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Sunday, August 8, 2010

! Hello &. Welcome !

As I reflect back I cannot help but measure my life and my growth, as I share some the lessons I learned... thus far! Each of us withold an inner voice that guides us into truth. Some of us may call it "intuition" while other's will say it's their "first mind". I have learned through serious trial and error to pay more attention to that voice, while I strive to not let ego, fear or desire keep me from heeding it's wisdom. If it doesn't feel right, I don't get near it. This includes people, places, or things! Neither should you, dear friends of mine!

Leaving the past behind... Whatever happens today that I consider less than memorable, I let it go right after it occurred or maybe by mid-night. For me each day represents a beginning of an opportunity for all that you desire. I greet each day with anticipation for all positive awaiting to happen and much gratitude. I believe firmly that we're all covered by Jehovah, Allah, God's (whomever ever you believe the higher force is) protection and I relax comfortably in that thought.

You never know whom you may need, or whose pardon you may have to beg. I've learned to close the door on those relationships that either one way or another didn't work, but never have I slammed it. The person you cuss at, or wish horrid things upon might be the nurse you might need later that week.

Most importantly I'm enjoying and still learning that life is a journey! It's important to discover the lesson in the bruises and scrapes that often are designed to help us grow and become the person we are all intended to be.

May this, my first official blog end with a tid bit of inspiration to lighten up your day and may the connection between you and I begin!

Love Light & Balance


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