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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beauty & Beyond With RoseMarie Reyes

Beauty is as beauty does. We're not remembered by what we
looked like but how we behaved and changed the lives of others.

-Cristina Carlino

Not too long ago, we had a chat with the bedazzling, temptress-meets-caramelized angelic face with the body to match. Her teeny-tiny calves extend several miles up to tiny thighs, which eventually meet up with a small but shapely Latin tush, which swivels with her hips below her fat-free waistline and real perky breast. Yes, we are talking about RoseMarie Reyes! She's back!!!

Reyes recently signed a major deal with a skincare line and is ready to clear rumors as to why she shut-the-doors of the urban market good-bye!

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

We hear you've signed a deal with Flo' Claire Skincare. Congratulations! How important is it for you as a model to take care of your skin?

RoseMarie Reyes: Thanks WBM! being a model, looking after my skin is always a top priority of mine. There are makeup artists at the shoots, that'll treat your skin; but ultimately it's my responsibility to show up with a clean slate. Maintaining flawless skin means everything to me, my face has been my selling point through-out my modeling career; not a darn boob-job nor or a butt-implant (I don't have either)!

We're curious what ethnicity do people think you are?

RoseMarie Reyes: I love it when people come up to me and ask, "What are you?" I've heard everything African-American, Black, Puerto Rican, Asian-Mixed, Brazilian. Some people hit it right on "you're Dominican."

Those whom guessed it, it's probably because they heard you speak? In previous conversation we've have noticed a mixed accent of "Latin/Brooklyn"...

RoseMarie Reyes: Hahaha. It's true-if I'm comfortable, it comes out. It depends who I'm around, if I'm working or if I'm just hanging out in my hometown (Brooklyn).

Speaking about mixed nationalities and accents, do you believe in mixing business and pleasure?

RoseMarie Reyes: There’s bound to be love on and off-camera because models, actors, artists, etc. work closely on set together pulling 8-16 hours a day with each other, you spend such close time with each other and everyone is really pretty and very attractive. People just tend to gravitate towards each other. I don't believe that you walk-into a shoot and say, "Today I plan on mixing both"... That's not what happens!

On her devotion in-front of the camera; and even after post editing...

RoseMarie Reyes: I’m a control freak and am retarded about having everything the way I want it in terms of make-up, styling, and even re-touching! I will sit in the editing room with the photographer super-vising him, lol and won’t let anyone see the final images until I'm sure that my expectations are met. Then I’ll let my agents/mgr judge it. I’m not going to feel comfortable [with people] criticizing it unless I satisfy myself first.

In the past, rumors have swirled that you were no longer of interest to the urban market because you refused to enhance your assets? RoseMarie is there any truth in those "rumors"?

RoseMarie Reyes: I have no idea where and how these rumors began to circulate. Leaving the urban-market was by choice, I could still be in today if I wanted to. My ambitions and aspirations in life were bigger than simply watching myself in a video, or posing for a men's publication in little to no clothing. Not knocking the females that do it; many of them I know! Personally it wasn't my thing.

How different is life here in New York different, than back home?

RoseMarie Reyes: My parents are from Santiago, 2nd largest city in the Dominican Republic. I never lived there; but from my annual summer vacation I was able to learn how life there is. People are really slow there, they have work half a day and then go to the beach. They have time. Here in the big city people spend their time thinking about work and about money; they don't give some value to friendships, families, and relationships which can be depressing.

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