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Sunday, May 23, 2010


What most women don't know or fail to realize is that men are simple. Simple creatures who like simple things and do not(I repeat  DO NOT!) pay any attention to detail like most women do. On the other hand we also know women are completely complex we say things and we mean them, we want things a certain way and  we expect to get them how we ask of them. Although this is a very good way to be at times it can be slightly overwhelming to the male (in other words, his big brain can't function the demands), because it's not a simple task. For example, asking to take out the trash while he is watching a game or asking to have a serious conversation while he is playing a video game. These are all examples of a man not paying attention to detail, therefore not meeting your needs. As a woman, this would make you feel some type of way, but dont fear, because MANEATER IS HERE!! LMAO.
Now, a man will do pretty much anything you ask when in the honeymoon period for these reasons:
1. you havent given up the cooter
2. he wants to be on his best behavior
3. he is actually enjoying the honeymoon period
4. the cooter is fantastic(if you have already given it up)
Basically saying the relationship is fresh and new, and all of us women know when the "HP" has begun, we tend to open up. Become more cuddly and needy and loving and blah...blah..blah..
So at this point the man thinks he has got you, so the comfortable stage begins:
1. he doesn't call as much
2. majority of your talks has fallen on texting
3. he ignores what you say sometimes
4. the dates become less and less outdoors and more in his bedroom
5. the sweet nothings and love notes have faded
6. the i love you's seem more and more rehearsed and forced
7. holding hands is now only on special occasions
8. (the ultimate!) when his friends are over you become the maid instead of the girlfriend, if your even invited or when they are around anymore.
These things can be very upsetting to a woman and can almost leave your relationship stalled and your confused wondering what the hell you did.
but don't be fustrated ladies I have the trick.

1. When the "HP" begins you take this time to get to know him:
yes be persistant, but don't develop your future plans around his life
2. Take your time with your Love Box:
of course, it is obvious you are attracted to him but dont jump on his disco stick the first week or two you start going out let him sweat alittle.
3. Be sexy for yourself:
don't just start being sexy once your in a relationship..shave those legs..get a bikini wax..get your hair and nails done..enjoy yourself alittle ;)
4. Have some girl time:
now ladies, i know when you first get a man you want to be all about him and its so hard not to text him or call just to say "i miss you", "was just thinking about you", but it has to be done. give your phone to a trusted friend and go have a good time. if its not your parent of some emergency dont answer it. yes he will be alittle upset but simple "my phone was on vibrate" or "______ was holding my phone the whole night my bag was full". Every move is not necessary for him to know..PLUS! if you follow this rule to the appropriate rate and not abuse it. i gaurantee he will be more punctual to your QT(Quality Time) schedule.

5. STOP making a big deal out of everything:
nobody likes a fussy tantrum priss puss, if you dont like something, don't embarrass him in front of his posse. thats probably why your not invite when they are around. when he wants something from you, which will be shortly after they leave. slightly bring it up.
6. Dont use words like:
we need to talk!
1st of all!
why did you!
how could you!
you better!
you know what you did!
***guys dont respond well to these types of words, because it sets off a signal like they are in trouble so they alert for defense and ready to kick your emotional wall to the ground.**
hey babe you know that night when you said_______well, it kind of hurt me, i felt alittle uncomfortable, because______
***with this or something easier along these lines will help you get a conversation going because he is relaxed and ready to listen. he doesn feel threatened and you are allowed to say how you feel without sounding like the crazy girlfriend soon to be EX!.


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