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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One With Music

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

-E.Y. Harburg

Irregardless of time and space, music has a way of stimulating the senses. It is able to touch without hands, tangibly paint vivid scenes that would under any other circumstances fall on blind eyes and speak to ears in such a way only hearts are able to understand.

Mind you, as supernatural as music is, only a handful have mastered the ability of transcending perception and timelessness with their works. However, working hard, perfecting her craft, and well along her path to mastery is Good Brown Musiq's Singer/Songwriter/Musician of New York, Ginette Claudette.

Fresh off penning and recording two very serious singles; "Party In The Parking Lot" produced and co-written by R.Kelly and "My Bad" feat. Robert Curry of Day26, the future is looking extremely bright for Ginette.

[With some insight into the life, time, and mind of her, Ginette C. shares her thoughts with WBM]

So tell me a little bit about yourself:


GC: It's Funny When I Get This Question People Look At Me Like I'm Crazy. MUSIC. In Every Aspect Of The Word. And When Its Not That It's Songwriting, Guitar, Dance, Etc...People Ask Me To Tell Them What I Like BESIDES Anything Music-Related And I'm Left With Uhhh Movies?

What can you most attribute your musical ability to?

GC: I Would Say Life. Anything From Teenage Drama, Love, Struggles Etc...And The Joy Of Life In General B/c Even From Rain You Get A Rainbow :)

What's your genre of music?

GC: R&B/Soul. I Can Adapt Myself To Any Style When I'm Writing But The Root Of My Voice Is In Soul. And I Appreciate That As Much As I Love It.

What do you like most about being a singer/songwriter?

GC: Being Able To Completely Step Out Of My Own Shoes. It's Kinda Like Acting, I Can Write About Something Ive Never Experienced Before And Really Connect With The Lyrics. As Well As Being Able To Be Myself And Just Let People In Through My Own Experiences. I Want Everyone To Get Something Out Of My Music After They Listen To It.

What's the thought process behind your works?

GC: Work Work Work! You Work First, Play Later. Nothing Has Come Easy And Nothing Will Come Easy. I Love What I Do And I Love It When People See That It's That Much Better - One Youtube Comment Can Totally Make My Day!

Is it from personal experience?

GC: From Personal? Everyone Has Their Ups And Downs In Life. One Of My Favorite Lyrics From One Of My Songs "The World Is Yours" Is "Everybody Falls Down Life Comes At You The Way You Rebound" And I'll Stick To That.

From mere creativity?

GC: Creativity? Now That's Just Plain Fun! I Love To Sit At Home And Mess Around w My Guitar Or My Keyboard. I'll Start Jotting Down Notes, Recording Melodies, All That Good Stuff. One Thing I Love the Most It Watching An Idea Evolve Into Something Much Greater.

What inspires and motivates you?

GC: Again, Everyday Life, My Family, My Friends, My Fans And My Talent. I Feel Like God Gave It To Me For A Reason. I Wanna Share It!

How long have you been involved in music?

GC: It's Cliche To Say "Since I Was In The Womb" But, Since Ive Been In The Womb. My Mother Was A Successful Artist In Her Country D.R Around The 80's. I Grew Up Around Live Bands, Rehearsals, Cameras. She Always Used To Let Me Perform With Her. At The Age Of Three I Was Singing My Moms Songs In Front Of Thousands. It's Clear This Is My Calling.

What type of impact would you like to leave with your music?

GC: I Wanna Make People Happy If Its A Happy Song, Sad If Its Sad. I Guess Really I Just Wanna Draw In My Listener Well Enough So That They Feel What I Feel, Passion.

Any future projects?
GC: MANY! Some I Cant Speak On As Of Yet But I Definitely Have A Lot Coming. New Songs, New Collaborations, New Look Etc... I Want Everyone To Definitely Look Out For That. Check Out My Myspace, Facebook, Youtube And Of Course Twitter.

There Are NO EXCUSES Haha.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their musical endeavours?

GC: GO FOR IT! But if You Are, It A Hustle. By No Means Is It Easy To Enter This Industry.

Go Hard Or Go Home. I Constantly Have To Remind Myself Of That, It keeps Me Focused.

Everyone Wants To Be A Star Its The American Dream. Sometimes Talent Is Overseen. But When You Got It, You Got It And Its Only A Matter Of Time.

...for vocalists?

Perfect Your Craft. There's Never A Reason To Stop Training. We Can Always Get Better :)

...for lyricists?

The Same, Perfect Your Craft. As A Writer You Need To Be Able To Shift Personalities. I'm Still Learning That Myself.

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