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Monday, April 19, 2010

WBM Features: Julien Cherrington (National Poetry Month)

With already 19 days into the month of April, Poetry is more alive than ever this month. To breathe more life in the celebration of National Poetry Month we have a new submission from Julien Cherrington, a very talented poet from New Jersey. In his piece "Cheater" he addresses the wayward ways of unintentional promiscuity.


Never was it my intention… yet there came an opportunity
In the midst of a relationship with lost interest… I lent myself to promiscuity
In this bedroom buffet of lust, I feed my appetite knowing I’ll pay with gratuity
I become the depiction of a male… siamese twins born with two heads…

so the other makes a fool of me
As I undress, my morality is left naked as I ready myself to engage in sin
I care not of the faithful woman by my side at home for I embrace

these hormones that rage within
The foundation of trust built so thick in an instant will be made so thin
I bid goodbye to caution while the Devil in me displays a grin
Our lips connect… our bodies touch… this sexual stranger creates a rush
I punish her backside… in a response of delight… it shows a blush
This experience of ecstasy outweighs my partner’s heart being crushed
From now on, I’ll be James Bond… she’ll never know of us
All the while deep in physical integration… I view her screw face
Like a character from Batman… I’ll play two roles like Two-face
This experience will change me but I’ll have to hide my new face
If my woman ever gets suspicious, I’ll have to give her the “it’s the truth” face
To get in this situation… an act foolishly brave
On this plantation of fornication… if sex was the master then I would be its slave
Bending my actions in favor of its will in how I’m to behave
My black book of infidelity… taken to the grave
Finished… I now get dressed to play the role that deceives her
She’ll know not of the night where my action did mistreat her
In the gentle appearance of my eyes… the skulls in my closet lie deeper
I’ve made the seemless transition from her man to a cheater

Julien Cherrington



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