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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WBM Music: Raymond Vs. Raymond Album Review

Usher is back with a new LP interestingly titled Raymond Vs. Raymond. This album is supposed to be more or less about his divorce from Tameka Foster-Raymond. However while listening to this album, you quickly hear what you've been hearing on his past albums, there's no vocal growth nor is there any maturity in the songs. There all simple, talking about the same subject matter borrowing alot from his album Confessions.

It's an alrite album, better than the last but not much better. In a Trey Songz dominated world right now, it's sad that Usher decided to take the safe route this time. It seems the album was produced so plain, unoriginal, and not only are his vocals lazy, but so are the videos he's put out to support the album. "Little freak," one of the better tracks on the album featuring Nicki Minaj was a snooze.

At the end of the day Raymond Vs Raymond is just another generic R&B album where a good male singer sings over uptempo beats. It is official he hasn't grown as an artist since Confessions. This album will please die hard fans, but won't win any new ones.

Raymond Vs. Raymond is WBM certified.


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