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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Head of the Class

I've recently had the opportunity to not only interview, but get to know a man by the name Douglas George Jr. The entertainment world has learned to become familiar with him as Skew Beezy. Being a father of five, hes doing what he loves to do what he want to do. however not having a father figure in his life to guide him in the directions he felt he needed, Skew Beezy was determined to be stronger and more independent of himself. He never thought he should have to rely on others to get what he wanted or to get where he wanted to go.

Skew first found his heart for music in junior high school when his best friend at the time approached him with an offer to start a group. Realizing they had what it takes to make it to the next level was just history in the making.

In the current state that music is in Skew feels that being himself; grounded, real and open to the industry will forever change the terms Hip Hop is dead. Skew Beezy states, "today in Hip Hop you see so many clones of other rappers and being himself is what is right." Coming up around music his entire life means everything ti Skew. He believes if he didn't come up around music since he was young, "I probably wouldn't be doing music at all."

Seeing himself as a real artist that speaks about what he sees and what hes been through. If he carries any common traits from any of the greats in Hip Hop he'd like his fans to let him know. He says he "just wants to be me and stay in my own lane." When asked what message would he tell the world? Skew Beezy replied, "stay focused and determined about your dreams. Also keep God first and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to." Those are truly words from a great.

Having the privilege to interview not only a great artist but person as well was a Why Blue Matters honor.

Please be on the look out for Skew Beezy.
Mix tape series Back 2 Skew coming May 2010
Video blog series: Skew Sessions

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