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Sunday, December 19, 2010

WBM Artist to Watch: Rudy Currence

" I always strive to set trends not follow them. Musically, I'm aspiring to be the rising tide that raises all ships. I want my songs to inspire other artists to be better. Someday I will change the world through music!"- Rudy Currence

Captivating lyrics, stunning looks, and miraculous stage presence all describe Disturbing the Peace/Def Jam’s new R&B/Soul artist Rudy Currence. I first met Rudy at Def Jam’s new artist showcase and was immediately drawn to him, his stage presence is like no other I have seen since Maxwell and John Legend. His soul speaks to you while he is performing each song, lyric,and piano key. If you meet Currence; his charming, well mannered, humble, and stunning looks will make you a fan for life.

The southern born Currence took out time to sit with WBM before his performance for Hot 97 Whose next live showcase at SOB’S.After sound check Currence appeared from behind his piano with a black leather jacket, grey sweatshirt and denim jeans. His curly hair was pulled back and he greeted me with a warm “hello” and hug. We went downstairs to start our interview. As I sat across from Rudy I realized he is one of the most graceful artists I have met in a long time. His eyes are big and brown complimented by dark, long lashes, his tone is very deep and calm, I will admit; Rudy was more relaxed then I was! Check out our fun interview below..Readers meet Rudy Currence the future of music….

WBM: What's your full name do you have a middle name?...

RC: Yea..laughs... Rudy Currence.. I don't like people knowing my middle name!!!

Chuckles but I will tell you this it’s Rudy Currence the third.

WBM: Oh wow Rudy Currence the third!? That sounds so distinguished! So when is your Birthday?

RC: February 2nd..I was born on groundhog day..

WBM: How old are you

RC: 24

WBM: Where are you from?

RC: rock Hill, South Carolina

WBM: What’ your favorite food?

RC: I love soul food..but I love Sushi favorite is from back home its

called the Charleston Roll it has cream cheese in it;it’s great..

WBM: that's an interesting choice! What other food do you like?

RC: seaweed and squid salad .

WBM: Who are your biggest musical influences?

RC: My dad is a musician and a pastor mom; my parents inspire me. and I'm the biggest Clark sister fan.

I love singer/songwriters who are innovative, I love what The Carpenters did,

Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones. People who are trend setters the one’s who have set the bar for that generation.

WBM: how has your life changed since signing to Def Jam/DTP?

RC: I have had a lot of opportunities. It hasn't so much has changed but more

so expanded. I was independent before so I was use to doing shows,interviews

etc..The only thing that has changed is more national exposure. I was on 106 and

park for their music matters campaign, I did the view with Quincy Jones. This was more of a change. And opening for major acts. Now I have label mates like Chrisette Michele. It’s amazing I'm very excited!

WBM: Was your song "Last Christmas” based on a personal experience?

RC: Not so much a personal experience or romance...what I based the whole

Christmas EP on was classic christmas music. I wrote 3 songs and re-made 2

christmas carols.

WBM: How many instruments do you play?

RC: I play the piano, trumpet, organ, guitar, I sing…. I play so many.

WBM: Do you think that today’s music/artists affect the community and encourage kids and young adults to attempt the lifestyle they see in videos?

RC: Artists need to recognize that music is influential and powerful. What they do

will affect people. People look up to you. Especially kids, their like sponges they soak up everything. I also think that there is a shift in music. A lot of artists are getting back to getting back to really wanting to sing. There’s a yearning for good music and I'm glad to be a part of it. There are a lot of dope talented artists on the come up. My music is authentic and that's who I am,I always wanted to be a trendsetter. I hope that can rub off on others.

WBM: What's your favorite down time activity?

RC: pause * …SLEEP!!!! ..Laughs.. No I work a lot...but I'm simple,I was born in the my down time I'm still doing music in some form.I like to bowl,spend time with family,go to church..I still play at my church when I’m home which I enjoy very much.

WBM: How do you plan to stay humble?

RC: A support system is key. It’s important that you keep the people around you who love you for you.

WBM: Your music speaks love..are you a romantic?

RC: you know what..I am a romantic. But you know what? Pause* God is love .. smiles

WBM: how do you plan to give back?

RC: I want to start a academy of music..and teach kids ALL aspects from theory to instruments..

I'm a big giver; I want to show the less fortunate that there’s more out there. Where I come from its pretty much black and white and pretty much segregated so I want to show people there's more things out there.

WBM: what's your relationship with Ludacris like?

RC: It’s good! He is very approachable, laid back and cool. That's the type of person I want to be.

WBM: What college did you go to?

RC: Furmen College, I majored in music..

WBM: What kind of student were you?

RC: A big geek like I am now!! chuckles But I was social , I did my own thing.

WBM: what would you like people to know?

RC: Thanks to my fans for believing in me and supporting me;I always tell them they are the stars.. My mom and manager,dad, my brother aka Mykal Star and God the Almighty.


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