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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tremendous Trips

The fantasy of traveling began at the age of 9 while living in Dominican Republic...

The Caribbean has a rich and complex culture, but also a long, horrid history of corruption and misrule. Moving back to New York City, made me realized there was more to life that I could possibly conquer, and so I have!

While modeling, came the introduction of what I like to call "Tremendous Trips". "Tremendous" meaning: The cultures, food, experience, people, breath of fresh air, nude beaches, cathedrals, bridges, music and arts! I will always remember my first time in Paris, one of the most beautiful places in the world! The only city you'll have 'bags of fun' shopping! And stroll along the famous... the elite... Eiffel Tower!

(Paris, Sept 2009)

(Belize, June 2008)

or Make Believe Belize (see photo) we can all agree, needs no introduction? It's very appealing, oh and my "word" it's just as magical below the water as it is above!

(Aruba, May 2010)

Famed for it's lavish lighthouse, powdery white sand beaches and sounds of the annual soul beach festival Aruba is the only place I felt like life was unreal. Taking it further across the pond, my second home: LONDON! Over a short period of time, this city has become increasingly important in my life. It reminds me of a smaller New York City; diverse and vibrant. I'm certain you all have that place you call "home away from home". Well, I've found "home away from home" in England. I'll confess the English accent turns me on; it plays in my head like a hot record on repeat!

Ritzy, chic, an all year-round idyllic retreat of 365 beaches! Goes to Antigua! Here you'll spend a tremendous amount of R&R surfing and swimming! Fun! Some asked, if I ever return to DR. Yes, of course. I make frequent trips to Domincan Republic. A visit there isn't complete without atleast jet-setting off to Haiti and or Puerto Rico, once! Enjoyed the DR sizzle, local cuisine's, refreshing coconut water in Haiti, and speaking Spanish in San Juan!

The Atlantis... is the most spectacular resort in Nassau, Bahamas! Over-looking the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, lots of sunshine, such a spectacular setting. Before anything else, it's important to remember that if traveling isn't possible (for whatever reason) a tremendous trip can be a stroll to the local market and back. You're able to produce your own experience - how ever you wish. Fortunately enough we'll have one each day, on our way to work. or school. or photoshoot session (me). What have you noticed? Look around. Explore. Take Photos. Where you live is beautiful! It might not be heavenly, only Amsterdam can be that. (laughs)

Nobody knows your world better than you do, I only wish to share mine.

with Love Light &. Balance


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