you love doing.

All tracks must be ready and accommodated by a verse and or hook; Freestyle industry beats will be accepted as well.

JUMZ has performed in all the boroughs of New York City, major cities along the East Coast. and most recently JUMZ made his mark in Los Angeles for the 2009 BET Awards. In addition to that JUMZ just finished his first European tour, performing in various clubs and theaters in France, Brussels, and Switzerland.

With talent esteemed on a national and international level, you can expect to hear JUMZ on tracks all over the country as well as over the world. Mixtape DJs and Hip Hop artist be on the lookout! With previous collaborations with Q-Tip and Grandmaster Flash, and honorable mentions in a series of interviews and blogs, JUMZ is the future of hip-hop and only expect greatness to follow.


For more information on JUMZ please visit: