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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


ok ladies..since i've been bedridden for sickly purposes, i have sunk my teeth in a very juicy television show on Starz. It is called "Sparticus Blood and Sand" which tells the story of a man who betrays the Roman Army, defeats four gladiators when he was suppose to die, and gets sold into slavery to become a gladiator himself.

Now the story itself is AMAZING!!, but the culture of Roman time(especially the intimacy) was quite entertaining and shocking at the same time. Everyone making love, screwing, fucking without a care and the only way a woman would be a whore is if she was casted into the class of a whore or cheated on her spouse and was found out. But even so, some of the spouses in the show slept or started four-play with (sex)slaves. They also had orgies and had sex with each other while others watched. KINKY RIGHT! of course, in this day and time, you could never do anything of the sort freely and openly without some type of discretion or judgement. Woman would never be

aloud to openly sleep with a man because she was horny and then ravish another man in the bathroom of her home while her best friend watched! That today, would be unsavory. She would instantly be named a "slut". Its so hard to believe in Roman times woman of hire class had the most lovers.
But what does this all come down to? Our history has completely changed over time concerning intimacy between the opposite sexes. Today we are kept in little boxes of descency and monogamous relationships. Where apparently the eye constantly wonders on both sides. No dont get me wrong there have been some cases of true love one and only one for the rest of your life, but if it wasnt so..would you?
If monogamous love wasnt forced on us and the rule was to practice promiscuity, would it be easier to be monogamous? Is love actually promiscuity?

Loving as much people as you possibly could, sharing your love with anyone you wanted and not feel so pressured to pick just one? Men not being such the enemy, because they operate according to nature oppose to women not being so hell bent on the idea of just relying on one relationship and actually having fun. Not worrying about their reputation being soiled in society. What if we have been living the wrong way when it comes to love. Pressing this issue of monogamy and ruling out promoscuity as if it were a disease. How would you react to a world that was completely free of intimate exhibition?


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