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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WBM Certified: CND Shellac (Fashion/Beauty)

Designed to last two weeks, new fashion/beauty product gives today's woman on the go the opportunity to get some of her time back while saving money in process.

Introducing Shellac by CND.

Rather than spending a crazy amount of time/money, rushing or having to stick it out because you don't have any, the great minds over at CND developed a hybrid composite that is hypoallergenic, 3-Free (formaldehyde, toluene or DBP), and has the look and feel of a nail polish but has the ability retain the look of freshly prepared nails for 14 days (around $40 to $45). What does this mean ladies??? This means days or nights for that matter of chipping, sheet marks, and anything else you can think of are long gone.

The Process

Interestingly enough, the application process isn't anything far from what most are accustomed to. Shellac is applied no different than regular polish using specially formulated base coat, two layers of color, and top coat. After each coat of polish is applied, one hand gets placed under the timed UV lamp while the other hand is being painted.

Removal. Quite simple. CND has developed finger wraps that within a matter of minutes allow the polish to remove with ease.

Pretty Cool, huh? To find out more about CND:

WBM Certified.


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