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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get "Ready"

(In Stores Now...)

If there's one thing we all have learned over time-- controversy sells. This is especially true with Trey Songz freestyle over Jay-Z's D.O.A. It caused a firestorm. Not only did Trey's freestyle do that, but it also brought a lot of attention to his latest and third studio LP, "Ready."

When an album contains song titles such as "Panty Droppa," "Neighbors Know My Name," and "I Invented Sex" you know you're in for a sex filled ride. However, there's also room for some ballads, especially "One Love" which is produced beautifully by Brian Michael Cox.

This album showcases Trey's freedom to experiment with different types of production and shows his vocal growth. He is significantly more confident with his vocals, including adlibs. Yet some songs, feel and sound like they were forced onto the album by the label such as Drake's mixtape hit single, "Successful" by replacing Lil Wayne's verse with Trey's and the cheesy, bubble gum pop song "Smiley Face."

"Ready" is very cohesive at best and displays how focused Trey was in creating this album. Trey is still finding himself. In my opinion, he can't decide whether he still wants to be a horny boy or a ladies' man. He is a little ahead of Chris Brown but far behind R.Kelly. The good news is that "Ready" is his best attempt so far. It's actually a pretty deep album, quality-wise. There is a lot of growth from the last LP. If you're waiting to hear more songs like "Can't Help But Wait," his biggest song to date, then you'll be disappointed. Overall, the album is good.


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