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Thursday, November 4, 2010

WBM Features: Dashius Clay

As great scientists have said and as all children know, it is above all
by the imagination that we achieve perception, and compassion, and hope.
-Ursula K. LeGuin

Before we set forth toward whatever may aspire most, we generally have an image of ourselves as what we most like to become.

Whether that means aspirations to become a doctor, dancer, lawyer, performer, or teacher respectively, we envision the end result of what that all entails. We see ourselves treating patients, dancing amongst immense crowds, upholding justice, and moving people everywhere with one's craft, we see ourselves as the best in the field that interests us most. We have this ideal in our minds that we would ultimately like to reach and obtain.

Given our thoughts say a great deal about who we are, where are and who we would like to become. What do your thoughts say about you?

Our next WBM Feature has an ideal of himself where success is result of his efforts and music is the means by which he plans to get there. Dashius Clay of Florida is a hip hop artist/producer who takes music seriously-- to the extent that he earned a degree in sound engineering and music business just to understand particular facets of the industry; the of result of which has made him all the better.

Here with WBM, Dashius takes some time to share some about him and the vision of what what it took to get to where he's at and give a glimpse as to where he's going.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Dashius Clay?

DC: Grab the talent of all your favorite musicians, the genius of all the most remarkable artists, and the passion of Christ. Grab a blender, sprinkle some sour diesel, and a hint of steroids and you get Dashius Clay. Raised by the most amazing mother and surrounded by the best supporting cast in the world, I am just one man trying to parle my visions of life through everything I touch and create. I consider myself a very innovative artist who is not after anyones spot. I am not attacking anyone or even trying to conquer a realm thats being occupied. I have an obsession with being myself and being separate from the rest. My whole life has been spent experimenting and finding the gaps of what is being received today. I am an avid fan of all arts in entirety so everything I envision tends to be in audio-movie format.

How you come up with the stage name?

DC: For the most part, it was just something that clicked in my head and I ran with it. When I was a young aspiring artist I use to run with the name "C Dash" with all my music. It was basically a nickname given to me through my school years. It wasn't like I didn't like it, but over a while I felt it just related too much to a certain state of mind I use to have so I felt the need for a fresh start. Being that everyone already knew me as DASH, i just reformatted and spiced it up a bit.

Where are you from?

DC: I was born in Cali, Colombia and relocated to Miami when I was about 5 years old. I have spent a larger part of my life in Miami so I feel very comfortable as if its my home there, but I never forget where I came from or lost any love or passion for my people. My country is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I am constantly saddened by the constant struggles and misfortunes they go through. My heart is forever tied to them and I look forward every day to returning with the main focus of just helping rebuild and strengthen the land and morale.


DC: I am mainly interested in beautiful women. Its amazing how every day I can come across so many women on this earth that can outshine the last and it never ends. The best part is I dont have a specific weakness so regardless of race I am constantly falling in love with a whole new breed. Other than women, I love to see every kind of Art, Movies, and watch WorldstarHipHop for whatever idiotic viral video is on there to laugh at and enjoy. Oh, and every chance I get I go to eat at Hooters for the same meal I have ordered my whole life. (10 Hot Wings, Fries, and a Coke)

What does music mean to you?

DC: Music is my oxygen and my form of gold. It does so much for every single soul on this earth. Music can make people dance, laugh, cry, etc. It can even make dogs howl if the moment is right. In music, I feel like every song is a movie trailer to somebody's current emotional outlook. Consider when your sad, you more than likely have the right song to keep you in that mood. When you are about to make love or just have a random one night stand, there is music for that shit too. If your mother or father passes, peoples words don' t always tend to reach you in the same particular way a song can. Whether its a dance track, or just an instrumentation, each sound always gives a different interpretation to each mind, and I love that. I love how nobody relates to music in the same form but do.

How long have you been involved?

DC: I been a part of music since I was born. I been told countless times of how when I was born my aunt and mother had me spend the first few months of my life next to the radio. My family is full of musician and music lovers so it was almost inevitable for me. I use to play piano in front of hundreds when I was younger, but its funny cause I use to blank out at every recital and I can barely remember a thing. I use to win 1st place for every piece I played, so I take it I must of been doing something right at least. After that it just spiraled into today, Ill take the time to look back and recap later.

When did you know that music was something that you wanted to pursue?

DC: There was never a particular moment I decided, it was something along the lines of a hobby that by demand became a career. I use to just really enjoy cyphers and singing till I ended up recording a few songs here and there. When I started really noticing the kind of smiles I was giving out and positive attention I was getting from whatever I did, it kind of geared my head in that direction and since then I have never looked back. I have always wanted to reach masses and kind of caught on to the best way to go about it while enjoying my life to its fullest potential.

