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Friday, September 11, 2009

Model On The Rise (6)

I would love to leave a positive impact and continue to have a positive image for all young girls and women who choose to model. You have to be more than just a pretty face and nice body you have to be book smart as well. In this industry you'll get a name and image but you have to make sure it the right one.
-Ms. Morgan

thewho: Ms. Morgan
thewhere: Fairfield, CA
interests: Modeling
inspiration: Anything different. Versatility.
started: 2007
biggest accomplishment: Remaining patient and never giving up on my passion.
thefuture: college graduate, certified surgical tech and able to model full-time
quote: Keep your head up at all times!! No matter what people tell you do you, because there's always going to be someone behind you trying to bypass you or put you down and the ones who keep it real and natural are the ones who actually get far in a positive way! Constantly Network with EVERYONE! Everyone can be beneficial to you in someway, you never know. And please ladies, carry yourself as a Classy Lady, showing too much or doing too much is not attractive. It may get you attention, but trust me it's not the attention you're going to want. The way you carry your self is the image you're creating for yourself. Keep that in mind.


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