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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WBM Album Review: Jazmine Sullivan "Love Me Back"

"Love Me Back" the new album by Jazmine Sullivan is out now. But I haven't seen any promotion for it, nor have I been able to hear any of the new music being played anywhere either. It was pushed back a few times this year, and the first single "Holding You Down" was a hot song but it didn't get the airplay it needed to gather any attention.

By the time the album was ready to be released "Holding You Down" was far off the radar and the second single "10 Seconds" didn't even make a blimp on the charts.It's one of the better r&b albums I've heard all year but it's safe to say that Jazmine Sullivan has suffered from the "sophomore album jinx".

"Love me back" is a solid effort. With being nominated for seven Grammys and written songs for Jennifer Hudson and Mary J Blige you would think Jazmine has earned some type of respect in the industry.

Jazmine has unique powerful vocals sounding lived-in.Despite her young age, the Philadelphia native’s mature style, voice and writing skills will surely pushed her to explode one day on the charts, but I doubt it will be with this second CD.

If your a true fan of R&B music this album will fulfill your needs but will leave you wanting more.


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