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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WBM Features: Tyrone Birkett

“Ability is God’s gift to man, achievement is man’s gift to God”

In times like these inspiration is paramount in mental and spiritual success and growth. Without inspiration, where would we be? Where would we go? How would we become who we are ordained to be in this moment in history. It was my great honor to interview Tyrone Birkett of The Tyrone Birkett Group. A long time friend and awesome saxophonist, Tyrone has inspired, if no one else, this musician to learn and master my craft and never slow down in my pursuit of success and passion. Together with his wife Paula Ralph-Birkett and their group they have assembled some of the smoothest and inspirational jazz you will ever want to hear. You’ve never heard it soooooo good.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

So tell me a little bit about yourself:
Who is Tyrone Birkett? Who are the members of the Group?

I'm a saxophonist/composer/producer from the Bronx NY. The Tyrone Birkett Group has several editions, depending on the type of music we need to play for a particular type of audience. The unit playing at the Battle of The Boroughs is Myself, my wife Paula Ralph-Birkett on vocals, Greg Royals on piano, Elton Thomas on bass & Jason Patterson on drums. We are doing inspirational jazz at this venue as opposed to our modern jazz, neo-soul or gospel repertoires.

Where are you all from?

All the members are from the New York City area.

What does music mean to you?

Telling stories, taking people somewhere else for a moment in time to enjoying the community of artist & audience.

How has that meaning changed over the years?

Not really.

What do you like most about being an artist?

Being able to go from thought to idea to sound back to spirit.

Who or what inspires your music?

God, John Coltrane, Cornel West, Charles Mingus, The Bible, dreams, children, everyday conversation, the news, Stevie Wonder, saxophonist Kenny Garrett, Mahalia Jackson, my wife, memories of days gone by, visions of things to come…

Who writes the compositions that you perform?

All the songs are written by me or my wife Paula who is the vocalist in the group. We play one or two covers which we radically re-arrange.

Congrats on the success of the CD, In the Fullness of Time, what was the driving force behind that song?

In The Fullness of Time was a song to express that there was a set time for things that we persevered in to manifest themselves. A soothing encouragement.

What is next for Tyrone Birkett?

Among many things, we're working on a solo project for Paula, summer festivals in Nashville (if the weather does not defer) Bermuda, a new project for The Tyrone Birkett Group on my "21st Century Spirituals" concept. And hopefully a win for the Battle of The Boroughs.

Tell us more about the Battle of the Boroughs and your part in the competition?

The Battle of The Boroughs is a contest put on by WNYC FM/AM to display up and coming talent in NYC. We submitted as Bronx contestants just to see what would happen. Happily we were voted by the audience in the top 3, so that is why we are looking for votes to put us in the semifinals vs. the other boroughs. The winners get a concert in the WNYC Studios taped in HD. Top of the line production.

Do you have a web address where our readers can hear and/or purchase your music?

Thank you for your time and for being one more Reason Why Blue Matters!

To view the performance video and vote for The Tyrone Birkett Group go to :


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