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Monday, November 22, 2010

WBM Album Review: Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday"

Nicki Minaj is fun, she doesn't like to be called the Lady Gaga of hiphop but she borrows a lot from the looks and attitude from Lady Gaga. She's been featured on so many hit songs, we just couldn't wait for her album to drop. Nicki has been able to keep her name in the press, but if you read it all its never nothing to do with her rapping skills. It's been all about her booty being fake, her fake breasts, plastic surgery, her wild weaves and multi color hair styles. She's a beast on Kanye West's "monster." She's proven to hold her own while being a featured artist.

So we expected a lot out of her album.

Well "Pink Friday" is an album with 13 songs really about nothing. If you listen to the entire album every song has the same story being retold over and over again. You being to ask yourself Dear Nicki, do you have anything else to rap about?

She's very cocky like on "I'm the best" and "Roman's revenge" and then very vulnerable like on "Right thru me" and that's about all the feelings you get out of her. She shows a little humbleness with "save me" and "moment 4 life" with Drake.

Personally, I like her better when she's featured on someone else's track. She's proven she can jump on a track and get the job done for someone else, but when all on her own she struggles.

This album will please the divas, and her large gay following but for true hip hop fans they will be left some what disappointed.

She will probably do well the first week in numbers and then vanish. I expected more. If your going to buy this album get it while it's on sale.


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