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Thursday, November 4, 2010

WBM Presents: Author/Business Owner Darshaun McAway

WBM Presents our 2 part interview with Author, Business owner Darshaun McAway.

Take a minute and get to know Darshaun.

Here is part one of our interview. In his own words read about how he started out and what it took to get him to where he's at in life now.

[As Told By Darshaun McAway]

"If I could sum up my life in one word it would be despair. I couldn't tell you how many times I just felt hopeless. Reaching out to thousands of people and having no one believe in you makes you want to give up.

I had a total of $703 dollars saved up as a 21 year old and I did not see the future. I ran through that money so fast it was ridiculous. I was living with my family and they were helping me look for a job and my moments of despair kept on popping up and then it finally hit me. I gave up. I didn't care about living, nothing was going my way I gave up hope at 23.

All I had was ideas of how to become rich but no money to back my visions. I was asking God to help me so much that I thought he forgot about me. I didn't know what to do. I had $1.00 in my pocket and .2 cents in my savings account.

So I sat down for the last time and asked myself what do I want to become. Then it hit me! I wanted to become a writer and all of a sudden I started writing poems about all my past hurts and writing novels about the women that I've been with and how they lied to me about loving me and never leaving me. So I found a company on-line that self publish books and in a month I published my first book.

From that moment typing was all I knew. For months, day in and day out I was on my laptop 20 hours out of the day and literally getting 4 hours of sleep. I had nothing to lose. In 3 months I wrote 10 books. I told myself that I was going to come out with a book once a year and for the most part I did. The money was still slow but I was happy. So at 24 I had published my first book and at 27 I have a total of 12 published books. 7 LLC companies one being my own publishing company and my most recent accomplishment a condom line called

Despair was all I knew. When I look back on my life 23 seems so far away. I had now idea I would be so self accomplished. All I wanted to do my whole life was to be successful and have my family believe in me. I've learned to take everyone for face book value. I stopped asking celebrities for help and even friends. So with all this being said. I can honestly say all I had was a $1.02 and a vision."

Now check out our Q&A session with Darshaun

WBM: Introduce yourself to the people who already don't know who you are?

D: Hello my name is Darshaun McAway I am a Entrepreneur and the CEO/Founder of Say Hello

WBM: So what project are you working on now?

D: I'm working on 2 books that have to be published by Dec 31, 2010. Wow the pressure is on but it won't be a problem at all.

WBM: What are your goals for 2010?

D: My goal for 2010 would be to raise more awareness or should I say impact young people to go all out and push for their dream. Dreams are so important. I believe that's all we really have.

WBM: So tell us a little about yourself?

D: The real me is @DmacUncaged my twitter username a guy who will not hold back on speaking his mind. Dmac is my Alter Ego. Sometimes I'm out of control. I'm intercepted, collective, intelligent, respectful. Creative, looking at things always from your perspective.

WBM: What's your greatest accomplishment so far in life?

D: Aside from publishing 14 books in 4 years. I think this condom line is the greatest accomplishment. I don't know to many people who have their own condom. But now I do. LOL

WBM: What do you like most about being in the business?

D: Well for me it's the fact that I don't have to worry about being late for work or even getting fired. It's amazing to own your own company and watching the money come in without physically putting the work in.

WBM: What inspires and motivates you?

D: The thing that motivates me is when someone says to me "why do you want to do that?" That type of thinking inspires me. It's so silly.

WBM: How was life changed for you since being you started ?

D: The only thing that has changed for me is my age. I'm still working on my goals and bringing them to life.

WBM: What has been your favorite job you've done so far?

D: I don't have a favorite job. I love the fact that I'm accomplishing all my personal goals and enjoying the struggle. Now when I struggle I mean it in the way of how am I going to get to where I'm going and how long.

WBM: Any advice for those looking to pursue their dreams?

D: My advice to anyone pursing their dream, don't tell anyone what you're doing until you actual do it.

WBM: What do you want to be remembered by?

D: I want people to know and remember that I used every avenue to bring out my personal genius.

WBM: Anything else you would like the world to know about you?

D: Well my brand statement is "Let's not be naive to what life is about."
I'm a real down to earth person. I will tell you like it is. However, my overall outlook on life is "Don't take life so seriously ; No one gets out alive anyway".


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