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Monday, November 22, 2010

WBM Album Review: Lloyd Banks "Hunger For More 2"

"Hunger For More 2" is one of 2010's Best Hip Hop Albums. After listening to the album in its entirety there really are no fillers. Lloyd does have a lot of guest appearances but its not the usual I need help to make the song hot type deal.

It’s a straight up hip hop album, Lloyd has proved to be a real rapper,hard bars over hard beats.

Every album has to have some radio singles to promote the album and so far all of them have been hits for Mr.Banks. He has been consistently releasing new music on the web and slowly but surely rebuilt his brand.

We never doubted his talent, he's known for his raspy flows and clever punch lines and he comes off very clean and crisp on wax.

His beats are first-rate all the way through supplied by under rated producers Hi-Tek and Baby Grand. You wont be disappointed with the "Hunger for more 2". WBM certified album.


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