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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WBM Album Review: CIARA "Basic Instinct"

Ciara is back with yet again another long awaited album. With the massive failure of her last album , some thought she couldn't come back. "Ride" came and was a solid effort but nothing was followed up to that single. We forgot about Ciara was working on another album.

This time around she surrounded herself with masterminds Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, and Ciara tried to reconnect with her audience.Picture crunk Ciara meets Kim Kardashian Hollywood Ciara?

For someone claiming not to be “Hollywood,” calling an album ‘Basic Instinct’ is a misstep. Sharon Stone’s character in the 1992 hit movie was edgy and a risk taker. Ciara played it safe and took no chances, showed no growth as an artist?

Well, lyrically she tried a little bit by being feisty on “Basic Instinct (U Got Me),” and that's about it.The production is weak and doesn’t compliment her weak vocals. Ciara’s voice is not strong enough to shine on these disappointing productions and the lyrics are not brilliant enough to make the whole thing work. The album is all over the place, we don't ever find out which direction she's heading into. Your left confused?

In conclusion, Ciara is looking for the energy that she once had, like in her “Goodies,” days but things have changed a lot since then in the music industry. We give her effort for trying, but trying these days is not enough.

In a world dominated by Pop R & B, Ciara and her instinct seem to lack flavor. This album only showed that her musical career could possibly be over.

I was a huge Ciara fan for the first two albums, I tried to get through the third album but this one I can't force myself to get into. So the few die hard fans will show support,but this album will quickly disappear quicker then the last.


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