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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WBM ALBUM REVIEW: Keri Hilson "No Boys Allowed"

I remember hearing "Energy" for the first time, and fell in love with Keri Hilson. She transitioned herself from song writer to singer/performer. I couldn't wait for her debut album to come and it came and went. I wasn't disappointed but i wasn't thrilled either. There were a few hit tracks, but wasn't impressed with the live performances and everything that followed.

Then a few years later, I started hearing new material coming out for her second album. Nothing has grabbed me, nothing has caught my attention. It's all been either average to blah. So "No Boys Allowed" really did nothing for me.

This album will not push Keri to the next level amongst her class of singers. I see it actually feeling the sophomore slump. She is a much a better song writer then singer/performer in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, she's talented and beautiful but its like she forcing sexy when it doesn't need to be forced. "No boys allowed" has a few features that usually you would look forward to or want to hear right away but nothing was impressive. Nothing seemed original or enjoyable. J.Cole, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nelly and Kanye West lend a hand on this project.

‘Breaking Point’ one of the singles has become a woman's anthem but didn't blow up like any of the other singles that were pushed in the last few weeks. I know Keri has it in her, and her third album will be a lot better.

If your looking for an album to throw on while your cleaning, or bored "No Boys Allowed" will be enjoyable, other than that its not one of those albums you have to have or listen to on the daily.


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