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Saturday, October 23, 2010

YouTube Sensation 50 Tyson: Inspiration or Cruel Joke?

YouTube is one of the most popular ways of taping all kinds of things from weddings to practical jokes. YouTube can make you a star or the center of a laughing crowd. How many times have you looked at YouTube to show a friend someone falling off a table or a fat kid crying? In today's society cruelty is rewarded.

50 Tyson is a YouTube sensation whose homemade videos reached over 2,000,000 views in the past 6 months. He is living with autism and raps as a hobby. If you watch any of his videos,its very clear that he has a disability and can not rap. Some comments under 50 Tyson's videos are so cruel that I cringed as I read them. I don't think people realize that everyone isn't a "rapper". Ask yourself, how many people discouraged you from doing something that you loved? I have to wonder if 50 Tyson's friends and family encouraged him to do this genuinely or somehow made it their own private joke.

Anyway, here at WBM we encourage everyone to follow their dreams. We are following ours everyday. Check out 50 Tyson's 'official' video "I ain't gonna lie" featuring some of his hometown friends. You may have a chuckle but keep in mind everyone deserves a shot at fame! Enjoy.:)


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