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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Alot of the times I see women in bars or at lounges with these scandolous yet fabulous ensembles on. I mean dress way above the knee, cleavage shown in a low v-cut, and heels on a stairway to heaven. Then on the other side of the nightlife scene, I see these other women, covered up, prestine, mid-heel and cute little hair-do's. Now, what woman gets more attention? The woman with the prestine white glove look or the woman with the sexified red dress look?
I guess its a question of moral value and what you will stand for.
Is the woman in the red dress get up merely just on the prow for a man and the woman in the prestine white glove approach trying to detect herself of the doggy meter?
what are the meanings of this?
I have reached out to my male and female companions:
The males basically state that the woman in the red dress is just looking for some attention, because she is probably confident in her body and wants to show it off.
I ask them does it look like the woman is trying to say something or does she symbolize something for the male figure?
Majority of them thought the woman in the red dress was into having a good time way more than the woman in the white gloves.
In other terms they used one seemed to stick out like a sore thumb,
she's a freak, definitely a freak (quoted).
Now what about the woman in the white gloves
it seems she is very covered up not leaving much out, so she is pretty much leaving some things for the imagination. Usually making her "wifey material".
Although the men did state she was indeed someone they would consider being with long-term, opposed to Ms. Red Dress, but that is a step most men in their 20s are not ready to commit too. So White Gloves would most definitely be going home alone, while the other would be getting her car tuned up nice lol.
The womens prospective on the whole thing was completely different. The woman in the red dress would definitely be going home alone, because she was somebodies whore and/ or definitely trying too hard to graps attention of the male suitors around her. While the woman in white gloves, would be the center of attention, because she was leaving more to the imagination and guys love the mystery.
Ladies!!, men love visual. Majority of the time it is a visual aspect for them.
A man once told me" when a woman speaks, a man hears a symphony. when a man speaks a woman hears his words". which means beyond certain key words that men are listening out for, they are not listening to you half the time and we hang on to their every word!
Now, im not saying dont listen to men and im not saying go out with your cooter hanging out to get a nice tune up, but i am saying wear something that compliments your figure and exhilerates your skin(or something that you like about yourself that makes you shine!!). And if you have a thigh highed dress on, dont have your cleavage hanging out(vice versa). You dont have to walk out like a slut, but you dont have to look like you came straight from the nunistry either! Be confident and your radiance will brighten up that smokey lounge or bar. As we all know being sexy is not looking the part, its being the part. It comes from the inside, and if you dont have it within...TRUST ME HUNNI..YOU DONT HAVE IT!!!...


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