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Monday, December 6, 2010

WBM Presents: The one and only COKO

In 1992, the group SWV, debuted the album "It's About Time." This where we were first introduced to Coko-- a singing sensation while at the same a legend in her own right. WBM had the opportunity to sit down with her, and in between her busy schedule, of being a mother, a wife and working on a new album with the newly reunited SWV also have the chance to acquaint her with you.

Take a minute to re-introduce yourself to the one and only Coko.

When asked whats the difference between the real Coko and the industry Coko? "I think I'm the same person. I don't like to put on fronts. So it's pretty much what u see is the real me!"

Coko has been singing professionally since she was 12 years old. Her greatest accomplishment outside of the music industry is being a mother which she claims "raising 2 strong successful black men is a wonderful thing."

When Coko has some free time she loves to shop, read & make candles. She's actually in the process of starting up her own candle line.

We asked Coko, what does she like most about the business? "I love to perform & make good music. I love when the fans show love & appreciate what I've contributed to the music industry."

We also went on to ask what was her thought process behind her works? Coko explained "I'm just always trying to outdo Coko & no one else. Whatever I do I want to do it better than the last time. So I'm always pushing myself."

We wanted to find out what inspires and motivates Coko and she said, "Life & great music inspires me & my children motivate me...I do all I can for them."

When asked how life has changed for her since she started? she replied "More money more problems! LOL!! But I'm not complaining though. I love it & I'm blessed to be able to still do what I love after not having an R&B hit record in years." Coko states that if she weren't singing, she'd definitely be a celebrity hairstylist.

Considering she has quite a successful career, we wanted to know if any negativity from the media ever affects her and Coko responded, "I try not to read it & my friends don't bring it to me. I expect the media to be nasty so it doesn't faze me. They rarely have anything nice to say about anybody."

SWV is currently in London doing shows with Faith Evans. Hopefully in 2011 we will get a brand new SWV album. We will definitely be looking out for it.

The advice Coko has for those looking to pursue their own dreams? Simply "Stay focused & make sure this is what u really want to do. It's tough business & way different from when I started."

One thing we appreciate about Coko is her crystal clear voice & for her being able to give us what we hear on record, live in person and her connection and love with the Lord.

The one and only Coko, the next reason Why Blue Matters.


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