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Friday, July 9, 2010

WBM Features: Light-Skinned Creole

Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night.
-Terri Guillemets

WBM presents Light-Skinned Creole A young man of many artistic facets. An MC slash Actor slash Poet slash Writer slash Producer slash Entertainer slash Singer as well as Ordained Minister whose motto is "I can Marry You, Bury You, and then Baptize Your Wife"! Imagine the possiblity.

With that said, take a minute and get to know this up and coming artist...

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

What are you currently working on?

LSC: The main project I am working on is my Album, "Shades of Me."

What are your plans for 2010?

LSC: Goal for 2010 is to put myself in a position to get respected locally and increase fan base!

What's your real name?

LSC: Give us your birth name: Michael White White was the last name given to me, but my Family name is Broussard! Long story...! (ask if you want to know more bout that!)

What is the difference between the real you and your stage persona?

LSC: There is NO difference between them! I only know how to be me. I am just as animated off stage as I am on stage(almost to a fault). I have a strong personality, some accept it, most can not handle my intensity!

How long have you been in the game?

LSC: I have been performing all my life, but only seriously since 2004! I did some theatre and I joined a performance group out of Sacramento City college called "!X" , which was filled with some of the most talented artist from many art forms and cultures! I also was/am apart of a program run by the Sac City college theatre arts department/Sac county code enforcement/Sac unified school district that goes that the different elementary schools and do a play on making the right choices, staying out of gangs, and respecting other peoples property! After we talk to the kids as mentors and try and point them in the right direction!

I have been in the "rap" game since 2007 after the passing of my older brother and the incarceration of long time friend! I needed an outlet for my pain! I am half of a group called
Alias Anonymous.

Soon after, I got my on show on sac state student run radio! Did that for a little over a year then decided to focus on music! I was also a film major for a minute! I do it all!!

What's your greatest accomplishment?

LSC: My greatest accomplishment in life so far is being a single dad and having full custody of my two daughters and joint custody of my two sons, and being the first of my mom's kids to graduate High School and getting an Associates degree, which was from Sac City college in 2007!

Tell The World About Light-Skinned Creole:

LSC: Born in Lake Charles Louisiana, Raised in Sacramento, CA. Mother is white, father is black... Creole more specifically!"I'm mix'd bitch"! is a phrase I coined early! When I joined !X they asked me what my stage name was and I thought back to one of the first raps I wrote... "Light-Skinned Creole from the 318! I have been Light-Skinned Creole ever since... Mic Bruce is an alter ego if will! Same me, just a little less emotional a little more business! O, and No chain! The Chain = I started wearing the chain after family friend went to prison! "when I was young I sold drugs to have nice things/ Money/ clothes/ PHAT GOLD CHAIN/ Now I wear a chain, to represent STRUGGLE/ my cuzn's doing time, for living in the hustle/ nine years" taken from verse off of song "Life Change"! Free Dyami!!

What are your interests?

LSC: performing, competition, success, mma, film, music, and mostly my kids!

What do you ultimately want out of life?

LSC: Ultimate Goal: TOTAL DOMINATION! I want to have the privilege of being able to Act in films and Make records and go on tour! I just want to be able to perform and provide for my Family!

What do you like most about being in the industry?

LSC: I love competition!

What's the thought process behind your music?

I draw from my personal life mostly! I have many ideas every day!
When I am writing a song I imagine how I would perform it! I don't sit down and write... I'm up on my feet bouncing around like I am on stage! Some times if I hear that beat! I mean that one, and I have idea that fits on my mind right then... thats the best for me...I don't know how creative I am? I will leave that for some one else to decide.

What inspires and motivates you?

LSC: My Kids are everything!

What would you do if you never started in music?

LSC: If I never started doing music I would be doing more acting and poetry! I want my own restaurant!

What are you listening to these days?

LSC: What am I listening to these days: old school Goodie Mob, Neyo, Scarface!

Does negativity from the media bother you in any way?

LSC: I don't watch the news. They tell us what "THEY" want us to hear!

Any advice for those in pursuit of their dreams?

LSC: If you are pursuing your dreams... pursue them! Don't let anything stop you, especially yourself!

How do you want to be rememebered?

LSC: I want to be remembered by my performance and for being the man that I am, honest, loyal, and consistent! I want people to say "he was the nicest person, but if you piss him off..."

For More On Light-Skinned Creole:

facebook: Light-Skinned Creole
youtube: LSCreole
twitter: lscreole


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