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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WBM Album Review: Rihanna "Loud"

In 5 years, Rihanna has had 4 multiplatinum albums and now with the release of her 5th album "Loud" the 22 year old singer has also scored her 8th #1 single a duet with Drake called "What's my name?"

"Loud" picks up from last years deep dark "Rated R" album. This album is a lot lighter and more fun. It leaves you wanting more, with each album Rihanna becomes more confident, continues to be sexy and very natural with progression. She's undefeated by her circumstances and finds redemption within her music.
Rihanna has been developed into one of the most revered names in Pop Music and continues to blossom.

The first single off of "Loud" was "only girl in the world" which is still riding high on the charts. The second single "What's my name?" featuring Drake has already taken over the #1 spot. The third single being prepped is the very sexy club banger "S&M". The album also features guests spots by Nicki Minaj, Drake and Eminem.

Rihanna's vocal growth and growth as an artist is shown in the songs "Complicated" and "California king Bed" both powerful ballads. She pushes her limits vocally and her Barbadian accent is always present.This album does not disappoint, and will do well on the charts as well for her career.

Next up for Rihanna is her first motion picture called "Battleship" as well as a new world tour in the works. "Loud" is a WBM certified album, make sure to get a copy.


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