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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WBM Features: K. Woods

You have to do it yourself, no one else will do it for you. You must work out your own salvation.
-Charles E. Popplestone


Today we found out that K.Woods is actually a real cultured young man, a very intellectual writer, a thoughtful musician, and over all resourceful artist. Coming straight out of South Side Chicago, K.Woods has a lot to say. Pay attention to the music, there's message in what he's delivering.

Check out K.Woods take life head on as he's supported by strong foundation of beliefs as he turns his dreams into a reality.

Take a minute and get to know this WBM certified artist.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

What are your goals for 2010?

KW: To become a viral buzz. The internet is the most powerful tool for an independent artist. I want people all over the nation to know who K. Woods is.

Introduce yourself to the people who already dont know who you are

KW: Hello, my name is K. Woods & I'm your new favorite Artist.

Lets start off with letting us get to know the real you
So whats your birth name?

KW: Kristopher Woods.

Whats the difference between the real you and your stage persona?

KW: There is no difference. The real me is the person writing and recording these songs, doing the performances. It isn't an alias I created. I AM K. WOODS, so you only get the real with every verse you hear from me.

How long have you been in the game?

KW: Ive been writing since I was a child. Started as poetry and eventually became songs. I started recording my senior year of high school. So I guess you can say I've been a legitimate artist since 2005.

What's your greatest accomplishment so far in life?

KW: Making my mother extremely proud of her only son. As an artist, it would have to be the day I personally put my demo in rapper Fabolous' hands.

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

KW: I'm very much into the arts(music, paintings, literature, etc). I love to travel as well.

What's your ultimate goal in life?

KW: To gain the respect of my peers at whatever I set my mind to do.

What do you like most about being in the business?

KW: I just love music!!! I love creating my own songs, recording, performing, having people recite the lyrics that i wrote. Its a crazy adrenaline rush.

What's the thought process behind your works?
...from personal experience?
...mere creativity?

KW: It starts with the production. I let the beat speak to me. Whatever subject matter pops in my head from the beat, I run with.

What inspires and motivates you?

KW: I'm inspired by life situations. Things I live through personally, things I see others go through. You can visualize the stories in my songs. Im motivated by my family(my mother and sisters). I'm working hard so they dont have to work at all.

How was life changed for you since being you started?

KW: No matter what I go through, music has always been there. When I've lost everything I had and nothing seemed to go right, I was always able to make progress with my music.

What would you be doing now, if you never started doing music?

KW: Man, I would probably be working a dead end 9 to 5 job that I didnt like at all. Music has given me an outlet to realize my dreams.

What are you listening to in your ipod these days?

KW: I listen to a lot of the elite independent artists(Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Mickey Factz, Big Sean, Pac Div, The Cool Kids). These are artists who are taking the exact same route that I am traveling. Not only do I respect them as artists, I am learning from what they are doing.

What has been your favorite job you've done so far?

KW: I have to say when I was doing promotions/marketing in Atlanta and Harlem. I got introduced to a lot of different people, and learned a lot of valuable information that I use today in promoting/marketing myself as an artist.

What are you currently working on?

KW: I just wrapped up my first solo mixtape entitled "The K. Woods Project". Getting ready to release that. I'm currently record more original material to release as radio singles and also use for performances.

Does any negativity from the media ever affect you in anyway?

KW: The media tends to portray hip-hop artists in negative aspects. This is primarily because the high celebrity artists do things that give the culture a bad stigma. I enjoy it though, because it gives me the opportunity to show that there is a higher echelon of artists that do not bask in negativity.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their dreams?

KW: If you can envision yourself doing something, it can be done. It just takes hard work and determination. Dont let ANYONE detour you from following your dreams.

What do you want to be remembered by?

KW: I want to be remembered as a skilled musician that used my own life experiences to give hope to others.

Anything else you would like the world to know about you?

KW: Pay close attention to me know, get to know the name K. Woods well. Because I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere.

For More On K.Woods:
Twitter - @whoiskwoods


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