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Friday, October 22, 2010

WBM Features: BPzy of Divine Order Entertainment

Music is the shorthand of emotion.
-Leo Tolstoy

Interest and music are synonymous. So much to the fact that the two, in one way or another move us. One literally moves the soul. The other, draws one closer to the subject of captivation. Or do they both?

Either way, interest and music both render an emotional response. So question then becomes, what moves you?

Our next WBM Feature, Bpzy, interestingly enough can provide keen insight into the answer to that question. His interest in not only music, but an interest at such high level, to the extent of pursuit of a career of choice has taken him very far. BPzy with interest and music enabled himself to point where he has worked with some of the pioneers and innovators in hip hop music as well as he has gone on to receive a grammy nomination for his efforts.

With some time to discuss how he got his start, the experience he acquired along the way, and some of his accomplishments, BPzy of Divine Order Entertainment is the next reason Why Blue Matters.

Who is Baby Paul?

BabyPaul is a die-hard hip-hop music fan, turned hip-hop music creator w/a career of 15 years- contributing nothing but CLASSIC material in collaboration with the best artists that ever did it!!

Where are you from?

BP: I was born Paul Anthony Hendricks in Harlem- circa 1970 to some parents of Jamaican descent & raised in both Brooklyn & Queens, NYC most of his years.


BP: interests are- $$$, beautiful & talented women, family, loyalty, integrity, ART, music & film culture.

How long have you been in the game?

BP: I have been making records professionally since 1995, exactly 15 years as of Feb. 2010!!

Where did you get your start?

BP: As an aspiring musician I got my start as an intern back in 1989 @ Power Play Studios, NYC when I met Large Professor around the time the grp. Main Source 1st incepted.

As a professional I got my start as part of Da Beatminerz production crew when my
1st track placements were on the CLASSIC Smif-n-Wessun LP "Da Shinin"...

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

BP: I like moving @ my own pace & schedule, as well as living on my own terms off of my ideas, my vision, my talent & hard only gets back what they put into it!!

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in 2010?

BP: It means it's time to bo$$ up if you want to make a substantial living off of entrpeneurism, especially in the entertainment biz cuz it's saturated & highly competitive.

Find other means to build a brand besides entertainment, there are so many different avenues to capitalize on in business, especially with today's technology!! Look @ the success of Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, even Mark Zuckerberg who founded Facebook...there's so many ways to be rich & successful besides entertainment!!

The key is finding something one is passionate about & can capitalize on, formulate a plan, build a tight team & GO FOR IT..

How do you find artists, producers, songwriters, etc.?

BP: There's many ways I come across new talent. I attend artist & producer showcases, I network online, I am never too good to connect with the people, that's where the talent is!!

How important is innovation to your business?

BP: Innovation is the key to any newfound success, find ways to develop new business practices & keep up with the times, stay on top of the growth & changes in technoology, etc.

In your opinion, what makes a great song, record, film, etc.?

BP: A great song or film is based on the story...if you can paint a real picture both figuratively & literally that people can relate to & connect with in their own lives, you have a HIT on your hands.

What does success mean to Baby Paul?

BP: Success @ this pint is my life is a lot more multi-layered than the average perspective.

Success to me is not just monetary accomplishment, altho that is a goal to be financially comfortable, success to me is also being rich in spirit, in ideas, friends, family, living & enjoying all that life has to offer becasue it is promised to noone. what we do in our lifetime & leave behind not just for ourselves but for the common man is true success in my opinion.

What/Who inspires you?

BP: I am inspired by what moves me emotionally, what mentally stimulates me..whether its the art in a beautiful image, the lyrics or mood of a song, the beauty of life in all it's physical forms...

Be it an attractive woman who is beautiful in an all natural state with real body parts & no make-up, or the view of an amazing landscape in it's natural surroundings.
I am inspired by the power or great words, the power of great music, the power of great images & captured moments...

What keeps you motivated?

BP: My motivation is my comrades whom I work with, my family, the select few peers in entertainment whom I respect who came b4 me & after me..

What's in your iPod?

BP: I honestly don't own an iPod, but I do have an iTunes player in my laptop which has most of my music catalogue, along with music I listen to past & present from various genres.

Favorite Artist(s)?

BP: Among my all time fav artists are Bob Marley, The Police, Nas, Slick Rick, Notorius B.I.G., James Brown, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, so many others, so I'll leave it there.

Current projects?

BP: I'm working on an indy film prjct, 3 hip-hop prjcts, 1- rock prjct, everything thing else is pending.

What's next?

"Ex$pendable"- (NOT Sly Stone's film) indy film which I co-starred in & scored some of the music.
AZ- "Doe or Die- 15th Anniversary Lp." coming in Nov.
AZ- "Doe or Die 2"- coming in 2011
Mikey Bloodshot- mixtape album, "The Boogie Man" (coming soon)
Amil- mixtape album, "Amil AzIz" (coming soon)
Fatkid Dodgeball- "Admission of Guilt" (coming soon)

Who would you like to collaborate with?

BP: as far as current artists, I'd love to work with Faith Evans, T.I., Lil' Wayne, Kanye West..

What is your biggest accomplishment?

BP: I don't think I've reached my biggest accomplishment yet, but the closest 2 things was when I worked on Nas's "Stillmatic" LP, as well as when I got a Grammy Nom. in 2002 for the work I did on AZ's "Aziatic" LP.

What type of impact would you like to leave with your contribution to music?

BP: I wish to leave behind music that is considered CLASSIC material that stands the test of time, despite how much $$ is made off of it.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their goals and dreams?

BP: Don't quit your day job!!! (jk) hold fast to your dreams, never let them go, be focused & keep like minded individuals around you who share in your vision & goals.
those that mind don't matter, those that matter don't mind!!

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