What inspires and motivates you?

DC: Its more of a question of what doesn't inspire me. As is I am already as driven as can be, but seeing peoples reactions to my craft is my biggest motivation. I love to create music with all kinds of artists, but it really gets me going to be able to help them find a new sound that will propel them past all their previous works. I strive to be the 1st name on everyones list for just about everything an artist would want to be known for. I have such a love and passion for this that I think it definitely gets displayed through my attitude and personality.

What's the key to remaining successful?

DC: Staying with "Tunnel Vision" and never losing focus of who you are. I am not a big believer in looking at anyone negatively for what they call "selling out" to make records. But when you dumb yourself down to be someone your not that to me is where most start failing. You have to give 170 percent to everything your involved with every time. I look at myself as a brand and product, and I represent not only my family and team but also all my fans. I would never dare to insult them by doing something that completely goes against my character just for a buck. At the end of the day, its stickin to your guns and complete belief in yourself that will keep you on top. Of course it doesnt hurt to have some talent as well.

You have a very unique delivery, what goes into the creation of your songs?

DC: I have never had a particular strategy to creating music ever. Every song has always come about differently. It could be an idea I get singing in the shower, a current mood and feeling, or just a mesh of thoughts combined. Sometimes I write every line in my iPhone and sometimes songs just come to me and there is no need for it. Regardless, its always helped keep me on my feet and innovative cause I like to have a different sound and vibe every round. Unless its just a feature verse I get very tired of just writing to write, so I like to be there from scratch to help build the idea.

Working on any new projects?

DC: I am working on The Worlds Most Interesting Man Pt.2 which is my current line of mixtapes I am doing. The 1st one helped me reach heights we didnt foresee so we are definitely keeping it going and adding to the catalogue. This time around its going to be a little more uptempo and less of a look into my personal life. Volume 1 I was at a point in my life where I just felt like I was being asked so many questions I had to really give them the blueprint of who "Dashius Clay" is as a man. This time Im looking to really just enjoy myself more and open the format a bit more. Other than that, I have been working on my debut album for quite some time now and I am about 95% done. I am just adding a bit of love and getting all the business out of the way so we can just be ready to strike. I worked with every last producer I wanted to as well as artist so I am 200% positive of my love for it. My manager Steve Wess was really the biggest reason I was able to achieve that because of how much of an agreement and understanding we had towards the particular sound we wanted. Its a big mesh of a lot of genres that really could have just gone to shit as an experiment, but we took the risk and now are ready to reap the rewards. I have a lineup of videos we are looking to shoot and release for the 4th quarter, so thats taking up a lot of my time. As for outside projects, the only one I really want to reveal at the moment is "Over Dos", who is to me the best latin artist and sure to be the biggest. We took him so left field that every latin person is going to be proud. We really wanted capture the essence of the old but tie it in with 2020.

Biggest Accomplishment?

DC: My biggest accomplishment is receiving my degree for Sound Engineering and Music Business. It helped build me so much and prepare me for today. But mostly it was seeing the smile on my families face to see me not only pass but be the best. That moment is a frozen polaroid in my mind to constantly remind me that what I do affects not only my fans but my family. I would die for every last one of them, so anything I accomplish to better us as a whole to me is a great accomplishment.

Who are some of your influences?

DC: Of course he is not my only lifelong influence but I love the way MTV portrays the life of Rob Dyrdek. I live by the motto of "1 Life to Live" and I admire how he really just laughs and smiles through it all. Seeing how much fun he has is really inspirational to my cause. Artistically I love way too many to name. I can tell you that my 1st influence ever was Deion Sanders. He was damn near my hero growing up. This guy was a great college track star, one of the most feared football players of his era, a great baseball player, and even made a music album when he was on the Falcons. Now, if thats not multitasking at its finest, then I dont know. Maybe his music wasnt all that, but his drive use to capture my attention. His way of shining in the center of thousands defined him and gave him his legend.

What type of impact would you like to make with your music?

DC: I want to be bigger than Michael Jackson of course. To me he represents the most elite of all-around power and I can't do anything but respect him for his achievements.

Anyone you would like to work with in the future?

DC: Every last artist who has or desires the same passion and creativity. Right now I would really love to work with Will.I.Am cause he is on fire as far as all the records he has been producing for the past 2 years. I just admire his ear for what people really want right now. Other than that, I would have really loved to have written and produced records for Barry White. Who knows, every day im in a real different vibe and want different things. Like Willy Wonka "I Want Today, I Want Tomorrow".

What's next for Dashius Clay?

DC: Just to keep growing and learning is what's next. Through that I will be able to always improve and stay visible.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their aspirations in music?

DC: Get Out Fast!

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